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World Research Journals Conference 2015 at Dubai was grand success and we are very much obliged to you all.

S.N. Title of paper Author Name Page no Volume /Year
722 Electrochemistry–for Green and Clean Environment Vasudevan Subramanyan 3 to 5 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
723 The Influence of Some Pyrazole Derivatives and matching Newly Synthesized Ni(II) Complexes in the Inhibition of Phomopsis viticola(Sacc.) Sacc.  Radović Ana, Latinović Nedeljko and Jaćimović Željko 7  to 14 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
724 Isolation of Endosulfan degrading Acinetobacter haemolyticus with agronomic significance Akshi and Malik Deepak Kumar 15  to 22 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
725 Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of benzyl phenyl ethers by N-chloronicotinamide in aqueous acetic acid medium Priya V. and Mathiyalagan N. 23  to 27 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
726 Removal of Copper (II) and Nickel (II) using Mangifera indica (Mango) bark Sahare A.B. 28  to 31 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
727 Kinetic Study on adsorption of Reactive Yellow dye by Bentonite and Organo-bentonite  Dianati Tilaki R.A. 32  to 35 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
728  Benzophenone constituents from the roots of Garcinia eugenifolia Jong Vivien Yi Mian , Ee Gwendoline Cheng Lian ,  Sukaria Mohd Aspollah ,  Taufiq-Yapa Yun Hin,
Khong Heng Yen and Chan Margaret Kit Yok
36  to 39 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
729 Properties of Jute Pulps prepared from Ethanol-Water Pulping Process  Sahin Halil Turgut 40  to 43 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
730 Batch studies and Effect of Environmental parameters on microbial degradation of perchlorate using acclimatized effluent sludge Anoop Raj J.R. and Muruganandam L. 44  to 50 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
731 Dairy Wastewater Treatment by Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor – a study on the Reactor Performance and Optimum Percentage of Inert Media Fill inside Reactor  Sathyamoorthy G.L. and Saseetharan M.K. 51  to 56  Vol. 16(1) March 2012
732 Advanced treatment for Coke-plant effluents by Fenton Oxidation together with adsorption of Modified Fly Ash Tang Hai 57  to 61 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
733 Removal of Reactive Red 120 and Direct Red 81 dyes from aqueous solutions by Pumice Mahvi Amir Hossein and Heibati Behzad 62   to 68 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
734 Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Breakthrough Studies of Biosorption of Cr (VI) using Arachis hypogea Shell Powder  Singh J. and Ali A. 69   to 79 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
735 Fixed bed column studies for the removal of manganese using electric arc furnace slag: applying response surface method Beha C.L., Chuah T.G., Nourouzi Mohsen and Choong Thomas S.Y. 80  to 87  Vol. 16(1) March 2012
736 A comparative study on the protein content of skin and muscle of nemipterus japonicus in relation to klebsiella infection from the coast of Visakhapatnam  Diana T. C. and Manjulatha C. 88  to 89 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
737 Molecular Iodine as a catalyst Mishra Nidhi  and Sehegal Preeti 90  to 92 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
738 Unique Structure and Solute-Solvent Interaction in Imidazolium based Ionic Liquids Gonfa G., Bustam M.A., Man Z. and Abdul Mutalib M. I. 93  to 103 Vol. 16(1) March 2012
739 Human Development’: A Threat to Biodiversity and Ethno-medicinal Plants Gupta Ajay Kumar 3 to 5 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
740 Synthesis and X-ray structures of two acidic cobalt (III) complex salts based on oxamide dioxime ligand system Gouet Bebga, Mbiangué Y. A., Nenwa J. and Fokwa B. P. T. 6 to 13 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
741 Characterization and In Vitro degradation studies of Synthesized Polylactide (PLA) Srivastava Gaurava, Mondal Ankita  and Srivastava Pradeep 14 to 21 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
742 Fly ash-Sewage Sludge Mixture as a barrier of heavy metal leaching  Kharuba Monika, Rajora Anita and Mittal Susheel K. 22 to 26 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
743 Complete recycle bioreactor for anaerobic digestion of organic substrates: Food waste Bodkhe S.Y. and Vaidya A.N. 27 to 31 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
744 Synthesis of 2,6-Di-(3,4-Dimethyl Phenyl) Pyrylium Fluoroborate and Perchlorate in single step salts using 3,4-Dimethyl Acetophenone Byun Jeong-Gyu, Wie Jinhyeong, Seo Youngmi, Kim Hyunook  and Cho Sung-II 32 to 36 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
745 Remediation of TCE-contaminated groundwater using integrated biosparging and enhanced
bioremediation system
Kuo Y.C., Liu J.K., Chien H.Y., Chen C.C. and Kao C.M. 37 to 47 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
746 Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activities of Mn (II) and Fe (III) Complexes with N- S donor Ligand Gupta Y.K., Agarwal S.C., Madnawat S.P. and Ram Narain 48 to 51 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
747 Experimental investigation of energy saving in air conditioning systems using silver nanofluid  Ehsan Firouzfar and Amin Hosaini Rivandi M. 52 to 57 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
748 Study of Ground Water Quality of Ulhasnagar city in Thane District, Maharashtra, India using Multivariate and Microbial Analyses Verandani S. and Vardhan D. 58 to 64 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
749 Spatial prediction and characterization of heavy metal pollution in soils of Coimbatore districtusing surfer package Sherene T. 65 to 72 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
750 Development of Starch-Gelatin Complex Microspheres as Sustained Release Delivery System Vedha Hari B. N., Praneetha T., Prathyusha T., Mounika K. and Ramya Devi D. 73 to 78 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
751 Theoretical study on the absorption of SO2 on alumina aerosol surface Kemei Pei, Mingyang Su and Lin Chen 79 to 82 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
752 An overview of ozonation associated with nano-filtration as an effective procedure in treating dye effluents from textile industries with the help of a bubble column reactor Palit Sukanchan 83 to 86 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
753 Antioxidant potential in vegetable oil  Rubalya Valantina S. and Neelamegam P. 87 to 94 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
754 Novel nanoparticles for water and waste water treatment Velhal S. G., Kulkarni S. D. and Jaybhaye R. G. 95 to 103 Vol. 16 (2), June (2012)
755 Elimination of Colored Contaminants from Waste Water Jaspal Dipika 3 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
756 Sorption of Eu (III) on Ca-bentonite: Effect of pH, Ionic Strength and Humic Acid Yu T., Wu W. S., Liu Z. R. and Zhang S. W. 4 to 10 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
757 Development of Analytical method for Extraction and Separation of Copper (II) using Cyanex 923 Nikam Gurunath H. and Mohite Baburao S. 11 to 17 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
758 Anystis baccarum - a Predatory Mite in UK Apple Orchards Cuthbertson Andrew G.S. and Murchie Archie K. 18 to 21 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
