S.N. Title of paper Author Name Page no Volume /Year
1  Coral crisis- The price we pay S.K. Gupta 3-6 Vol.5(1) March 2001
2 Potentiometer stripping analysis of soluble lead in the glassware used for needs of food and pharmaceutical industries- Biljana M. Kalicanin, Zoran B. Todorovic, Nikola J. Marjanovic, Zvonimir J. Suturovic 7-12 Vol.5(1) March 2001
3 Phthalocyanines sensitized fragmentation of protenins S. Klementova, D. Tothova, R. Revakova, M. Kaskova and D.M. Wagnerova 13-18 Vol.5(1) March 2001
4 Synthesis and antibacterial activity of I-Chloro-2-Formyl-and Pyrazola[3,4-a] carbazola derivatives M. Sekar and M. Kanunakaran 19-21 Vol.5(1) March 2001
5 A Noval Ionophoretic technique in the study of metal complex R.K.P. Singh and Sameena Aziz 23-24 Vol.5(1) March 2001
6 The study of Radio-nuclides and heavy metals in the gharesoo and balkhochay river and shoorabile lake in ardabile city Hossein Ghafourian. Jaleh Foroukhsamani, Fatemeh Sarabian 25-26 Vol.5(1) March 2001
7 Accumulation of heavy metals in commercially edible fishes of Gangetic West Bengal Ashim kumar Bhattacharya, Amlesh Choudhury and Abhijit Mitra 27-28 Vol.5(1) March 2001
8 Synthesis and biological activity of few novel substituted queinolines Satish M. Bhalekar and P.S. Fernandes 29-30 Vol.5(1) March 2001
9 Synthesis and antibacterial activity of I-Chloro-2-Formyl-and Pyrazola[3,4-a] carbazola derivatives M. Sekar and M. Kanunakaran 31-33 Vol.5(1) March 2001
10 Co-ordination Polymers based on mixed BIS-Ligand: 5-(3-Acetyl-4-Hydroxy-1-Phenylazo)-8-Quinolinol(AHPQ) D.S. Raj 35-39 Vol.5(1) March 2001
11 Electrochemical determination of Hydrazine based on chemically modified electrode D. Ravi Shankaran and S. Sriman Narayanan 43-46 Vol.5(1) March 2001
12 Comparative assessment of Ecosystem health in some tropical shallow wetlands Subhendu Datta 47-49 Vol.5(1) March 2001
13 Utilization of black liquor lignin as soil amendment S.D. Sharma, Sanjay Naithani, H.C. Joshi and S.V. Singh 51-55 Vol.5(1) March 2001
14 Intrinsic Sorption potential of Sr2+ onto Synthetic Phologopite gel O.P. Shrivastava and Rashmi Shrivastava 57-60 Vol.5(1) March 2001
15 Synthesis of some new Azo dyes from Isatoic Anhydride R.D. Pandit, A.P. Joshi and V.G. Bhave 61-63 Vol.5(1) March 2001
16 Significant health hazards due to Radioactivity of Rodon's Exposure to the environment of Himalayan district of Uttarkashi Garwal India Virendra Joshi, Jayender Singh, H.S. Nautiyal and D.D. Maithani 65-67 Vol.5(1) March 2001
17 Phytochemical screening of some folklore herabaceous legumes of Trichirappalli District, Tamil Nadu, India  T.P. Karthikeyani and J.M. Sashikumar 69-72 Vol.5(1) March 2001
18 Concentration of HCHs in the sediments samples from the river Ganges in Bihar, India Anupma Kumari, R.K. Sinha and Krishna Gopal 73-74 Vol.5(1) March 2001
19 Environment pollution of lead: An update review K. Goswami 75-79 Vol.5(1) March 2001
20 Chemistry and the Green Challenge S.K. Gupta   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
21 Utilization of Floating Materials Coated with TiO2 film for Photodegradation of Organic Compounds  Katumitu Hayakawa, Chinatsu Yokobaba, Narumi Ichiki, Muh. Zakir, Muzakkar, Takayoshi Shinmura and Shigeru Nagaoka   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
22 Effluent treatment of Fungicide manufacturing Industrial Waste by Combination of Electrodialysis and Cyanobacteria  G.S. Trivedi, P. Ray, B.G. Shah, S.K. Adhikary, S. Mishra, V.G., Sravan Kumar, A. Tewari and P.K. Ghosh   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
23 Properties of Zeolite ZSM 5 prepared in presence of Sodium Dodecylsulfate and/or Tetrapropyl Ammonium Bromide Mohd. Zobir bin Hussein, Zulkarnain Zainal and Saiful Adli Masdan   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
24 Production of Extracellular Lipase from a Local Isolate Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Soil E. Sharan and M.Y. Kamat   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
