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World Research Journals Conference 2015 at Dubai was grand success and we are very much obliged to you all.

290 Editorial Learning Chemistry: One molecule at a time Digambara Patra   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
291 NMR Studies of Zeolite Composed Recent Materials and their Prospects in Pollutant Abatement Eva Chmielewsk and Stanislava Nagyov   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
292 Environmental Contamination and Seasonal Variation on Heavy Metals in Rice Fields M.F. Hossain and M. Khondaker   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
293 Improved Decolorization of Reactive Dye Effluents using Coagulant Aid and Polyelectrolyte A. K. Bhattacharya and S. N. Mandal   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
294 Concentration of Total Mercury in Estuary of Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia Che Abd. Rahim Mohamed, Tan Hee Peng and Zaharuddin Ahmad   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
295 Estimation of Metformin HCl in Tablet by Rapid Isocratic RP-HPLC using Volatile Mobile Phase Additives V. L. Kulkarni and P. P. Mahulikar   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
296 Natural Purification of Rivers and Creeks through Froth Formation Process Anatoliy I Fisenko   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
297 Analysis of Wastewater of Jaipur City for Agricultural use Vijendra Singh and C. P. Singh Chandel   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
298 Equilibria in the Alcoholysis Reactions of Terephthalic Esters and in Chemical Valorisation of Polyethyleneterephthalate Waste. Iii Application to Synthesis Processes of Storage Stable Polyols or Pure Diesters Gilles Tersac and M. Billiau-Loreau   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
299 Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins, Dibenzofurans and Dioxin-like Polychlorinated Biphenyls Concentrations Dependency on The Age of the Baltic Herring and Baltic Sprat Ott Roots, Vladimir Zitko, Karl-werner Schramm, Berhard Henkelmann and Mart Simm   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
300 Microwave Assisted Preparation of Organic Acid Anhydride Dominic E. Jacob, Roji J. Kunnath and Lopez Mathew   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
301 Effects of Heavy Metals on Rotifers in the lakes of Mysore A model approach B. Padmanabha and S.L. Belagali   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
302 Reaction Kinetics of an Expansive Soil Stabilized with Calcium Oxide T. Lpez-Lara,  J.B. Hernndez-Zaragoza, M.L. Prez-Rea, C. Lpez-Cajn and V. M. Castao   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
303 Impact of Cadmium Chloride on the Morphological Parameters and Pigment Content of  the Phaseolus Seedlings under Laboratory Controlled Conditions Sukla Mohanty   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
304 Bioremediation of Heavy Metals by Acidophilic Bacteria Isolated From Titanium Effluent M. Lekshmi, V. Salom and Gnana Thanga   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
305 Kinetic Model for Wastewater Treatment: Spectroscopic Determination of Pollutants V. M. Luna-Pabello, T. Pandiyan and A. E. Dominguez   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
306 Seasonal Algal Analysis from the Fish-gut Tested in the Rice-fish Cropping System Mamta Awasthi, Debanghshu Narayan Das and R.K. Singh   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
307 Byproduct Identification and Reaction Pathways of Ethylbenzene Photocatalytic Oxidation Xuejun Ye, Daniel Chen, K. Li and K. Vajifdar   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
308 Therapeutic Review of Imidazolines Biplab De and  Jayanta  Kumar Gupta   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
309 Hybrid Fibrous Ion Exchange Materials: Past, Present and Future S. C. Mojumdar, K. G. Varshney and A. Agrawal   Vol. 10(1) March 2006
310 Editorial Clean fuel from waste biotechnological approach  B.G. Unni  3  to 5 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
311 Hybrid Ceramic Beads synthesized from Natural Minerals and Titanium Dioxide for Cleaning Wastewater Akiyoshi Sata, Masanao Hirose, Junichi Kurawaki, Yoshifumi Kusumoto and Katumitu Hayakawa 7  to 13 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
312 Colorimetric Determination of Ferric Iron with 1, 8-Naphthalenediol Mazen T. Saleh, Subhash C. Mojumdar and Marc Lamoureux 14  to 17 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
313 Microwave assisted degradation of H-acid A. Braroo,  T. Chakrabarti, A. M. Deshkar  and V. A. Mahisalkar 18  to 24 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
314 Application of Interpolymer Complexes of Novel Poly (ampholyte-electrolyte) as Soil Structuring Agents and for Extraction of Radioactive Strontium S.E. Kudaibergenov, L.A. Bimendina, M.G.Yashkarova and L.K. Orazzhanova 25  to 30 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
315 Interactions of Different Heterocyclic Compounds with Monoionic Forms of Montmorillonite. I. Diffraction and Spectral Study of Co(II)-Montmorillonite with 3- and 2-R Pyridines (R = Me, Cl, NH2) E. Jna, E. Rudinsk, M. Sapietov, M. Pajtov and D. Ondruov 31  to 33 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
316 Preparation and Properties of Biodegradable Poly(propylene carbonate) Foams using OBSH as Chemical Blowing Agent  L. T. Guan,  F. G. Du, M. Xiao and  Y. Z. Meng 34  to 39 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
317 Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Schiff bases derived from Diamine and their Metal Complexes with Manganese, Oxovanadium and Dioxouranium Zoeb A. Filmwala, Sanjay M. Nandavadekar and Raju M. Patil 40  to 43 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