759 Pretreatment of MDF effluent by chemical-biological flocculation Zhang W.Y. and Li C.G. 22 to 25 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
760 Efficiency of Reactive Black 5 dye removals and determination of Isotherm Models in aqueous solution by use of activated carbon made of walnut wood Mahvi Amir Hossein, Heibati Behzad , Yari Ahmad Reza and Vaezi Najmeh 26 to 30 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
761 Determination of the quality of AKD dispersions by Gas Chromatographic Technique Arora Avnish Kumar, Kumar Pankaj  and Gupta Sanjeev 31 to 33 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
762 ETAA Studies of Heavy Metals in Atmospheric Samples – Challenges and Applications Pillay A.E. and Govender S. 34 to 38 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
763 Comparative Study and Treatment of Copper Using Activated carbon and Poly Vinyl Alcohol coated Activated carbon as Adsorbents Mordhiya Bhanupriya, Daga Kailash and Vaishnav Vinod 39 to 43  Vol. 16(3) September 2012
764 Analyses of the vertical and temporal distributions of sulfate-reducing bacteria in sediments of Lake Erhai, southwest China Zhang W., Wang Z. L. and Wang M. Y. 44 to 51 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
765 Antioxidant Activity of Dihydroxy and Trihydroxyphenolic Acids - A DFT Study Gupta Kartick 52 to 55 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
766 Screening of fungal cultures for their dye degradation or decolorisation ability Nadagouda Vijaya, Parikh Jatin and Shukla M. D. 56 to 59 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
767 Estimation of Soil Organic Carbon Concentration accumulated in Mangrove Forest Filtration System Nipithwittaya S. and Sampanpanish P. 60 to 67 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
768 Composting of Chicken Manure with the Addition of Clinoptilolite and Pumice as Bulking Agents Yavuz Ersan Hulya 68 to 73 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
769 Indoor air quality in offices and residences in urban areas of India-Mumbai and Kolkata Majumdar Dipanjali, Chakraborti Rajat and Srivastava Anjali 74 to 78 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
770 Photocatalytic degradation of an organic pollutant, 4-nitrophenol by zinc oxide - UV process Rajamanickam D. and Shanthi M. 79 to 86 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
771 Application of Monitored Natural Attenuation and Risk-based Corrective Action at a Chlorinated-Hydrocarbon Contaminated Site for Risk Management Tsai T.T., Chen K.F., Tsai W.A., Liu Y.H.  and Kao C.M. 87 to 93 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
772 Electrochemical treatment of Poultry Slaughterhouse Wastewater using Iron and Aluminium Electrodes Godini Kazem, Azarian Ghasem, Nematollahi Davood, Rahmani Ali Reza and Zolghadrnasab Hassan 94 to 103 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
773 Photocatalytic Oxidation of Organophosphorus Pesticides using Zinc Oxide Fadaei A.M. and Dehghani M.H. 104 to 109 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
774 Adsorption of Amido black 10B onto cross-linked chitosan Yang Bingchao, Huang Ruihua and Liu Qian 110 to 115 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
775 Genotoxicity of Health Care Waste Waters: A Review Sharma P., Mathur N. and Singh A 116 to 124 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
776 Conducting polymer based potentiometric sensors Kumar Pankaj, Sharma Harish Kumar and Kaur Sukhjeet 125 to 133 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
777 Polymorphism in Organic Crystal Structure Dholakiya Bharat Z., Malani Mahesh H., Patel Jigarkumar R. and Dhorajiya Bhaveshkumar D. 134 to 145 Vol. 16(3) September 2012
  Gas sensors for Environmental Monitoring Patil Arun V. 1 to 2 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
778 An Ab Initio Study of XNOy and XPOy (X = H, F, Cl, Br and y = +1, 0, -1) Interstellar Species Sharma U. and Guha S. 3 to 13 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
779 The study of CH4-CO2 reforming to syngas over carbonaceous catalyst modified with H2O2 Guo Fengbo, Zhang Yongfa, Zhao Haixiang and Zhang Guojie 14 to 18 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
780 Synthesis of Nanostructured Polyaniline in Dodecyl Sulphuric Acid (DSA) mediated Miceller Medium
with Isopropyl Alcohol as Cosurfactant
Ahmed N., Upadhyaya M. and Kakati D. K. 19 to 25 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
781 A study on Nitric Acid treatment on Chloroform Mallick Abhijit 26 to 28 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
782 Gum Acacia and Starch based Prodrugs: Preparation and Drug Release Studies Byakod N.V. and Lonikar S.V. 29 to 34 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
783 Bridging Precursors of Yttrium with Lawsone monoximates Gaikwad Sanjay Dattatray 35 to 39 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
784 Rapid Spectrophotometric Determination of Molybdenum in Steel and Environmental Samples after Extraction of its 6-Chloro-3-Hydroxy-2-(4’-Methylphenyl)-4H-Chromene-4-one Complex Kapoor J. K., Dass R. and Gambhir S. 40 to 45 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
785 Removal of copper (II) from aqueous solutions using Leucas aspera leaf powder Mumtazuddin S., Azad A. K. and Chaudhary N. L. 46 to 50 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
786 Study on Vertical Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes using AFM and SEM Singh Sudhanshu, Bharadwaj Lalit M., Mahna Satish K, Kaur Inderpreet and Garg Sumita 51 to 53 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
787 Surveilence of point source wastewater discharges to trace metals pollution in the marine environment Bu-Olayan A.H. and Thomas B.V. 54 to 58 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
788 Microwave-induced increase of amide I and amide II vibration bands and modulating functions of sodium-chloride, sucrose and trehalose aqueous solutions:The case study of Haemoglobin Calabrò Emanuele, Magazù Salvatore and Campo Salvatore 59 to 67 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
789 2,6-Bis(4-sulpho-1-hydroxy-2-naphthylazo)pyridine: Spectrophotometric Reagent for the Trace Determination of Zinc in Biological Samples Sharma Ashok K., Kadyan Partap Singh and Singh Ishwar 68 to 73 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
790 DFT Study on a Fullerene doped with Ge and Sn Hossein Shirani Il Beigi 74 to 79 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
791 Development and validation of HPLC method for the determination of amygdalin in the plant extract of plum kernel Savic Ivan M., Nikolic Vesna D., Savic Ivana M., Nikolic Ljubisa B. and Stankovic Mihajlo Z 80 to 86 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
792 Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Phenols By Benzyltriethylammonium Chlorochromate In The Presence of 1,10-Phenanthroline As Catalyst Rajalakshmi K., Ramachandramoorthy T. and Srinivasan S. 87 to 91 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
793 Novel synthesis of (Methoxy) 2H-3-Aryl-3, 4-dihydro-1,3 benzoxazine and 2H-3- Aryl-3, 4-dihydro-4-methyl-
1, 3 benzoxazine
Indorkar Dilesh, Chourasia O.P. and Limaye S.N. 92 to 94 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
794 Transition Metal Complexes of 2-[(2,6-Dichlorophenyl)-Amino]Benzene Acetic acid: Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity Studies Kulkarni Dilip R., Jahagirdar Mandar M. and Deshpande Madhavrao N. 95 to 101 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