25 Comparative Decolorisation Study of Malachite Green Dye Solutions using Synthetic and Natural Coagulants Rashmi Sanghi and Ajay Singh   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
26 Simultaneous Determination of Heavy Metals in White Sugar and Final Molasses using Differential Pulse Anodic Stripping Voltammetry and Differential Pulse Polarography  Rakesh Kumar Mahajan and Anita Mahajan   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
27 Bioremediation of Egyptian Crude Oil using Different Microorganisms  Shadia El Rafie and Samia M. Helmy   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
28 Nickel (II) Complexes of Cyclic Phosphazenes B.P. Baranwal, S.S. Das and Umme Farva   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
29 A Comparative Study of the Densities and Excess Volumes of Binary Systems of PEG300 and PEG600 with Acetone and Methanol at Different Temperatures  J. Lahiri and D.N. Vora   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
30 Membrane and Bi-ionic Potential Studies of Li+, Na+, K+ and Rb+ Cations using Cellulose Ion Selective Membrane Electrodes in Aqueous Media  Pratika Singh, Neelam Sharma and M.G. Shet   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
31 Topological Modeling of Toxic Effect of Organic Explosives, Propellants and Related Compounds using Szeged Index  K.C. Mathur, P.V. Khadikar, Ugam K. Chauhan and Rahul Shrivastava   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
32 Chemistry of Detergents and their Dermatogenic Effects R.K. Pandey, R.K. Arya and Sunil K. Misra   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
33 Chemical Approach of Pollution Prevention : Green Chemistry K.P. Srivastava   Vol. 5(2) June 2001
34  The NEW ENERGY: Will it be available before it is too late ? S.K. Gupta   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
35 Determination of Benzo[a]pyrene in Cigarette Smoke by Synchronous Fluorescence Scan Digambara Patra   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
36 Microwave Polarization Response of CO2 as a Function of Frequency and Temperature  Jai N. Dahiya and Jin K. Gong   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
37 Preparation and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Resak Wood (Vatica Hullettii)  K. Anuar, Collin G. Joseph, Faujan B. H. Ahmad, Z. Zulkarnain, Zobir M. Hussein and Halim A. Abdullah   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
38 Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water using Activated Alumina Pragya Singh, Tony Sarvinder Singh and K.K Pant   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
39 Analytical Separation of Copper (II) and Cadmium (II) using Polymer Bound Imino Diacetic Acid  Shiv K. Gour, Pramila Jain, Sangeeta Loonker and P.N. Mathur   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
40 Polypyrrole Films : A Study on Electrochemical Preparation Using Various Alkylsulfonate Dopants and Chemical Characterization Anuar Kassim, Abdul Halim Abdullah, Mohd. Zaki Abd. Rahman, Zulkarnain Zainal Nita Salina Bte Abu Bakar and H. N. M. Ekramul Mahmud   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
41 Microbial Study for the Sequential Coagulation followed by Biological Treatment of an Alkaline Textile-Mill Effluent  D.K. Biswas, D.K. Markandey, B.K. Chaudhuri and S.D. Makhijani   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
42 Selective Solvent Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of Palladium (II) with 2-arylthio-p-nitroacetophenone  P.T. Gojare, S.H. Gaikwad and M.A. Anuse   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
43 Seasonal Variations of Phytopigments in the Northwestern Bay of Bengal Abhijit Mitra, Kakoli Banerjee, Sudipta Pal, B. Mahapatra, K.C. Halder, D.P. Bhattacharyya, K. L. Das, S. Majumdar and A. Choudhury   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
44 Destruction of Aflatoxin and Fungi Decontamination Study by Ultraviolet and Microwave Irradiation  H. Ghafourian, R. Dabbagh, F. Kafaei, J.B. Raoof, A. Sadighzadeh   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