318 Improvement of the Biological Treatability of the Effluents of the Tannery by the Use of the Fungic Biomass K. Louhab and N. Sahmoune 44  to 48 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
319 Effect of Surface Charge on Reduction Rate of Erythrosin-B photosensitized by ZnO Ritu Sharma, Harish Swarnkar and Suresh C. Ameta 49  to 53 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
320 Hydro-biological assessment of water quality of River Bhagirathi with reference to Hydel Projects in Uttaranchal (India) N.Semwal and and P.Akolkar 54  to 63 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
321 Spectrophotometric Determination of Micro Gram Quantities of Selenium using 3, 4, 5 Trimethoxy Benzaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone D.V. Rathnam and V. Surayanarayana Rao 64  to 65 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
322 2D QSAR Studies on Some Bakers Triazine Derivatives P. Sudele, A. Thakur, M. Thakur, S.L. Gargh,  S. Baghel, A. Agrawal and B.K. Tiwari 66  to 70 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
323 Kinetics and Mechanism of Ru(III) Catalysed Oxidation of p-hydroxy Benzoic Acid by Sodium N-Bromobenzenesulphonamide in Perchloric Acid Medium Jyoti Verma, V.K. Srivastava and R.A. Singh 71  to 75 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
324 Distribution and abundance of Bithynia tentaculata (Gastropoda, Bithyniidae) in Lake Naroch (Republic of Belarus) S. E. Mastitsky and O. A. Makarevich 76  to 80 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
325 Adsorption Behavior of Alachlor in Soil in different Humic Acid Levels Shiny Mathews 81  to 84 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
326 Synthetic and Ion-Exchange Studies on a Lead Selective Acrylamide Thorium (IV) Phosphate Hybrid Fibrous Ion Exchanger S.C. Mojumdar, K.G. Varshney, Puja Gupta and Arun Agrawal 85  to 89 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
327 Advances in Extraction Techniques of Pesticide Residues in Food and Environment Irani Mukherjee and Praveen Kumar Sharma 90  to 92 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
328 Chemical Speciation of Trace Metals in Aquatic Environment An Overview A. Ramesh kumar and  P. Riyazuddin 93  to 102 Vol. 10(2) June 2006
329 One Stone Kills Two Birds Biodegradable Plastics from Industrial Waste of Carbon Dioxide Yuezhong Meng 3  to 4 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
330 Studies on the Synthesis of Pentachlororesorcinol: Surprising Observation of a Second Unexpected Product Victor L. Heasley, Peter E. Baker, Ashley M. Ramirez,  Ronald E. Renfrow, Lisa C. Sator, Sarah A. Wood, Dale F. Shellhamer and Jeffery J. Lehman 5  to 9 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
331 Heavy Metals toxicity and bioaccumulation to grooved Tiger Shrimp Penaeus semisulcatus juveniles A.H. Bu-Olayan and B.V. Thomas 10  to 14 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
332 Estimation of Ranitidine HCl in Tablet by Rapid Isocratic RP-HPLC using volatile mobile phase additives  Vishwajit L. Kulkarni & Pramod P. Mahulikar 15  to 17 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
333 Adsorption of Congo Red Dye from Aqueous Solution using Kapok Hull Carbon P.S. Syed Shabudeen, R. Venckatesh, K. Selvam, S. Madhavakrishnan and S. Pattabhi 18  to 26 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
334 Simulating the spread of Chemical Warfare Agents Amir Al-Haddad 27  to 31  Vol. 10(3) September 2006
335 Removal and Recovery of Cr(III) from the Tannery Effluent by using Industrial Organic Waste K. Louhab 32  to 37 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
336 Effect of Compatibilizer on the Crystallization, Property and Morphology of Recycled PP/WF and PE/WF Composites X. L. Wang, Y. Z. Meng & R.K.Y. Li 38  to 43 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
337 Valorization of Soda-lignin rejected by Papetieres Industries I - Procedure of  Obtaining and Characterization of Soda-lignin H. Nadji, J. Kaloustian, H. Oumehdi, Z. Belhadj, S. Kaddour and A. Benaboura 44  to 51 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
338 Phase Equilibrium in the System Fe-Si-O at 1100 C Kenzo Kitayama, Ken-ichi Tmahara and Tatsuya Tamura 53  to 58 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
339 Green Synthesis of Deoxybenzoins  N. Devi 59  to 61 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
340 Assessment of the Quality of Drinking Water in Outer Rural Delhi. I. Physico-Chemical Characteristics Vijender Singh 62  to 66 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
341 Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Molybdenum (VI) using 3, 4-Di Hydroxy Benzaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone B.Venkata Narayana, J. Sreenivas and V. Suryanarayana Rao 67  to 70 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
342 A Study on Corrosion behavior of ZA-27/SiC Composite at Higher Temperature in Acidic Medium using Autoclave  R.D. Pruthviraj and P.V. Krupakar 71  to 75 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
343 HMCM-22 as Solid Acid Catalyst for Phenol Acylation by Acetic Acid: An Investigation on the Selectivity towards C-acylated and O-acylated Products Motushi Dey and A. K. Talukdar 76  to 79 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
344 Equilibrium studies on binary & ternary complexes of 4-Hydroxy-3- {[(2-hydroxy ethyl)imino]methyl}-6-methyl-2H-2-pyranone with transition metal ions in presence of amino acids & IMDA B. Satyanarayana, P. Veera Somaiah & P. Madhava Reddy 80  to 82 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
345 Granular Activated Carbon Filtrasorb - 400 loaded with five different Complexing Agents as Adsorbed Chelating Species,  an Innovative Adsorbent for the Removal of Copper Ions in Aqueous Solutions  Veena Doss and G.S. Natarajan 83  to 89 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