795 Interaction of Guanine with [Cu(II)(Salgly)H2O] and [Cu(II)(Salhis)H2O] : UV/Visible, Fluorescenceand Electrochemical studies Das Biva and Medhi Okhil K. 102 to 107 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
796 Synthesis of Substituted -2, 4-Diiminobiuret and N-Substituted -1,2,4,6-Thiatriazepines Tayade D. T. 108 to 110 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
797 Synthesis, X-ray structure and spectroscopic characterization of a non-stoichiometric nanostructured silver salt hosting water-guest molecules   111 to 115 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
798 Oxidation of benzyl ethers by N-bromoisonicotinamide in aqueous acetic acid medium: A Kinetics
and Mechanistic Study
Balasubramaniyan M. and Mathiyalagan N. 116 to 119 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
799 Kinetic Modelling of the Adsorption of Methylene Blue onto Blue Green Algae Renugadevi N. and Krishnaveni J. 120 to 124 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
800 Swelling Behavior of Carboxymethyl cellulose-g-PMAAm-co-PNIPAm Superabsorbent Hydrogels Sadeghi Mohammad and Soleimani Fatemeh 125 to 132 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
801 Synthesis and Characterization of Ruthenium(II) Complexes of N-Carboethoxy-4-halobenzene
Thioamide Ligands
Misra Sunil K. and Tewari Rajesh C 133 to 138 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
802 ab initio, NBO and NICS Studies of the Decomposition (2+2 elimination) Mechanisms of 2-Halo-2, 3-
Jameh-Bozorghi Saeed, Ghaempanah Aram, Rad Vahid and Esfandyari Hadi 139 to 144 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
803 Application of atomic force microscopy in ion exchange membrane technology Han Chunjie 145 to 148 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
804 Inhibition reaction for 1, 1, -di-tert-butylperoxy-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexane mixed withmonoammonium phosphate by DSC Chen Jin-Luh, Lin Jian-Zhi, Lin Chun–Ping, Su Chung-Hwei, Lin Yan-Fu, Yang Wein-Duo and Tseng Jo- Ming 149 to 154 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
805 Treatment of aged-landfill-leachate using aged-sludge-based bioreactor followed by advanc+B820dchemical oxidation Shi X. L., Wei Y. M. and Liu Y. D. 155 to 161 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
806 Chemical Screening of Root Bark of Zizyphus Joazeiro Mart Plant from Rhamnaceae Family Pandey A.K. and Singh Shweta 162 to 168 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
807 Adsorption of Basic Red 46 onto Activated Carbon Dao Sy Duc, Nguyen Van Noi, Do Quang Trung, Vu Thi Quyen and Vu The Ninh 169 to 173 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
808 Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Cr Ions Sorption on Mixed Sorbents prepared from Olive Stone and
Date pit from Aqueous Solution
Aksas H., Boureghda M. Z., Babaci H. and Louhab K. 173 to 181 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
809 Metals in Kitagata Hot Springs and Water Quality Effect from Balneotherapy and Hydrotherapy Aluoch June and Sillanpää Mika 182 to 188 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
810 Porosity Development in Activated Carbon from Palm Kernel and Coconut Shell by ChemicalActivation Method Rahman M. M., Mohammad Adil and Yusof A. M. 189 to 191 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
811 Sonochemical degradation of volatile and Non-volatile compounds Goel Mukesh, Das Ashutosh, Ravikumar K. and Nagarajan R. 192 to 199 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
812 Microbial Remediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: An Overview Khobragade Vaidehi and Kulkarni S. D. 200 to 212 Vol. 16(4)December 2012
813 Biodiesel: A greener and sustainable alternate to the conventional diesel fuel- Ali Amjad 1 to 2 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
814 Selectively Determination of Mo(VI) at Trace Level based on Kinetic Catalytic Effect on Oxidation of
2,3,4-Trihydroxy acetophenone phenylhydrazone
Janardhan Reddy K. and Kap Duk Lee 3 to 9 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
815 On-site monitoring of trace levels of nickel by Ni-DMG strip indicator paper in water samples Agrawal Sonalika, Khan Fahmida, Ganesh S. and Ahmed M.K. 10 to 13 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
816 Synthesis of Intense Blue Ultramarine from Coal Fly Ash as an Aluminosilicate Source under Environment- Friendly Conditions Borhade Ashok V., Dholi Arun G., Wackchaure Sanjay G. and Tope Dipak R. 14 to 20 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
817 Effect of Cation Size on Octahedral Tetrahedral Equilibrium Co2+ Aqueous Species Padmaja Naishadham, Pavan U., Venkateswara Rao G. and Natu G. N. 21  to 26 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
818 Monitoring of organic and contaminants in Soil by MAE and EIGC-MS El-Saeid M. H., Al-Wabel M. I., Al-Farraj A. S., El-Naggar A. H. and Zaheer Ahmed 27 to 33 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
819 The Influence of Raw Mixture and Activators Characteristics on Red-Mud based Geopolymers Bošković Ivana, Vukčević Mira, Krgović Milun, Ivanović Mileta and Zejak Radomir 34 to 40 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
820 Removal of Arsenic from Waters using Montmorillonite KSF as Adsorbent Xu Jing, Wu Feng and Peng Hong 41 to 46 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
821 Adsorption of dyes Basic blue 9 and Congo red onto thermal power plant waste: Kinetic, equilibrium and Thermodynamics parameters Sumanjit, Rani Seema and Mahajan Rakesh Kumar 47 to 58 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
822 Study on the bioavailability of heavy metals for decontaminating the soil using plants to clean up the environment Garg Neeta, Shrivastava Shobha and Alim Ishrat 59 to 61  Vol. 17(1) January 2013
823 Antileukemic Activity of Extracts and Constituents of Aegle marmelos Mustahil N. A., Riyanto S., Sukari M. A., Rahmani M., Mohd nor S. M.and Ali A. M. 62 to 67 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
824 Interaction of some persistent organic pollutants with oligopeptide chains formed onto silica
Bucatariu Florin, Dragan Ecaterina Stela, Fundueanu Gheorghe,Covaci Adrian and Dirtu Alin Constantin 68 to 75  Vol. 17(1) January 2013
825 Removal of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) from contaminated air and water Songolzadeh Mohammad, Soleimani Mansooreh and Behnood Reza 76 to 83 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
826 Removal of Organic Pollutant from Water by Heterogenous Photocatalysis: A Review Wankhade Atul V., Gaikwad G. S., Dhonde M.G., Khaty N. T. and Thakare S.R. 84 to 94 Vol. 17(1) January 2013
827 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): Sampling, Analysis, Sources and Seasonal Variations in Indian atmosphere Suvarapu Lakshmi Narayana 1 to 2 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
828 Investigation of the Heavy Metals content in Cypress Tree bark (Cupressus sempervirens L. var. pyramidalis) on the Territory of the Central and Southern part of Montenegro Roganovic D., Djurovic D., Blagojevic N. and Vujacic A. 3 to 7 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
829 Geochemistry of Core Sediment from Antarctic Region Nair Manju P., Akhil P.S. and Sujatha C.H. 8 to 12 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