45 Paraffin Composite Copper Hexacyanoferrate Modified Electrode for Catalytic Oxidation and Amperometric Determination of Hydrazine P.N. Deepa and S. Sriman Narayanan   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
46 In Vitro Solubilisation of Rock Phosphate by Anaerobic Cellulolytic Bacteria  V. Salom Gnana Thanga and K. Ramasamy   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
47 Interaction of Residual Anilofos or Butachlor with the dissipation of Isoproturon  S.B. Singh and G. Kulshrestha   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
48 Adsorption of Cadmium on Coal Fly Ash Arnab Kumar De   Vol. 5(3) September 2001
49 A Conference at Indore S.K. Gupta   Vol.5(4) December 2001
50 Examination of Acid Lye Reaction of Red Mud from the Alumina Factory in Podgorica   N.Z. Blagojevic, R.M. Zejnilovic and M. Krgovic   Vol.5(4) December 2001
51 The Ecology of Landslides in Eastern Bhutan : Causes and Consequences   Dipayan Dey and Sadruddin   Vol.5(4) December 2001
52 Effect of Technical Endosulphan and its isomers on Nitrous Oxide emission from Alluvial Soil - Research Report  Shalini Singh, S. Kumar, P. Dureja and N. Sethunathan   Vol.5(4) December 2001
53 Effect of Repeated Applications of Pesticides used on Cotton on Soil Properties under Subtropical Conditions   S.M.A.D. Zayed, M. Farghaly, S.M. Soliman and H. Taha   Vol.5(4) December 2001
54 Intervention Strategy Aimed at Minimising the Incident of Respiratory Illnesses caused by the Indoor Air Pollution D.K. Sanyal and M.W. Mneno   Vol.5(4) December 2001
55 Sorption of arsenic anion by Al-poly (hydroxamic acid) resin   M.J.Haron, W.M.Z. Wan Yunus and K.W. Leng   Vol.5(4) December 2001
56 Software for Ambient Air Quality Index Calculation  A. Bhaskaran and R.D. Rajan   Vol.5(4) December 2001
57 Nuclear Techniques in the Coal Mines of Iran A. Esmaeilnia Shiravani and H. Ghafourian   Vol.5(4) December 2001
58 A New Example of Diketopiperazine Isolation from Marine Actinomycete  Andrija A. Smelcerovic, Radosav M. Palic, Sinisa M. Djordjevic   Vol.5(4) December 2001
59 Polarographic Study of Few Metal Complex with L-Hydroxy Proline   Z.A. Filmwala and P.S. Fernandes   Vol.5(4) December 2001
60 Study on Ayurvedic Bhasmas on the basis of modern analytical Instrumentation Techniques   L.V. Krishnamurthy and R.T. Sane   Vol.5(4) December 2001
61 HPLC Method for Estimation of Losartan Potassium from Tablet Formulation  I. Singhvi   Vol.5(4) December 2001
62 Pheromones and Their Controlled Release Formulations in Pest Control   Kartick Gupta and M. Yaseen   Vol.5(4) December 2001
63 The Onward March of Technology S.K. Gupta   Vol 6(1) March 2002
64 Induction of Metachromasia by Small Molecules in Neutral Red Ashoke Kumar Bhattacharyya  and  Amitabha Saha   Vol 6(1) March 2002
65 Ipomoea tridentata seeds: A potential source of Commercial gum V. Singh, A. Srivastava, M. Pandey, V. Srivastava and R.Sethi   Vol 6(1) March 2002
66 Decolorizing Dyes with Hypochlorite and Ozone Shadia El Rafie   Vol 6(1) March 2002
67 Estimation of Aluminium at Ultra Trace Levels in Environmental and Biological Matrices using Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry  S. Mahapatra, R.M. Tripathi, R. Raghunath, A. Vinod Kumar and S. Sadasivan   Vol 6(1) March 2002
68 An Economic and Environmentally-friendly use of Basalt Rock Dust, a potentially Hazardous Waste Product of Stone Crushing Plants for Soil Rejuvenation  B. Lalljee   Vol 6(1) March 2002
69 Role of GA3 on Amino Acid and Protein Content and on Electrophoretic Profile of Leaf Protein in Mung Bean under Salt Stress Nandini Chakrabarti and S. Mukherji   Vol 6(1) March 2002
70 Obstruction Effect for Self-Diffusion of Cesium Ions in Agar Gel  Containing Cesium Halides at 25C N. S. Rajurkar and N. A. Gokarn   Vol 6(1) March 2002
71 A Green Way of Protection against Corrosion and Scaling D. Gopi, P. Malini, S. Ramesh and S. Rajeswari   Vol 6(1) March 2002
72 Characterisation of p-Cellulose   N.A. Sharma, P.N. Singh and M.G. Shet   Vol 6(1) March 2002