346 Isolation of Sterols from Seed Oil of North East Indian Cleome gynandra L. by Argentation-TLC S.B. Paul and S. Roy 90 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
347 Mini Review-Green Cluster: Pd(OAc)2/Silica in Ionic Liquid-A Green Heck Catalyst Vivek Polshettiwar 91  to 92 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
348 Silica-Sulphuric Acid : A Versatile Reagent Manoj B. Gawande 93  to 94 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
349 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling and Its Control Daoduo Qi, Eric Hu and Linda Zou 95  to 103 Vol. 10(3) September 2006
350 Conservation of Natural Resources B.V. Babu 3  to 4 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
351 Single Drop Microextraction-Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry: A Method for Determination of Organophosphorus Pesticides in Fruit Juices and Water Rahul, C. B. Majumder and P. Roy 5  to 12 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
352 A Generalized Mathematical Model for the Anaerobic Biodegradation Process  S.Y. Bodkhe 13  to 17 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
353 Studies on Spiroheterocycles Part-IV: X-Ray Crystal Structure of 2, 4, 7, 11-Tetraphenyl-3-thioxo-2, 4-diaza-spiro [5, 5] undecane-1, 5, 9-triones Rajani Kanta Behera, Ajay Kumar Behera, Rosy Pradhan, Anita Pati and Manabendra Patra 18  to 22 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
354 Chemoselective tetrahydropyranylation of alcohols and phenols on functionalized SiO2 catalyst Manoj B. Gawande, R.V. Jayaram and Sunil R. Murkute 23  to 27 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
355 Activated Carbon Adsorption of Anionic and Cationic Dyes from Aqueous Solutions Diksha Aggarwal and Meenakshi Goyal 28  to 36 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
356 Comparison of Structure and Property of AZT and its Analogue HIV, Inhibitors and DFT Calculations: Study of Anti-AIDS Majid Monajjemi and A. Abedi 37  to 41 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
357 Ambient Concentrations of Benzene and Other VOCs at Typical Industrial Sites in Kuwait and their Cancer Risk Assessment S. M. AL-Salem and W. S. Bouhamrah 42  to 46 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
358 Excess Molar Volumes and Deviations in Viscosity of Binary Mixtures of Propyl Acetate with Butan-1-ol Bhatu S. Desale, Mehdi Hasan and Hari. A. Patil 47  to 52 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
359 New Approach to Modeling in Micellar Liquid Chromatography Alexander P. Boichenko, Lidia P. Loginova, Anna L. Iwashchenko and Artem U. Kulikov 53  to 62 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
360 Diffusion of Sodium and Iron in Yttrium and Magnesium Containing Oxynitride Glasses - A Comparative and Mechanistic Study Tanmay Das 63  to 71 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
361 Adsorption of Basic Brown 4 (Basic Dye) Using a Low Cost Activated Carbon Prepared from Agricultural Solid Waste: Turmeric Industrial Waste S. Karthikeyan, M. Jambulingam, P. Sivakumar and N. Renugadevi 72  to 80 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
362 Kinetics and mechanism of complexation of Cr(III) with phenoxyacetic acid herbicides in plants and environment: Improbability of chelation hypothesis S.S.S. Kushwaha and Sandhya Gupta 81  to 85 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
363 Abatement of TSS Level from MBF Clarifier Wastewater using different Flocculants - A Case Study Ashim Kumar Bhattacharya and Sailendra Nath Mandal 86  to 89 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
364 Phytochemical Constituents from Desmodium Tiliaefolium (G. Don.) R. N. Yadava and Abha Verma 90  to 92 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
365 Synthesis, Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities of Mannich Bases of 8-hydroxyquinoline Derivatives M.I. Fazal Mohamed, G. Krishnamoorthy and B.R. Venkatraman 93  to 96 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
366 Polyethylene Glycol (PEG): A Green Solvent in Organic Synthesis Zhan-Hui Zhang 97  to 98  Vol. 10(4) December 2006
367 Biomorphic Ceramics: Synthesis C. Bosch Ojeda and F. Snchez Rojas 99  to 103 Vol. 10(4) December 2006
368 Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS):Introduction and Application in Chemistry and Environment Subhash C. Mojumdar 3  to 5 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
369 Environmental Geochemical Research for the Levels and the Sources of Toxic Metals in the Agricultural Soils of Dimitra-eleftherion and Platycampos Region, Thessaly, Greece  K. Skordas,   D. Alexakis, E. Kelepertsis  and  A. Kelepertsis 7  to 18 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
370 A Caution on Forthcoming Volcanogenic Tsunami in Indian Ocean G. Manimaran and Antony Ravindran 19  to 22 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
371 Interaction of Different Heterocyclic Compounds with Monoionic Forms of Montmorillonite Iii: Effect of Various Substituents on the Pyridine Ring on the Type of Bonding with Cu(ii) Montmorillonite E. Jna, M. Sapietov, V. Pavlk, G. Rudinsk, D.Ondruov, M. Pajtov1 and  S.C. Mojumdar 23  to 25  Vol. 11(1) March 2007
372 Molecular Polarizability and Vibrational Spectra of 2, 6 - Dihydroxypyridine Hydrochloride B. S. Yadav and Ritu Saran 27  to 30  Vol. 11(1) March 2007
373 Quantification and Management of Pollution Load in Pharmaceutical Industry Sandeep Bodkhe, Aquila Qureshi and S.R. Wate 31  to 36 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
374 Utilization of Proteolytic Extract from Carica Papaya for the Preparation of Chitin from Shrimp Shell Waste G. Indra Jasmine, K. Rathnakumar and G. Athiveerarama Pandidurai 37  to 39 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