830 The Effect of Application of Transverse Rumble Strips on Traffic Noise Levels7898375242 Haron Z., Othman M. H., Yahya K., Hainin M.R. and Yaacob H. 13 to 18 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
831 Electro-Catalytic Treatment of Phenols Kuo B. Divya, Keerthi and Balasubramanian N. 19 to 24 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
832 Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of 1-Naphthyl Ethers and Esters Pawar Nilesh S., Garud Sunil L. and Mahulikar Pramod P. 25 to 29 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
833 Survey of 222Rn Kerman Drinking Water Distribution Network Dowlatshahi Sh., Ahmadian M. and Montazerabadi A.R. 30 to 34 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
834 N-methyl benzyl amine Thallium cyclometallic compound as a catalyst for ring opening polymerization Haque R., Saxena M., Shit S.C. and Pappu A. 35 to 41 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
835 Vibrational spectroscopic investigation on propylthiouracil Gnanasambandan T., Gunasekaran S. and Seshadri S. 42 to 52 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
836 Investigations on extraction equilibrium of picolinic acid into various solvents: mechanism and influencing factors Waghmare Mangesh, Wasewar Kailas and Sonawane Shriram 53 to 59 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
837 Synthesis and characterization of novel Bimetallic Cu (II)-Zn (II) complexes: Antimicrobial and Superoxide dismutase activity Kalyankar V.K., Dagade P.M., Bhadbhade B.J., Sabarwal S. and Waghmode S.A 60 to 66 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
838 Studies of 4-(n-methyl-2, 2-chloroacetamido)-phenyl - 2-furoate metal chelates and their influence on organic matter decomposition Kulkarni Dilip R. and Deshpande Madhavrao N. 67 to 75  Vol. 17(2) February 2013
839 Research Progress on Heavy Metal Pollution Control and Remediation Li Dongwei, Yang Ke and Fan Meng 76 to 83 Vol. 17(2) February 2013
840 Individual Molecules (Molecular Technology): Next step to Nanotechnology Somani Prakash R. 1  to 3 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
841 Preparation of collagen-elastin hydrolysates from cattle tendons and studying properties of hydrolysates Mokrejs P., Halabalova V., Simek L., Svoboda P. and Cermak R. 4 to 9 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
842 Removal of Ni(II) ions from aqueous solution onto lignite fired fly ash
Malarvizhi T. S. and Santhi T. 10 to 18 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
843 Evaluation of the odour reduction potential of amorphous iron hydroxide at municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill Su L.H. and Zhao Y.C. 19 to 26 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
844 Heliotropium Curassavicum mediated Silver Nanoparticles for Environmental Application    Satyavani K., Gurudeeban S., Deepak V., Ramanathan T. 27 to 33 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
845 A New Europium (III) Sensor based on Titanium [IV] Tungstophosphate as an Electroactive Material Sharma H. K. and Sharma N. 34 to 39  Vol. 17(3) March 2013
846 Synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives by condensation reaction using H-alpha zeolite as catalyst Khanday Waheed Ahmad, Sheikh Abdul Majid and Tomar Radha 40  to 45 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
847 Solid-state Synthesis and Characterization of Benzo[g][1,8] naphthyridin-2,4-diones  Nadaraj V.  and  Thamarai Selvi S. 46 to 48 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
848 In vitro antibacterial activity of few medicinal plants against Escherichia coli Kurhekar  Jaya Vikas and   Bodhankar M. G. 49 to 52 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
849 Tris[2,4,6-(2–hydroxy-4–sulpho-1–naphthylazo)]–s–triazine, tri sodium salt  as a spectrophotometric reagent  for micro-determination of lead (II) in alloys, environmental and biological samples Kadyan Pratap Singh, Singh Devender, Garg Sapana, Verma Sonia and Singh Ishwar 53 to 58 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
850 Isolation of Malathion degrading Pseudomonas xanthomarina with plant growth promoting activity Goyat Pankaj, Bhatia Divya and Malik Deepak Kumar 59 to 66 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
851 Volatile Organic Compounds and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Ambient Air of Indian Cities - A Review Lakshmi Narayana Suvarapu, Young-Kyo Seo and Sung-Ok Baek 67 to 74 Vol. 17(3) March 2013
852 Economic development and environmental protection-what do you want? Shu-Min Shen and Chi-Min Shu 1 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
853 δ13C Values of C3 herbaceous plants and their relationships with humidity indexes in arid and humid climatic regions in northern China Liu X. Z. and Wang C. Z. 2 to 12 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
854 Kinetics and mechanism of reactions of aromatic acetals with N-Chloronicotinamide Shenbagam K. and Mathiyalagan N. 13 to 16 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
855 Online spectrophtometric determination of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) in tannery wastewater using flow injection combined with low pressure ion chromatography Shujuan Chen, Ning Liu, Xinshen Zhang, Dongjing Yang and Hemei Jiang 17 to 24 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
856 Adsorption Kinetics for the Removal of Hexavalent Chromium using Low Cost Materials Khaldoun Al-Sou'od 25 to 30 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
857 Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies of 9-Aryl Substituted Acridinedione Derivatives Nalini V. and Girija R. 31 to 35 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
858 Chemical composition, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the essential oils of Murraya microphylla and Murraya alata Huang Ya Si, Yuan Ke and Bai Yan 36 to 41 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
859 The Effects of the Rice Variety and Type of Fertilizer on the Emission of Greenhouse Gases from Rice Paddy Fields Pantawat Sampanpanish 42 to 48 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
860 Limnological Studies on Indian Brackish Water Lonar Lake with Special Reference to Trophic Status and Potential Public Utility Verma Sanyogita R. and Chaudhari P.R. 49 to 55 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
861 Effects of soil temperature on degradation of oxytetracycline in soils Li Zhao-jun, Fan Fei-fei and Long Jian 56 to 61 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
862 Adsorption of TNT and RDX Contaminants by Ambrosia trifida L. var. trifida Derived Biochar Yakkala Kalyan, Yu Mok-Ryun, Yang Jae-Kyu and Chang Yoon-Young 62 to 71 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
863 Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies on Biosorption of Cr (VI) using Novel Aspergillus Jegita isolated from Tannery Effluent Issac Reya, Lakshmi Prabha M. and Emilin Renitta R 72 to 78 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
864 Development and Numerical Validation of a Formula for the Escape Time of Heavy Particles from a Vortex Sánchez Urbano 79 to 87 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
865 Bioremediation: An emerging technology for remediation of pesticides Chawla Niti, Suneja Sunita, Kukreja Kamlesh and Kumar Rakesh 88 to 105 Vol. 17(4) April 2013
866     Biomaterials derived from Renewable Resources for the Recovery of Precious Metals Can Mustafa 1 to 3 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