73 Study of Efficacy of Vinylchloride-Vinylacetate (VC-VAc) Copolymer based Heliothis Armigera Pheromone Dispensers in Cotton Field Kartick Gupta and M.  Yaseen   Vol 6(1) March 2002
74 Synthesis of Monocationic Complexes of Chlorine, Bromine and Sulphur Dilip K. Sanyal  and Vuyani Maqanda   Vol 6(1) March 2002
75 Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination of Pd (II) using 2-Acetyl Thiophene thiocynate Avinash B. Chaudhary, S.Nirupa And R.S. Lokhande   Vol 6(1) March 2002
76 Studies on Bio accumulation of Selective Heavy Metals in a Tropical Ecosystem  S.Pani, A. Bajpai and S.M.Misra   Vol 6(1) March 2002
77 Semiochemicals - Principles and Relevance  V.K. Varshney, Sandeep Kaur and Rameshwar Dayal   Vol 6(1) March 2002
78 Integrated Pest Management Success :Bottlenecks and Solutions an overview  Shashi Bala Singh and Gita Kulshrestha   Vol 6(1) March 2002
79 Creationism and the Quest for Origins S.K. Gupta   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
80 Prediction of Gas Chromatographic Retention Times of  Polychlorinated Biphenyls Bogdan  Bogdanov and Liljana Popovska   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
81 Geochemistry of Carcinogenic Trace Elements (Ni, Cr, Co) in and around Salem Magnesite Mine Area, Salem District, Tamil Nadu  M. Sathyanarayanan and P. Periakali   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
82 Synthesis Of 2, 3 Dihydro-1H -Naphtho [2, 1-B] Pyrane -1-one Semicarbazone and Selective Extraction of Palladium (II) Metal  Avinash B. Chaudhary, S . Nirupa and R. S . Lokhande   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
83 A comparative study on the potential of free cells and immobilized cells of Flavobacterium sp. in treatment of tannery effluent  N. Elangovan, P.S. Sudhakar Gandhi and P.T. Kalaichelvan   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
84 Reverse-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for  the Analysis of Jojoba Oil  Subodh Kumar and K.K. Pant   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
85 Effect of Biophysico-chemical Factors on Biosequestering of Chromium  from the Tannery Effluent by Marine Cyanobacteria  Shailendra K. Sonawane, Richa Pawar, Anamika Patel, Sandhya Mishra, A. Tewari   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
86 Evaluation of Bioremediation Potential of Organophosphorus Pesticide Dimethoate 30% EC by Heavy Metal and Antibiotic Resistant Proteus Vulgaris Isolated from Ganges at Sreerampore, India Manisha (Deb) Mandal*, S. Mandal and N. K. Pal   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
87 Use of Different Herbs as Coagulant and Coagulant aid for Water Purification  Parag Sadgir, S. L. Gargh, A.N. Patel and Anamika Jain   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
88 Synthesis and Antimicrobial Studies of 3-alkoxy-5- (p-substituted aryl) Biguanidinopentan-2,4-diones and related Compounds  Lalit Kumar Baregama and G.L.Talesara   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
89 Phytoconstituents and Worldwide uses of Ethnomedicinal Plants for Hypoglycemic Activity  Shipra Roy and Venu Agrawal   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
90 Recent Trends in the Inorganic Analysis of Environmental Materials  V. Balaram   Vol. 6(2) June 2002
91 Rio + 10 S.K. Gupta   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
92 Radiation Induced Studies of Capped Silver Nanoparticles  S.S. Joshi and M. K. Temgire   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
93 An Assessment of the Extent of Pollution by the Effluent Water from Oil Producing Industries on Recipient Environment  Daniel I.O. Ikhu-Omoregbe and Oghgho  Igwueokwu   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
94 Degradation of Pirimiphos-methyl in Stored Soybeans and Toxicological Potential of Its Residues Towards Mice S.M.A.D. Zayed, M. Farghaly and F. Mahdy   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
95 Water Quality Monitoring of Western Yamuna Canal from Tajewala to Haiderpur Treatment Plant, Delhi Meenakshi, V.K. Garg, K. Yadava, R. Gupta and M. Malik   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