375 Adsorption Studies of Cu (II) from Aqueous Medium by Tamarind Kernel Powder  Vikal Gupta, Jaya Agarwal, Manisha Purohit and Veena 40  to 43 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
376 The Structural Aspects and Physico Chemical Properties of Binary Polar Liquids in Nonpolar Solvent under a Gigahertz  Electric  Field U. K. Mitra, N. Ghosh , S. Acharyya and P. Ghosh 44  to 54 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
377 Removal of As(III) from water by oxidation/coprecipitation-adsorption on Fe/Al hydroxide Process Demonstration Pritam Singh, Wensheng Zhang, Robert G. Robins and Graham Hubbard 58  to 62 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
378 Evaluation and Mapping of Impacts of  Land Use /Land Cover on Groundwater Quality using Remote Sensing and Gis Techniques S.S. Asadi, Padmaja Vuppala and M. Anji Reddy 63  to 69  Vol. 11(1) March 2007
379 Adsorption of Ferrous Ion from Aqueous Solution by Acid Activated Low Cost Carbon obtained from Natural Plant Material B.R. Venkatraman, M.Hema, T.Rajachandrasekar  and S. Arivoli 70  to 78  Vol. 11(1) March 2007
380 Washing of Mgo from Chrome Sludge in an Acidic Environment P. Mokrejs, M. Mladek, F. Langmaier, D. Janacova, K. Kolomaznik and V. Vasek 79  to 85 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
381 The Screening of Photodynamic Toxicity of Dyes by Means of a Bioassay using Amphibian Embryos Jorge Herkovits, Cristina S. Prez-Coll, Juan C. Stockert and Alfonso Blzquez 86  to 91 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
382 Destruction of Alkaline Cyanides by Electric Discharges Avaly Doubla, Jean-Louis Brisset, David Moussa, Eugen Hnatiuc and Radu Burlica 92  to 95 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
383 Electrochemical Behaviour of Carbon Allied Steel using a Zinc Electrode as Sacrificial Anode in aerated NaCl 3% and Influence of the Number and  Arrangement of  Zinc Anodes M. Khettab, L . Talbi, F. Kerkouche and M.A. Ladjouzi 96  to 99 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
384 TiO2 Nanoparticles a Versatile Catalyst Vishal Mishra 100  to 101 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
385 Phosphomolybdic Acid (PMA) David Rodrigues da Rocha 102  to 103 Vol. 11(1) March 2007
386 Organic Matter in Water and Wastewater: Constituents and Analysis Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran 3  to 5 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
387 Oxidation of Nonylphenol in Water using O3  Kim Hyunook, Park Guisu, Yu Myongjin, Kim Eunjung, Ham Youngkook and Colosimo Mark F. 7  to 12 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
388 Synthesis of Anhydrous, Monohydrate and Multihydrate 2, 4, 6-Trichlororesorcinol Heasley Victor L., Renfrow Ronald E., Sator Lisa C., Boerneke Jeffrey L. and Shellhamer Dale F. 13  to 15 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
389 Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies for the Adsorption of Mn(II) and Co(II) from Aqueous Media using Agar-agar as Sorbent Gupta Bina, Begum Zareena I and Rajput Garima 16  to 22 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
390 Sorption Dynamics of Phenol on Naturally Occuring Low Cost Clay Nayak Preeti Sagar and Singh B.K. 23  to 28 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
391 Synergistic Effect of Biocides Toxicity to Liza klunzingeri (Mugilidae: Perciformes) in Kuwait Marine Ecosystem, off the Arabian Gulf Bu-Olayan A.H. and Thomas B.V. 29  to 33 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
392 Synthesis, Characterization and Dissolution of Biomorphic Ceramics Determination of Metal Ions Ojeda Bosch C. and Rojas Snchez F. 34  to 42 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
393 The Kinetics Studies on the Rapid Iodination of Anthranilic Acid by Iodine Monochloride in Aqueous Solution Zope V. S., Bonde S. L. and Dangat V. T. 43  to 48 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
394 Indirect Complexometric Determination of Mercury(II) using DL-Pencillamine as a Demasking Reagent Joseph Bincy and Joseph Abraham 49  to 52 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
395 Study of Thermodynamic Functions Values for CTAB Monajjemi M. Naderi F., Aghaie H., Yari M., Mansoor Dalili N., Afsharnezhad S. and Mollaamin F. 56  to 62 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
396 The Mechanism of Sorption of Mercuric Ion (Hg2+) by Sargassum cristaefolium  Alcantara Rochelle T. and Apodaca Dahlia C. 63  to 69  Vol. 11(2) June 2007
397 Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination of Palladium(II) with 2-Hydroxy-3-Nitro-5-Methyl Aceto-phenone Oxime(HNMA) Lokhande R.S., Sawant Abhay D. and Barhate V. D. 70  to 71 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
398 Organic Reactions in Superheated Water Silva Fernando de Carvalho da 72  to 73 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
399 Metal Dodecyl Sulfates: Combined Lewis Acid-Surfactant Catalyst (LASC) Shiri Morteza 74  to 75 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
400 Metallic Triflimidates: Green Lewis Acids Catalysts Grau Fanny 76  to 77 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
401 Biodegradable Polyurethanes in Medical Applications  Yakai Feng, Li Zhang and Zhenzhen Wu 78  to 83  Vol. 11(2) June 2007
402 Halogen-free Polymeric Flame-retardants for Commom Resins Liu Y. Y. , Wang S. J., Xiao M. and Meng Y. Z. 84  to 103 Vol. 11(2) June 2007
403 Electrochemical Technologies for Environmental Protection Yang Jun and Fan Chinbay Q. 3  to 5 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
404 A Coupling of Chemical Reaction and Fluxes in Open Thermodynamic System Teodorova Svetla 7  to 12 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
405 Effect of Nitrite on Benzene Degradation linked to Denitrification in Riverbed Sediments Wu Yaoguo, Li Xiang, Hu Sihai, Zhang Yuezhou and Yin Dezhong 13  to 17 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