867 Reaction mechanism of the ceric oxidation of benzohydroxamic acid with different acid medium  Khan Fahmida, Agrawal Sonalika and Ganesh S 4 to 12 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
868 Mass balancing and life cycle assessment of municipal solid waste  Jain Neeraj and Singh Jaswinder 13 to 18 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
869 Adsorption Batch Studies on the Removal of Cadmium using Wood of Derris Indica based Activated Carbon Venkatesan G. and Senthilnathan U. 19 to 24 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
870 Correlation and Regression analysis of ground water of Greater Visakhapatnam city  Rao G. Srinivas and Babu R. Ravichandra 25 to 31  Vol. 17(5)May 2013
871 Application of Artificial Neural Network for Evaluation of pKa Values and exploring the Solvation Mechanism of Phenol Derivatives in Solvent of Methanol/Water Mixture Sanchooli M., Ghaffari Moghaddam M. and Zangeneh M. 32 to 40 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
872 Electrochemically induced Reaction of Mesalazine Drug with Barbituric Acid Derivatives: Mechanism and Kinetics Evaluation  Tammari E. Amani A., Nematollahi D.,  Jalili R. and Kazemi M. 41 to 45 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
873 Biosorption of Cr(VI) by activated Ziziphus Jujuba leaf powder Gupta Vikal, Sumit, Lal Magan and Bhati Mahendra 46 to 51 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
874 2D and 3D-QSAR study on the fish embryo Toxicity test of EC50 Liu Jining, Fan Deling, Shi Lili, Wang Lei, Zhou Linjun, Chen Yingwen and Shen Shubao 52 to 59 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
875 Effect of air pollution on physiology and yield of mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori L. Ghosh M., Mukhopadhyay A. and Mukhopadhyay U.K 60 to 68 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
876 Influence of Smoking and Alcohol Consumption on Serum Zinc and Chromium Levels in North Indian Type 2 Diabetic Subjects Singh Ruchi and Kumar Ashok 69 to 75  Vol. 17(5)May 2013
877 Synthetic Dye Decolorization by Three Sources of Fungal Laccase Forootanfar Hamid, Moezzi Atefeh, Aghaie-Khouzani Marziyeh, Janlou Yasaman, Niknejad Farhad and Faramarzi Mohammad Ali 76 to 81 Vol. 17(5)May 2013
878 In Vitro Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Doxorubicin loaded on Glycolated Mn-Doped CoFe2O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles  Mirabdollah Seyed Sadjadi, Somayyeh Rostamzadehmansour, Asadollah Asadi and Gargh Shankar 82 to 89  Vol. 17(5)May 2013
879 A brief review of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) removal from contaminated air and water  Songolzadeh Mohammad, Soleimani Mansooreh and Behnood Reza 90 97 Vol. 17(5) May 2013
880 Solid, Hazardous, Biomedical Waste-characterization, treatment and disposal Khopkar S. M. 1 to 4  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
881 Integrating ATR-FTIR and data-driven models to predict total soil carbon and nitrogen towards sustainable watershed management Aslan-Sungur G., Evrendilek F., Karakaya N., Gungor K. and Kilic S 5 to 11  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
882 Antifungal Potential of Transition Metal Hexacyanoferrates for Management of Dry Bubble of Agaricus bisporus Chugh C. A. 12 to 16  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
883 Production of Naringinase by a new soil isolate of Serratia Sp.: Effect of different carbon and nitrogen sources Pavithra M., Prasanna D. Belur and Saidutta M.B 17 to 21  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
884 Isolation and Characterization of a New Allelochemical from Flower of Doronicum hookeri Clarke C.B., Yadava R.N.* and Patil Gautam 22 to 25  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
885 Heavy metal distribution and chemical fractionation in water, suspended solids and bed sediments of industrial discharge channel: an implication to ecological risk Nayek S., Gupta S. and Saha R. N. 26 to 33  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
886 Chemical composition, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the essential oils of Murraya microphylla and Murraya alata Ya-Si Huang, Ke Yuan and Yan Bai 34 to 40  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
887 Pilot study on backwash method of a biological activated carbon filter Xin Sun, Mengdan Zhang and Tinglin Huang 41 to 44  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
888 Studies on the syntheses of monobromamine NH2Br and dibromamine NHBr2 in various solvents Heasley V.L., Lingner D.W., Boerneke J.L., Boerneke M.A., Hsu H., Minnema R.A., Moulton C.A. and Sweeney A.R. 45 to 48  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
889 Influence of Abiotic Factors on the Degradation of Imidacloprid in Soil Samnani Prakash and Vishwakarma Kamlesh 49 to 52  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
890 Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of some chelates in O,N-donor coordination pattern involving Schiff bases derived from 4-acetyl/benzoyl-1-(4’-nitrophenyl)-3-methyl-2 pyrazolin-5-one and sulfamoxole Thakar A.S., Friedrich H. B. and Joshi K.T. 53 to 60  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
891 Synthesis, characterisation and antimicrobial studies of transition metal complexes of 2- hydroxy-5-methoxy benzldehydeisonicot- inoylhydrazone Prasanna M.K. and Pradeep Kumar K. 61 to 67  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
892 Kinetic Study on Electron Transfer Reaction in Pentaamminecobalt (III) complexes of Amino Acids by Permonosulphuric  acid in micellar medium Rajkumar P. and Subramani K. 68 to 74  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
893 Kinetic studies in the surfactant catalyzed oxidative deamination and decarboxylation of glycine by acidic permanganate Bende N. and Chourey V. R. 75 to 87   Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
894 The Significance of Fungal Laccase in Textile Dye Degradation – A Review Rangabhashiyam S., Anu N. and Selvaraju N.* 88 to 95  Vol. 17 (6) June  2013
895 Escalating E-Waste Dilemma in Indian Cities Maheshwari Raaz 1 Vol 17(7), July 2013
896 Thermal, Structural and Optical Analyses of Benzimidazole Single Crystal Grown with Organic
Dopants for Nonlinear Optical Applications
Vijayan N., Madhurambal G., Bhagavannarayana G., Maurya K. K. and Mojumdar S. C 2 to 9 Vol 17(7), July 2013
897 Neutralization of Red Mud using Inorganic Acids Rai S.B., Wasewar K.L., Mishra R. S., Puttewar S. P. and Chaddha M. J.,
Mukhopadhyay J. and Chang Kyoo Yoo
10 to 17 Vol 17(7), July 2013
898 Scaling up of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) production from oil palm frond juice by Cupriavidus necator
Zahari M.A.K.M. 18 to 24 Vol 17(7), July 2013
899 Natural pigment production by Thermomyces sp using response surface methodology Poorniammal R., Gunasekaran S. and Murugesan R. 25 to  31 Vol 17(7), July 2013
900 Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate (SDBS) degradation by heterogeneous Fenton-like reactions on
two types of catalysts: experimental and comparison
Zhang Ting 32 to 39 Vol 17(7), July 2013
901 Biodegradation of chlorobenzene and chlorophenols by Pseudomonas cultures Gaikwad Bhaskar G. and Varma Rita J. 40 to 43 Vol 17(7), July 2013
902 Effects of Solution Chemistry on the Flotation of Magnesite, Dolomite and Quartz with Sodium Oleate
as a Collector using SEM Analysis