96 Liesegang Rings in Polyacrylamide Gel N.S. Rajurkar, B.T. Hake and S.B. Bhosale   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
97 Paper Chromatographic Analysis of Aminoacids of Dryopteridaceous Ferns of the Western Ghats - South India L. Henry Joseph, V.S. Manickam and S. Gopalakrishnan   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
98 Synthesis of Some New N-(4-N-(2-Methoxy Phenyl Amino Sulfonyl Phenyl)-3-Chloro-4-Phenyl Azetidine-2-Ones H. S. Patel and V. K. Patel   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
99 Pentachlorophenol biodegradation by the bacteria  Enterobacter cloacae A. Nguyen, M. Martin, Shyam S. Shukla,  R. Shukla, J.L. Margrave and J. Parga   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
100 Ultra Trace Determination of Cobalt in Environmental and Biological Matrices Using Electro Thermal Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry R.M. Tripathi, R. Raghunath, S. Mahapatra, A. Vinod Kumar, S.T. Manikandan and S. Sadasivan   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
101 Study of Carbon monoxide emission on Flyovers and the effect of Topographic Features over Dispersion of Pollutants Shahid H. Khan   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
102 Vehicular Pollution  P. K. Agarwal   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
103 Cyanide D.etoxification - A Novel Approach  Jatin H. Parikh, Paulomi P. Shah and Kalpesh S. Parikh   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
104 Estimation of the Parameters of Simple Geological Bodies from Gravity Anomalies Revisited  Sayyadul Arafin   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
105 Single Molecular Fluorescence in Biosciences : Principle and Applications  Digambara Patra   Vol. 6(3) September 2002
106 Sorption-Desorption of Triazines on Five Czech Soils S.Klementova and S. Chobotova-Matousova   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
107 Nutritional Trace Elements in Soil from Agricultural and Non- agricultural Lands in some Parts of Border Regions of the Province of Eastern Cape, South Africa Dilip K. Sanyal and Isaac K. Skhosana   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
108 Utilization of Waste Water Generated in Cooling Tower Blow Down and Different other Units in Petrochemical Industries Soumya Ganguly, Abhik Saha, Ajoy Gupta, Indrani Dasgupta, Sudip K. Banerjee and Shubhendu Gupta   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
109 Kinetics of the Oxidation of Cysteinato Complexes of Dimeric Molybdenum(v) by Tris  Phenanthroline Iron (iii) In Acidic Media  Olayinka A. Oyetunji   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
110 Kinetics and Mechanism of Protection of uracil from Sulphate Radical Anion by Caffeic acid under Anoxic Conditions M. Sudha Swaraga, L. Charitha and M. Adinarayana   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
111 Use of EDTA and Tartaric Acid to remove Cd,Cu,Mn and Pb from soils contaminated by historical mining operations Yorgos Karvounis and Akis Kelepertsis   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
112 Column Chromatographic Separation Studies of Barium (II) Using Poly-(Dibenzo-18-Crown-6) from Picric Acid Medium B.S. Mohite and A.S. Jadhav   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
113 Effect of Magnetic Field on Thermodynamic Functions uring Membrane Transport Meena Sharma, Deepika Gupta, Anamika Jain and Rekha Killedar   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
114 Reactivity of TPP Charge Transfer Aide M. I. Mohamed   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
115 Three New Sesquiterpenes from Nutgrass (Cyperus rotundus L.) and their evaluation as Plant Growth Regulators  B.R. Chhabra, Anjana Sharma, R.S. Dhillon and Shalini Vij   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
116 Adsorption Isotherms for Basic Dye Onto Low Cost Adsorbents K. Vasanth Kumar   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