406 Metal Recovery from Blast Furnace Sludge and Flue Dust using Leaching Technologies Banerjee D. 18  to 21 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
407 Reactions of 2, 4, 6-Trichlororesorcinol and Pentachlororesorcinol with Monochloroamine in Methanol: Investigation of Products and Mechanisms  Heasley Victor L., Alexander Michael B., Baker Peter E., Boerneke Jeffery L., DeBoard Ryan H., Gardner Jeffrey T., Herman Erica E., Michaelson Scott T., Miller Evan W., Ramirez Ashley M., Renfrow Ronald E., Royer Nicole R., Sator Lisa C., Wood Sarah A. and Shellhamer Dale F. 22  to 28 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
408 Causes of Intraplate Seismicities in Indian Subcontinent Ramanujam N. and Ravindran Antony 29  to 35 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
409 Development of Methods of Phosphorylation of Citral by Medial and Acidic Phosphites Nizamov Ilyas S., Bolshakova Olga V., Nizamov Ilnar D., Sergeenko Gulnur G., Mironov Vladimir F., Yambushev Farid D., Batyeva Elvira S. and Alfonsov Vladimir A. 36  to 41 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
410 High Performance Liquid Chromatography reverse phase method for determination of  Nitazoxanide from Pharmaceutical formulations (Oral Suspension and Tablets)  Harlikar Jayvant Narayan and Amlani Arun Mahendra 42  to 46 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
411 Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies of the Adsorption of Nitrates Ions in Aqueous Solutions by Activated Carbons and Zeolite Mbadcam Joseph Ketcha, Ngomo Horace Manga, Kouotou Daouda and Ngamou Patrick Herve Tchoua 47  to 51 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
412 Characterization of Lignin isolated from paper mill effluent Murali Krishna M.P.S., Moses G.S. and Murali Krishna K.V.S.G. 55  to 64 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
413 XPS, NMR and SBET Studies of Native Clinoptilolite Functionalized with Carbonaceous Substances Chmielewsk Eva 65  to 71 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
414 Impact on the Quality of Water after Tsunami on the Dug wells in Chellanam- A Tsunami Affected Area in Southern India  Remya L., Geetha R. , Chandramohanakumar N. and Mathews L. 72  to 76 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
415 Primary and Secondary Pollutants Monitoring around an Urban Area  in the State of Kuwait: A Three Years Study  Khan A. and Al-Salem S. 77  to 81 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
416 The Effects of Na+ and Nonionic Surfactant on the Biosorption of Lead (II) Using Sargassum ilicifolium  Caparanga Alvin R., Rodriguez Bayani I. Jr. and Aguilar Felicitos M. 82  to 86 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
417 Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Ligand Cobalt(II) Complexes of Iminodiacetic Acid and Hippuric Acid  Kumar G. 87  to 89 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
418 Mini Reviews-Green Cluster: Multicomponent Reactions as a Green Approach  Eufrnio Nunes da Silva Jnior 90  to 91 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
419 Electrosorption: An Alternative Option for Desalination Qi Daoduo, Zou Linda and Hu Eric 92  to 95 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
420 Flocculation in Paper and Pulp Mill Sludge Process Hakkarainen Katja and Sillanp Mika 96  to 103 Vol. 11(3) September 2007
421 Persistent Organic Pollutants in Water and Wastewater and their treatment by Advanced Oxidation Processes  Taicheng An 3  to 4 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
422 Preparation of Composite Nanoparticles on the Base of Starch  Mojumdar Subhash C., Capek Ignc, Capek Peter, Fialov Lenka and Berek Duan 5  to 12 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
423 Preparation and Photocatalytic activities of Fe3+ Doped Nanometer TiO2 Composites Xiaohong Hu, Taicheng An , Maolin Zhang, Guoying Sheng and Jiamo Fu 13  to 21 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
424 Indirect Spectrophotometric Determinaton of Vanadium ( IV ) Desai Sandip A. and Dhomane Abha S. 22  to 25 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
425 Comparative Study and Treatment of Synthetic Dye Water using Poly Vinyl Alcohol Coated Activated Wood Charcoal as Adsorbent  Daga Kailash, Gehlot Poonam and Mehta Rishika 26  to 30 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
426 Use of Anion Clay Hydrotalcite to remove Coloured Organics from Aqueous Solutions Zakaria Nor Hanisah, Yasin Yamin and Ahmad Faujan B. H. 31  to 36 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
427 Volume and Transport Properties of Binary Liquid Mixtures of Propyl Acetate with Butan-1-ol, Pentan-1-ol and Hexan-1-ol at 308.15 and 313.15  K.  Desale  Bhatu S. 37  to 41 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
428 Biodegradation Study of Starch Acrylic Graft Copolymers Shaikh M.M. and  Lonikar S.V. 42  to 46 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
429 Potentiometric Determination of Terbium (III) ion Using Zirconium (IV) Boratophosphate as an Electroactive Material  Mittal S. .K., Kumar Raj, Dogra Pernita and Sharma Harish K. 47  to 51 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
430 Studies of the Mechanism of Poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) Adsorption on the Calcite/Water Interface in the Presence of Sodium Oleate (SOl) Sofiane Labidi Nouar,  Djebaili Baki  A. and Abdelkader Iddou 52  to 62 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
431 The Rate Determining Step in Adsorption Processes  Vasanth K.  Kumar and Porkodi K. 63  to 67 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
432 Response of Fathead Minnows (Pimephales Promelas) to Arsenic using the 96-hour Toxicity Test Apodaca Dahlia C., Laurio Maricon M. and David Carlos Primo C. 68  to 72 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