Yao Jin, Yin Wanzhong, and Hou Ying 44 to 49 Vol 17(7), July 2013
903 A Study on Chemical Leaching of Iron from Red mud using Sulphuric Acid Das Debadatta and Pramanik K. 50 to 56 Vol 17(7), July 2013
904 Impact of Raw Coolant Wastewater and Effluent from different stages of treatment on FishLebistes-reticulatus (Peter) Satyanarayan S., Satyanarayan A. and Verma S. 57 to 61 Vol 17(7), July 2013
905 An efficient synthesis of tetrahydrocarbazole using solid acid catalyst Majid Sheikh Abdul*, Khanday Waheed Ahmad and Tomar Radha 62 to 67 Vol 17(7), July 2013
906 Seasonal Variation in physico-chemical parameters and Heavy Metals Assessment in Surface Water of North Alabama Okweye P.S. 68 to 78  Vol 17(7), July 2013
907 Organized Supramolecular Assemblies and Molecular Recognition Bishnoi Anjali   Vol 17(7), July 2013
908 Screening of high efficient cellulose-decomposing microorganisms Hou Yong, Wang Qiang-Feng, Chen Qiang, Xia Zhong-Mei and Zhu Peng-Ling   Vol 17(7), July 2013
909 Rapid Kinetics of Bromination of Nitrophenols in Aqueous Solution by the use of RPE Bhore J. B., Dangat V.T., Borkar V.T. and Gatkul B.I.   Vol 17(7), July 2013
910 Demineralization of sub-bituminous coal by fungal leaching: A structural characterization by X-rayand FTIR analysis Manoj B. and Elcey C.D   Vol 17(7), July 2013
911 Dye decolorization by Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Polyphenol Oxidase immobilized intoAlginate Beads Usluoglu A. and Arabaci G.   Vol 17(7), July 2013
912 Determination of total antioxidant capacity and total phenolic compounds of Helianthus annuus L.growing in Turkey Karasakal A.   Vol 17(7), July 2013
913 Effect of natural zeolite on bioavailability and leachability of heavy metals during rotary drumcomposting of green waste Singh Jiwan, Prasad Ravi and Kalamdhad Ajay S.   Vol 17(7), July 2013
914 New Xanthoneand Coumarin Derivatives from Chemical Constituents of Mesua beccariana Ee G. C. L., Teh S. S., Mah S. H. and Sukari M.A.   Vol 17(7), July 2013
915 Effect of Pt loading onto ball-milled TiO2 on the visible-light photocatalytic activity to decomposerhodamine B Hyunho Shin and Tae-Hoon Byun   Vol 17(7), July 2013
916 The influence of a newly synthesized Iron (II) Dithiocarbamate Complex on Fungi Phomopsis viticolaand Wilsonomyces carpophilus Trifunović S. R., Bulatović D., Latinović N. and Leka Z.   Vol 17(7), July 2013
917 Removal of Cr (VI) from spiked soils by electrokinetics Vivek Kumar and Chithra K   Vol 17(7), July 2013
918 Three-Component Reaction between 4-Hydroxy Quinazoline Dialkyl Acetylene dicarboxylates andAlkyl Isocyanides: Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Ketenimines and 1-Azadienes Mohtat B., Shahmaghsood N., Jamshidi F. and Djahaniani H.   Vol 17(7), July 2013
919 A DFT study on the structural and electronic properties of Barium Sulfide nanoclusters Chandiramouli R.   Vol 17(7), July 2013
920 Non-target organism species sensitivity distributions to oxytetracycline in water Zhao Xiu-Juan, Ma Rong-Cai and Li Zhao-Jun   Vol 17(7), July 2013
921 Microwave Versus Ultrasound assisted Synthesis of Some Acyclonucleobase based on Uracil Moiety using DMAP as a Catalyst Lahsasni Siham A.   Vol 17(7), July 2013
922 Organized Supramolecular Assemblies and Molecular Recognition
Bishnoi Anjali 1 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
Screening of high efficient cellulose-decomposing microorganisms
Hou Yong, Wang Qiang-Feng, Chen Qiang, Xia Zhong-Mei and Zhu Peng-Ling 2 to 7 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
924 Rapid Kinetics of Bromination of Nitrophenols in Aqueous Solution by the use of RPE Bhore J. B., Dangat V.T., Borkar V.T. and Gatkul B.I. 8 to 10 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
925 Demineralization of sub-bituminous coal by fungal leaching: A structural characterization by  X-ray and FTIR analysis Manoj B. and Elcey C.D. 11 to 15 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
926 Dye decolorization by Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Polyphenol Oxidase immobilized into Alginate Beads Usluoglu A. and Arabaci G. 16 to 21  Vol. 17(8) August 2013
927 Determination of total antioxidant capacity and total phenolic compounds of Helianthus annuus L. growing in Turkey \ Karasakal A. 22 to 25 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
928 Effect of natural zeolite on bioavailability and leachability of heavy metals during rotary drum composting of green waste Singh Jiwan,  Prasad Ravi and Kalamdhad Ajay S. 26 to 34 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
929 New Xanthoneand Coumarin Derivatives from Chemical Constituents of Mesua beccariana Ee G. C. L., Teh S. S.,  Mah S. H. and  Sukari M.A. 35 to 40 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
930 Effect of Pt loading onto ball-milled TiO2 on the visible-light photocatalytic activity to decompose rhodamine B
Hyunho Shin and Tae-Hoon Byun 41 to 46 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
931 The influence of a newly synthesized Iron (II) Dithiocarbamate Complex on Fungi Phomopsis viticola and Wilsonomyces carpophilus Trifunović S. R., Bulatović D., Latinović N. and Leka Z. 47 to 51 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
932 Removal of Cr (VI) from spiked soils by electrokinetics Vivek Kumar and Chithra K. 52 to 59 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
933 Three-Component Reaction between 4-Hydroxy Quinazoline Dialkyl Acetylene dicarboxylates and Alkyl Isocyanides: Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Ketenimines and 1-Azadienes Mohtat B., Shahmaghsood N., Jamshidi F. and Djahaniani H. 60 to 63 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
934 A DFT study on the structural and electronic properties of Barium Sulfide nanoclusters   Chandiramouli R. 64 to 73 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
935 Non-target organism species sensitivity distributions to oxytetracycline in water
Zhao Xiu-Juan, Ma Rong-Cai and Li Zhao-Jun 74 to 81 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
936 Microwave Versus Ultrasound assisted Synthesis of Some Acyclonucleobase based on Uracil Moiety using DMAP as a Catalyst
 Lahsasni Siham A. 82 to 88 Vol. 17(8) August 2013
937 The Development Tendency of Minerals Processing Technology: A Synthesis of Multiple Discipl ines  Yao Jin 1 to 2 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
938 Fire dynamics simulation of multiple ethanol pool fires Bahman Abdolhamidzadeh, Vahid Bab, Davood Rashtchian and Genserik Reniers 3 to 9 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
939 Solubilising Water involved in Amoxicillin Extract using Mixed AOT/TWEEN 85 Reverse Micelles Siti Hamidah Mohd-Setapar, Chuo Sing Chuong and Siti Norazimah Mohamad-Aziz 10 to 15 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
940 Development and Validation of Analytical Method for Zidovudine, Lamivudine and Nevirapine by HPLC Arun R. and Anton Smith A. 16 to 21  Vol. 17(9) September 2013
941 Volumetric Properties, Viscosities and Refractive Indices of Aqueous Solutions of 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (AMP) Murshid Ghulam, Shariff Azmi Mohd, Bustam Muhammad Azmi and Ahmad Faizan 22 to 31 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
942 Bioremoval of Trichloroethylene/Toluene Mixture by Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4 from Water  Dong S., Li J. and Shim H. 32 to 37 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