117 Biochemical Analysis of Natural Dyes : An Empirical Study Sheikh Rubeena, R.C. Sharma and G.P. Pandey   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
118 Estimation of the Parameters of Simple Geological Bodies from Gravity Anomalies Revisited  Sayyadul Arafin   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
119 Waste Plastic An Alternative Source of Fuel Alka Zadgaonkar   Vol. 6(4) December 2002
120 Pentachlorophenol biodegradation by the bacteria Enterobacter cloacae A. Nguyen, M. Martin, Shyam S. Shukla, R. Shukla, J. L. Margrave , J. Parga   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
121 Trace Metal Characterization of Environmental Matrices by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Technique  S.S. Raghav, Tuhina Tripathi, C.S. Sharma, S.D. Makhijani and Satya Prakash   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
122 Bioactive Constituents  from Calophyllum mucigerum G.C.L. Ee and  K.N. Ng   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
123 Bioremediation Potential of Hydrocarbonoclastic Bacteria in Cuddalore Harbour Waters (India)  R. Thavasi and S. Jayalakshmi   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
124 Use of Iron (III) Oxide in Photocatalytic Bleaching of Azure-B Rajat Ameta, Mayank R. Mehta, Jitendra Vardia and Suresh C. Ameta   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
125 Copper accumulation in Grapes and Vineyard soils and its impact on groundwater K.M.S. Sumathi  and S. Mahimairaja   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
126 Growth performance of Westiellopsis prolifica, A Blue-green algae in response to Fly-ash Leachate  P.C. Mishra, Shakti Kanta Panda, B. Anjan Kumar Prusty and Akash Mahapatra   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
127 Studies on a Polysaccharide from the Fruit Rind of Punica Granatum  M. Jahfar, K.K. Vijayan and P. Azadi   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
128 Comparative QSAR & QSPR Studies on Non Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptaes Inhibitors of HIV-1 Abhilash Thakur,  Mamta Thakur, Anamika Jain, Rekha Killedar   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
129 Degradation of Dimethylphthalate by a Bacillus species Niazi Javed Hussain, Manohar Shinde and T.B. Karegoudar   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
130 Measurement of Refractive Index of Liquids Using He-Ne Laser and Thin Transparent Glass Cell Shyam Singh   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
131 Treatability Study of Pesticides Effluent R.S. Jalukar, G.M. Malik and I.A. Ansari   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
132 Hydrometallurgical Treatment of Metallic Minerals  Y. Prasanna Kumar and A.v.l.n.s.h. hariharan   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
133 Alternate Processes of Bleaching of Wheat Straw Chemical Pulp - an Approach  to Reduce Chlorine Input  Sushma Mahajan and Sushma   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
134 Mercury Pollution & Toxicity : An Update Review Dushyant K. Joshi, Sangita Sharma, J. J. Vora & J. D. Joshi   Vol. 7(1) March 2003
135 Indian Monsoon S.L. Gargh   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
136 Remediation of Pb2+, Cd2+ and Zn2+ Metal Ions in Wastewater Samples using Iota-Carrageenan  Dahlia C. Apodaca, Emerson John G. Tiu Ng and Ailyn S.Villa   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
137 Development of Chelating resin based on Polysaccharide TKP Powder and its application Vikal Gupta, A.V. Singh and Kuldeep Bana   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
138 Distribution and Degradation of the Insecticide Carbaryl in Stored Grains and its Toxicological Effects to Mice S.M.A.D. Zayed, M. Farghaly and S. El-maghraby   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
139 Toxic Impact of the inorganic salt Zinc Chloride on the Skin (an accessory water breathing organ) of the Air-Breathing murrel Channa Striata Sunita Chandra and Tarun Kumar Banerjee   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