433 Photo Oxidation of Textile Industrial Effluent in the Presence of Semiconductor Particles by Solar Exposure  Naik S. Prakash, Puttaiah E.T.,  Kiran B.R.,  Babu K. Harish and Mahadevan K.M. 73  to 77 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
434 NaIO4/Silica: A safe and efficient reagent  Ferreira Sabrina Baptista 78  to 79 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
435 Metalloporphyrins  as Catalyst  in  Organic Synthesis  Rezaeivalla Majid 80  to 81 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
436 dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid: A Brnsted Acid-surfactant-combined Catalyst  Shrikhande Janhavi J. 82  to 83 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
437 Distribution and Removal of Radionuclides from Contaminated Medium: A Review Virkutyte Jurate and Sillanp Mika 86  to 103 Vol. 11(4) December 2007
438 Advanced Photo-oxidation Processes in Technology and Medicine  Klementova Sarka 3 to 5 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
439 Effects of low molecule weight organic acids on Cd solubility in paddy and red soils in South China Ding Yongzhen, Tang Shirong, Li Zhian and McBride Murray 7 to 16 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
440 Studying Solubility of Biodegradable Films prepared from Collagen Hydrolysate Mokrejs P., Janacova D., Mladek M., Langmaier F., Kolomaznik K. and Vasek V. 17 to 22 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
441 Arsenic Removal Household Filter for Small Community Maji Sanjoy Kumar, Pal Anjali  and Pal Tarasankar 23 to 32 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
442 Effects of Simumlated Acid Rain on Disturbed, Rehabilitated and Mature Forest Soil of Lower Subtropic China: Leaching Experiment Liu K.H., Yu F.M.  and Peng S.L. 33 to 39 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
443 High Turbidity Removal by Magnetite Particles Shang-Lien Lo, Yung-Li Wang and Ching-Yao Hu 40 to 45 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
444 Hydrolysis Activity of Mutants of F1-ATPase: A Comparative Study using Spectrophotometric Method Hossain Mohammad Delawar 46 to 48 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
445 Determination of Tenofovir in Pharmaceutical Formulation by Zero Order and First Order Derivative UV-Spectrophotometry Methods Shirkhedkar Atul A., Bhirud Charushila H. and Surana Sanjay J. 49 to 50 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
446 Aniline Biodegradation in Riverbed Sediments wit Concent of Organic Carbon under Denitrification Conditions Yaoguo Wu, De-Zhong Yin and Yun-Feng Li 51 to 57 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
447 Spectrophotometric Determination of Microgram Quantities of Palladium (Ii) in Alloys Pape Gowd C.T. , Srinivas  J.  and  Rao Suryanarayana V. 58  to 60 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
448 Photocatalytic Oxidation of Arabinose and Glucose over Cadmium Sulphide Jain Sangeeta  and  Ameta Suresh C. 61 to 64 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
449  Assessment of Water Quality of Godavari River at Nanded, Maharastra and Rajahmundry,  Andhra Pradesh, India Srinivasarao V., Khan A.M., Murthy Y.L.N., Viplavaprasad U. and Machiraju P.V.S. 65 to 68 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
450 Degradation of Thiocyanate from Aqueous Waste by a Mixed Bacterial Community Patil Yogesh B. 69 to 75  Vol . 12(1) March 2008
451 Adsorption of Hg (II) Ions from Water by Activated Carbons Goyal Meenakshi and Amutha R. 76 to 83 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
452 Influence of Cl  and SO42 ions on the Corrosion Behaviour of ZA-27 alloy Pruthviraj R.D. 84 to 86 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
453 Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Activities of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II)  Complexes of Hexamethylenetetramine Ligand  Agwara M.O., Ndifon P.T., Ndikontar M.K. and Atamba M.A. 87 to 92 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
454 E-Waste Recycling-Best Option for Resource Recovery and Sustainable Environment Parthasarathy P., Keshav A. Bulbule  and Anantha Murthy K.S. 93 to 98 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
455 Nuclear Overhauser Effect : Revolutionary Approach in NMR Spectroscopy Upmanyu Neeraj,  Dolly Archana , Garg Gopal and Mishra Pradeep 101 to 103 Vol . 12(1) March 2008
456 A Different Approach for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) El-Naas Muftah H. 3 to 4 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
457 Influence of Eh/pH Barriers on Releasing /Accumulation of Manganese and Iron at Sediment-water Interface Shrestha Reena Amatya and Sillanp Mika 7 to 13 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
458  CO2 Removal Rate in Earths Atmosphere  Van Hise James R. 14 to 16 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
459 Interactions of Different Heterocyclic Compounds with Monoionic Forms of Montmorillonite IV. Intercalation of Benzimidazole into the Interlayer Space of Ni(II)-Montmorillonite Jna E., Sapietov M., nircov S., Jesenk K. and Mojumdar S.C. 17 to 21 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
460  Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) from Methanol and Carbon Dioxide under Pressure and UV Irradiation  Wang X. J., Xiao M., Wang S. J., Lu Y. X. and Meng Y. Z. 22 to 26 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
461 Date Palm Leaflets: BioIndicators of Total Mercury in Soil and Assessment of the Potential for Biomagnification of Total Mercury along a Food Chain  Williams J. R., Pillay A. E. and Yaghi B. 27 to 29 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
462 Heavy Metal Contamination of Water in Coastal and Inland Areas of Vasai Region, India Mehta B.H. and Amin C.S. 30 to 35 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