943 The Effect of Magnetic Field on Total Dissolved Solid of Water  Golestani Alizadeh H. and Nikmanesh E. 38 to 42 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
944 Removal of Chromium (VI) Ions from Wastewaters by Low Cost Adsorbent  Rawal Nekram and Jarouliya Urmila 43 to 47 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
945 Synthesis of Some-2-thioxo-3-substituted-2,3-dihydro-1H-quinazolin-4-one Derivatives as Potential Antibacterial and Antifungal agents Al-ALshaikh Monirah, Al-Shammary Danah and El-Baih Fatima 48 to 52 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
946 Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution using natural rice husk Ong Siew-Teng, Foo Yee-Cheong and Hung Yung-Tse 53 to 57 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
947 Influence of Soil Components on Phosphorus availability in some soils of Egypt Wahba M. M. 58 to 65 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
948 Feasibility of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Production from the Fermentation of Oil Palm Trunk Juice  Norhazimah A.H., Asmadiyana M. and Faizal Che Ku M. 66 to 69 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
949 Potential of using bio-coagulants indigenous to Malaysia for surface water clarification Khodapanah N., Ahamad I.S. and Idris A. 70 to 75 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
950 Influences of Interactive Effects in the Flotation of Magnesite with Sodium Oleate as Collectorbased on Solution Chemistry Yin Wanzhong and Yao Jin 76 to 81 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
951 A PVC- based Crown Ether Membrane Sensor for Cu2+  Dwivedi Mithalesh Kumar, Jain Suresh, Jain Neeraj and Bhatnagar Poonam 82 to 85 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
952 Mercury-induced changes in growth and oxidative metabolism of Field bean (Dolichos lablab) D’Souza Myrene R. and Devaraj V. R. 86 to 93 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
953 Extraction, Characterization and Application as Natural Dyes of extracts from Terminalia catappa leaf and seed pericarp Chitnis K. S. 94 to 99 Vol. 17(9) September 2013
954 Vermicomposting as an environment friendly Bio-fertilizer Sinha Jayanta  1 to 3 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
955 Design, synthesis and interaction with Cu2+ ions of ice templated composite hydrogels  Dragan Ecaterina Stela and Dinu Maria Valentina  4 to 10 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
956 Syngas production by carbon dioxide reforming methane over carbonaceous catalyst and reaction kinetics of carbonaceous materials Zhang Guojie, Du Yannian, Xu Ying and Shi Xiaoling 11 to 15 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
957 Noise Impact Assessment due to Aircraft Operations in the surrounding Areas of an Upcoming Airport in India Mishra Arun  kumar and  Srivastava Prabhat  16 to 22 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
958 The Influence of a Newly Synthesized Zn (II) and Cu (II) Complexes based on Pyrazole Derivatives on the Inhibition of Phomopsis Viticola Sacc. (Sacc.) under Laboratory Conditions Jaćimović  Željko1,  Latinović Nedeljko, Bošković Ivana and Tomić Zoran 23 to 27 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
959 Immobilization of Hazardous Cr(VI) in blended cement: XRD and Leaching Studies Jain Neeraj  28 to 34 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
960 Influence of Pt on Structural and Morphologycal Properties of La2O3 / SnO2Thick Film Ehsani M., Hamidon M. N., Wagiran R.,  Pah L. K. ZainalAbidin Z., Sadrolhosseini A. R. and  Shahrokh Abadi M. H.
35 to 40 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
961 Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Aqueous Solution
 of 2-Amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1, 3-propanediol
at Elevated Pressures
Murshid Ghulam, Shariff Azmi Mohd. and Bustam Mohammad Azmi 41 to 45 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
962 Extraction of Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) Seed Oil using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Soxhlet Extraction Nian-Yian Lee, Siti Hamidah Mohd-Setapar, Nur Syahirah Mohd Sharif , Che Yunus Mohd Azizi  and Muhamad Ida Idayu2 46 to 52 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
963 Synthesis and characterization of Dental Nanocomposite based on Hydroxyl Apatite/ZnO-MgO by Ultrasonic Method
Khani Arezoo Mohamad, Farhadyar Nazanin and Soltanian Mohamad Jafar 53 to 56 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
964 Synthesis, crystal structure and spectroscopic characterization of an oxalato bridged silver-deficient chromium(III) salt with water-filled nanochannels  Gouet Bebga, Signé M., Nenwa J. and Fokwa B.P.T. 57 to 63 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
965 Characterization of Oil Palm Shell Activated Carbon and ZSM-5 Supported Cobalt Catalysts Izirwan I., Mohd A. and Saidina Amin N.A. 64 to 68 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
966 A kinetic insight into the oxidation of perfumery alcohols by inorganic oxidizing agents Prabhu D.V., Tandel M. A., Parbat H. A. and Uchil Meera H. 69 to 76 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
967 The role of threshold inhibitors on water scale precipitation from tap water Danijela Dobersek and Darko Goricanec  77 to 81 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
968 Modelling of Dilution of Thermal Discharges in Enclosed Coastal Waters Balas Lale, İnan Asu and Numanoğlu Genç Aslı 82 to 89  Vol. 17(10) October 2013
969 Bioethanol production from oil palm trunk juice by different strains of yeast and bacteria Norhazimah A. H. and Faizal C. K. M. 90 to 93 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
970 Assessing the inhibitory potential of natural silicon oil on brass degradation in 1M H2SO4 Fayomi O. S. I. and Popoola A. P. I. 94 to 100 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
971 The effect of Copper Concentration on Morphology of Copper - PVP Nanostructured Composites Gaikwad Bhaskar G. and Varma Rita J. 101 to 104 Vol. 17(10) October 2013
972 Isolation and structure elucidation of hederagen in a triterpenoid compound from Gypsophilasimonii Arslan Idris  Vol. 17(10) October 2013
973 Emission factors of biogenic volatile organic compounds in various stages of growth present in the urban forest of the Metropolitan Region, Chile Préndez Margarita, Corada Karina and Morales Johanna  01 to 9 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
974 Chemotaxis of Cupriavidus necator JMP134 towards aromatic compounds Ying X. U. 10 se 15 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
975 Chemical profiling of fifty constituents in Qi-gui-yin granule (QGY) by on-line high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with ESI-LTQ-Orbitrap mass spectrometer Xiaojie Yu, Jiayu Zhang, Qingquan Liu, Zhisheng Wu, Shanshan Liu, Hang Shi and Qun Ma 16-27 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
976 Chemical composition of Toona sinensis essential oil and DPPH scavenging activity of different fractions in ethanol extract of Toona sinensis from China Chen Congjin, Li Yue, Liao Dankui, Tong Zhangfa   and Vangguoen  28-36 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
977 Mechanism of Mn(II) Absorption and Desorption with 4A Zeolite Peng Xi, Wu Dandan, Zheng Lei, Li Dongwei  and Xu Zhonghui  37-40 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