140 Nitration of Aromatic and Hetero-aromatic Molecules by some Transition metal Nitrito Complexes Dilip K. Sanyal and Joseph M. Mofokeng   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
141 A Novel Ionophoretic Technique in the Study of Binary and Ternary Metal-Salicylate Complexes R.K.P. Singh and R.P. Patel   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
142 Scalp Hair Cobalt Levels and Its Relation to Various Parameters Rita Mehra and Meenu Juneja   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
143 Removal of Colour Alizarin Red S From Dye Waste Waters Using Waste Material (Mahua Hulls Activated Carbon) P. Chiranjeevi, K.N. Jayaveera, K. Suresh Kumar, H. Radha,  K. Ram Mohan, D. Venkata Subba Reddy   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
144 Quantitative equilibrium Studies on Binary Complexes of 3-Hydroxy quinazolin-4-one with inner transition metal ions P. Narendra, D. Sudarshan Reddy, P. Madhava Reddy and B. Satyanarayana   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
145 Applications of Conductimetric Titrations P. Ramasami and P. Ramburrun   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
146 Chemical Composition of Water of some Streams in Jammu Province-I Bindiya Langar, H.N.Sheikh and B.L. Kalsotra   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
147 Polishing of Treated Spentwash By Fungal Strains Anita Rajor, Parveen Kalia and R. P. Mathur   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
148 High Performance Liquid Chromatographic determination of Midazolam in midazolam injection R.S. Lokhande, Dhanaji Patil and Swati Wabgaonkar   Vol. 7(2) June 2003
149 Wild Life Conservation S.L. Gargh   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
150 Investigation of Heavy Metal Contents in Teas and Tea Beverages From Montenegro N.Z. Blagojevicg, V.L. Vukašinovic, M. Krgovic R.M. Zejnilovic   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
151 Development of Anaerobic Filter for Resource Recovery Based Efficient  Decentralised  Wastewater Treatment Sandeep Yeshwant Bodkhe   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
152 Kinetic Parameters Evaluation for Adsorption of Lead (II) by Soils : Role of Chelating Agents R.J.Krupadam and R.Sarin   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
153 Organochlorine Pesticides in Rainwater of Urban and Rural Site of Lucknow, India Puja Khare, D.K. Patel, R. Kumar and S.P. Srivastava   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
154 Densities and Excess Volumes of Binary Liquid Systems of  PEG 200 and PEG 400 with 1-Butanol and Cyclohexanone at 303 K, 308 K and 313 K D.N. Vora and F.J. Jani   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
155 Effect on pH and Electrical Conductivities of Soil with Respect to Extent of Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil under Natural Environment Krishna G. Bhattacharjee, Satyendra K. Choudhury and Prahash C. Sarma   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
156 Ultrasonic Studies of CdSO4 in Methanol + Water Solvent at 303.15 K J.R. Mohanty, P.C. Mohanty, B.R. Das and P.K. Mishra   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
157 Synthesis and antifungal Activity of some Diphenymethane Containing Bis-(2-arylimino-3-yl-thiazolidinones) and Bis-(1-aryl-3-yl-2- thiohydantoins) derived from 2, 7-Dihydroxynaphthalene Rutesh R. Shah, Y.M. Mehta and S.P. Patel   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
158 Geochemical Study of Fluoride in Ground Water of Behror Tehsil of Alwar District (Rajasthan) Anil Kumar Yadav, P. K. Jain and Sunder Lal   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
159 Determination of Nickel (II) After on-line Sorbent Preconcentration by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Using Carbon Active Loaded With Pyrogallol Red Ali A. Ensafi, T. Khyamian and H. Eatemadi   Vol. 7(3) September 2003
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