463 Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Efficacy of Zr(IV), Rh(III), Th(IV) and UO2 (VI)  Complexes with (2E)-2-(4-hydroxy-3-Methoxycyclohex-3-enylidene)-1-(3,4-dimethylphenyl) ethanone and (1E,6E)-1, 7-bis(4-hydroxy-3-methoxy phenyl) Hepta-1, 6 diene-3, 5-dione Arun V.S., Naik Nagaraja and Gnanendra C.R. 36 to 41 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
464 Hydrogen Plasmas Generated Using Certain Group I Catalysts show Stationary Inverted Lyman Populations and Free-Free and Bound-Free Emission of Lower-Energy State Hydride  Mills R., Ray P. C., Nansteel M., Good W., Jansson P., Dhandapani B. and He J. 42 to 72 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
465 Studies on Stability Constants of Binary and Ternary Complexes of 5-chloro-2 {[(2-hydroxyethyl) imino]methyl}-phenol with CoII, NiII, CuII and ZnII in presence of other Chelating Agents Reddy P. Madhava, Rao B. Krishna, Narender P. and Satyanarayana B. 73 to 76 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
466 Effect of Oxidant Treatment of Date Stones Activated Carbons in Treatment of Water  Merzougui Zoulikha and Addoun Fatima 77 to 82 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
467 Sorption of Monuron Herbicide in Some Selected Mineral Sorbents  Tajeddine Laila, Mountacer Hafida and Sarrakha Mohamed 83 to 89 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
468 The Study of Sr2+, NO3- and PO43- Removal from the Simulated Wastewaters using the Cartrige Filtration Generated from the Native and ODA-clinoptilolites  Sabov Lenka, Chmielewsk Eva and Gplovsk Katarna 90 to 95 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
469 Low Cost Strategy for Removal of Fe3+, Cr3+ and Cu2+ Ions from Drinking Water of Chirang District, Assam  hakuria M.N. and Talukdar A. K. 96 to 101 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
470 Modified Cyclodextrins as Molecular Sensors  Khalafi Lida 102 to 103 Vol. 12(2) June 2008
471 Current state of the knowledge and prospects in development of new generation of environmental adsorbents  Chmielewsk Eva 3 to  4 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
472 Removal of Azo Dyes from Aqueous Solution by Coagulation/Flocculation with Strong Polycations Ecaterina Stela Dragan and Ionel Adrian Dinu 5 to  11 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
473 Comparison of Different Methods for Sludge Lysis Zhang Guangming and Zhang Panyue 12 to  17 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
Determination of Vitamin C in fruits and Commercial Fruit Juices by Derivative Spectrophotometry
Blagojevi Nada Z. and Vukainovi-Pei Vesna L. 18 to  22 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
475 Heavy Metals Removal from Contaminated Soil by Siam Weed (Chromolaena odorata) and Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) Sampanpanish P., Chaengcharoen W. and Tongcumpou C. 23 to  34 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
476 Reactions of Organotin Chlorides with Triphenyl Phosphine, Arsine and Stibine Bansal Deepika, Singhal A.P. and Mittal R.K. 35 to  36 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
477 Distribution of Heavy Metals in Mangrove Sediments of Cochin Estuary Sarika P. R. and Chandramohanakumar N. 37 to  44 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
478 Simultaneous Determination of Abamectin and Praziquantel in Oral Paste (Veterinary formulations) using High Performance Liquid Chromatography Harlikar Jayvant Narayan and Amlani Arun Mahendra 45 to  51 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
479 Synthesis and Antimicrobial Potential of Novel Quinoxalinopeptide Analogs Dahiya Rajiv and Bansal Yuganshu 52 to 58 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
480 Synthesis and Spectrophotometric Studies of 4-(2-benzothiazolylazo) - 2-amino -3-hydroxypyridine as an Analytical Reagent Shanthalakshmi K. and Belagali S. L. 59  to 62 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
481 Synthesis of a-Si3N4 Whiskers from Rice Hulls Rubio E., Rodrguez-Lugo V., Fuentes R. and Castao V.M. 63 to 67 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
482 Modeling of Lipophilicity in Benzoate Derivatives: A 3D Approach Thakur A., Baghel S., Tiwari Kapil, Thakur M., Chandel K.S. and Badole G. L. 68 to 75 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
483 Application of Microwave Energy on the Stabilization of Copper containing Industrial Sludge Kuan Wen Hui, Chen Ching Lung and Lo Shang Lien 77 to 81 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
484 Activation Parameters of Flow through Micro Porous and Ion exchange Separators Sharma Meena and Sharma Amit 82 to 84  Vol. 12(3) September 2008
485 Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Isatin based Novel Spiroheterocycles for Anticonvulsant Activity Bari S. B. and Mahajan B. M 85 to 89 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
486 Studies on Complexes of Schiff bases with Ni II and Cu II metal ions Pandhare G.R., Shinde V.M. and Deshpande Y.H. 90 to 94 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
487 Spectrophotometric Determination of Thiocyanate by Color Reduction Method Dhomane A.S. and Venkatachalam A. 95 to 97 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
488 Catalytic Study of Activated Charcoal obtained from A. mexicana L. Pingale Shirish S. and Pokharkar Rahunath D. 98 to 100 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
489 Montmorillonite K-10: Recyclable and Useful Catalyst Jordo Alessandro Kappel 102 to 103 Vol. 12(3) September 2008
490 Adsolubilization of Organic Pollutants  Pal Anjali 3  to 4 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
491 UV Photochemical Degradation of a Phenyl-Urea Herbicide Chlorotoluron Klementova Sarka and Zemanova Martina 5  to 11 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