978 Study of Two-Stage Thermal Destruction System for the Treatment of Spent Cation Exchange Resins without releasing Semi-Volatile Cesium Yang H. C., Lee M. W., Whang  H. S., Chung D. Y. and Moon J. K. 41-46 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
979 Sulfate removal and sulfur recovery by combined anaerobic reduction and mixotrophic desulfurization-denitrification biofilm process Wei Li, Xiao Liang, Jianguo Lin and Lei Liu 47-51 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
980 Removal of Cu2+ from aqueous environments using zero-valent iron: Effects of pH, dissolved oxygen and humic acid  Rao Pinhua, Liu Tongzhou, Zhang Wenqi, Yao Wei and Du Yongtao 52-56 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
981 Dissolution and solubility of hydroxylapatite and fluorapatite at 25oC at different pH Caichun Wei, Yinian Zhu, Feng Yang, Jiao Li, Zongqiang Zhu and Hongxiang Zhu 57-61 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
982 Release characteristics and structure of Gleditsia sinensis polysaccharide-g-N-isopropyl acrylamide hydrogels Jian Honglei, Gao Zhiyuan and Jiang Jianxin 62-69 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
983 Design and Fabrication of Theophylline loaded Magnetic Nanostructure for Targeted Drug Delivery Application Sharafi Afsaneh, Sajjadi Perissa Seyed, Farhadyar Nazanin and Seyedsadjadi Mirabdullah  70-75 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
984 Aldol Condensation of Acetone over Amberlyst - 15: Batch Kinetics and Process Intensification Deorukhkar Onkar  A.  and Mahajan Yogesh S.  76-81 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
985 Biosorption of Chromium from Synthetic Aqueous Solution using Codium Tomentosum  Suresh Babu P., Dinesh Kumar B. and Anandaraj B. 82-87 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
986 Synthesis and characterization of some ethoxyphthalimide substituted triazole derivatives assembled with benzimidazole and thiazolidinone heterocycles Kumawat M., Kherodiya B. and Talesara G. L. 88-92 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
987 Bioremediation of Endosulfan contaminated Soil Mohanasrinivasan V.,  Suganthi V.,  Selvarajan E., Subathra Devi C., Ajith E.,  Muhammed Farhan N. P., and Sreeram Gopalakrishnan 93-101 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
988 Feasibility of acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) production from the fermentation of oil palm trunk juice Norhazimah A. H., Asmadiyana M. and Faizal C. K. M.  102-105 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
989 Biosorption of heavy metals using low cost agricultural by products – A Review Paper Rangabhashiyam S., Anu N. and Selvaraju N. 106-117 Vol. 17(11) November 2013
990 A multifactorial study on photodegradation of sulfamethoxazole in water induced by Fe (III)-oxalate complexes  Xu Jing, Mai Zhaohuan, Ding Wei and Wu Feng 1 to 8 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
991 Solid-phase synthesis of combretastatins A-4 and peptides conjugates Mingfeng Fang , Zhongxiang Lin, Guo-Yuan Lu, Gargh Shankar and Jain Anamika 9 to 11 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Substituted Diazepine-2-one Derivatives
Nalini V. and Girija R. 12 to 17 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
993 The toxicity assay of Artemia salina as a biological model for the preliminary toxic evaluation of chemical pollutants Yin Lu, Xiaolu Xu, Xiuying Shen, Chao Meng, Li Wang, Gargh Shankar and Sharma Anand 18 to 21 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
994  HPLC Method for Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Menta pulegium Leaves Extract Nejati-Yazdinejad M. and Soozangar A. 22 to 26 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
995 Mercury content and distribution in plants from Jiaozhou Bay wetland in China Zhang Lei, Zhang Lei and Gargh Shankar 27 to 31 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
996 Degradation of Reactive Black 5 along with Dilution of RO Reject Water using Photocatalysis  Verma A., Debnath A. and Singh G. 32 to 37 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
997 Acid-catalyzed esterification and kinetics of Zanthoxylum bungeanum seed oil for biodiesel preparation  Jian Zhang, Xuanjun Wang, Qilong Han, Shuyan Li, Hui Liu and Xiaoli Gou 38 to 44 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
998 Evaluation of Persea Americana green extract inhibitory performance on aluminium alloy in 1 M H2SO4/3.65% NaCl acid-chloride solutions Popoola A. P. I., Fayomi O. S. I. and Adeleke A. A. 45  to 52 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
999 Research on the experiment of electrokinetic remediation of the municipal solid waste incineration fly ashes based on orthogonal method  Li Dongwei , Huang Tao and Yang Ke 53 to 59 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1000 Size and Shape Controlled Synthesis and Characterization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles by Co-Precipitation Method Sadjadi Mirabdullah Seyed and Babaei Seyed Ebrahim 60 to 64 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1001 Establishment and Optimization of a White-rot Fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium Reaction System for the Removal of Naproxen and Carbamazepine from Wastewater Li X., Toledo de R. A. and Shim H. 65 to 69 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1002 Isolation of elite diazotrophic bacterial isolates from Cyanodon dactylon rhizosphere of saline soils  Sarathambal C., Ilamurugu K. and Srimathi Priya L. 70 to 77 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1003 Synthesis of new 2H-pyrano[3,2-h]quinolines with potential biological activity Mohamed S. Mostafa 78 to 83 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1004 Vitex Negundo Leaf Extract as Eco Friendly Inhibitor on the Corrosion of Mild Steel in Acidic and Neutral Media J. Rosaline Vimala and Raja S. 84 to 91 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1005 Preparations of NiO loaded on TiO2 nanostructure as nanophotocatalyst and its photocatalytic activity for degradation of methylene blue Abdolreza Fatemeh, Farhadyar Nazanin, Mohammad ali Tehrani ramin 92 to 96 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1006 Carbon supported Zero Valent Iron nanoparticles for treating PCP in Pulp and Paper mill effluent  Udayasoorian C., Ramalingam P., Jayabalakrishnan R. M. and Vinoth Kumar K. 97 to 108 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1007 Evaluation of performances of hydrolyzing metal salts, polymeric coagulants and aids in textile wastewater clarification Mandal S. N., Mukherjee S. and Bhattacharya A. K. 109 to 116 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1008 Vibrational Spectroscopy of Pyrogallol with a glance on the problems of formation of a Dimer Can Mustafa 117 to 128 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1009 Kinetic modeling of biohydrogen production from complex wastewater by anaerobic cultures Gadhe Abhijit, Sonawane Shriram and Varma Mahesh 129 to 135 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1010 Separability Analysis and Classification of Rice Fields using KOMPSAT-2 High Resolution Satellite Imagery Yeom Junho, Han Youkyung and Kim Yongil 136 to 144 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
1011 A rapid method for the determination of rosmarinic acid in Cordia dichotoma seeds using ultrasound-assisted extraction and high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Feng Liu and Shuge Tian 145 to 152 Vol. 17(12) December 2013
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