492 Effect of Environmental Factors (Temperature and Humidity) on Spinning Worms of Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) Ghosh Manisankar, Mukhopadhyay Ujjal and Mukhopadhyay Aniruddha 12  to 18 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
493 HS-SPME and SD Extraction and Analysis of Volatile Oil in Tridaxprocumbens.L by GC/MS Xu Runsheng, Liu Yanhui and Yuan Ke 19 to 23 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
Synthesis and Characterization of Some new Alkoxyphthalimide Derivatives of Benzimidozolylthiazolidinones
Bapna Archita, Sain Devendra Kumar and Talesara G. L. 24  to 28 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
495 Solution State Studies on Thermodynamic Parameters, Mechanism of Protonation and Complex Formationof Binary Complexes of La(III), Ce(III), Pr(III) and Nd(III) with Aminopyridines Sharma Sangita, Shah Mayur C., Dalwadi Dipika, Thakkar Falguni and Vora J.J. 29  to 34 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
496 Use of HQSAR for the development of a Molecular model of 2-hydroxyl-3-alkyl-1,4-naphtho- quinones as Photosystem II Inhibitors Ding Feng, Song Wenhua and Gao Minling 35  to 41 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
497 Swelling and Mechanical Properties of Genipin Cross-linked Chitosan/Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogel Network  Dagbay Kevin B. and Jalando-on Katherine P. 42  to 48 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
498 Assessment of Methane Emission from Municipal Solid Wastes Disposal Sites Akolkar A. B., Choudhury M. K. and Selvi P. K. 49  to 55 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
499 Concentrations of Nitrate and Nitrite in Groundwater Resources of Hamadan Province, Iran  Jahed Khaniki Gh. R., Dehghani M.H., Mahvi A.H., Rafati L. and Tavanafar F. 56  to 58 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
500  Sodium Chloride as an Estimation Indicator of Ground Waters Pollutant Load from Land Surfaces of Coastal Karst Milena Tadi and Stanka Filipovi 59  to 64 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
501 Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterisation and Antimicrobial Activity of Metal Complexes with Quadridentate Schiff Base Rubavathy Jaya Priya A., Rajavel R. and Prasad S. 65  to 69 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
502 Synthesis of N-[5-(guanidinopentyl)-N-[3-[(3-methyl-1-oxo-2 butenyl) amino] propyldodecanamide Walwil Abdalla M. 70  to 75 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
503 Migration and total Concentration of Heavy Metals in Soil Samples from the Zeta Valley, Montenegro Blagojevic N.Z., Vukasinovic-Pesic V.L. and Djurovic D.D. 76  to 81 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
504 Reactions of Hexabutylditin with Tertiary Amines Bansal Deepika, Manmohan and Mittal R.K. 84 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
505 Synthesis and characterization of complexes of Manganese (II) with 2-(Furan-2-formylimino) benzimidazole  Jose C. V. and Anto T. Joy 85  to 87 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
506 Photo-oxidative Degradation and Quantification of Herbicide Residues for Pesticidal Pollution Gupta Sandhya and Kushwaha S.S.S. 89  to 98 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
507 In-situ Transesterification of Non-edible Oil from Thespesia Poulnea Seeds Pokharkar Raghunath D., Dalvi Sanjaykumar, Funde Prasad E. and Pingale Shirish S. 99  101 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
508 Ethyl cyanoacetate A versatile reagent Kale Mrunali S. 102  to 103 Vol. 12(4) December 2008
509  A Transgenic Plant for Removal of Arsenic Contaminants from Water and Soil Sung Kun Kim 3  to 4 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
510 Heterogeneous Photochemical Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium in the Montmorillonite KSF Suspended Solutions under UV-vis Irradiation Yanxiang Liu and Feng Wu 5  to 11 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
511 Spectrophotometric determination of mercury(II) in environmental samples using 2-acetylthiophene benzoylhydrazone Saleem Basha V., Vidyasagar Babu S. and Hussain Reddy K. 12  to 15 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
512 Synthsis of Copolymers and Homopolymers of Methyl Methacrylate and Styrene and Studies on their Viscometric Properties in Three Different Solvents Ghosh Pranab, Das Tapan and Nandi Debabrata 17  to 25 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
513 Synthesis, Characterisation and Thermal Decomposition Studies of Cr(III), Mn(II) and Fe(III) Complexes of N,N-bis [1,3-benzodioxol-5-ylmethylene] propane-1, 3-diamine Prasad M. Alex and Aravindakshan K. K. 26  to 34 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
514 Potentiometric Studies on Transition Metal Complexes of Substituted Derivative of Coumarin Vyas K. B., Nimavat K. S., Jani G. R. and Hathi M. V. 35  to 36 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
515 Effects of Sugar Beet Industrial Wastewater toward Soil Hydraulic Properties Najafi Payam, Tabatabaei Sayyed Hassan and Hussein Amini 37  to 43 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
516 Biomonitoring of Air Quality in the Industrial Town of Asansol using the Air Pollution Tolerance Index Approach Choudhury Priyanka and Banerjee Dibyendu 46  to 51 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
517 Adsorption of Acid Blue from an Aqueous Solution onto Activated Areca Nut Shell Carbon: Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies Geetha A., Sivakumar P., Sujatha M., Palanisamy P.N. and Somasundaram T. 52  to 58 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
518 Evaluation of Adsorption Potential of Reed Bed Substrates for Chromium(III) Removal from Tannery Effluent: A Batch Study Sumathi K. M. S. and Mahimairaja S. 59  to 65 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
519 Activated Carbon Supported Cu-Ni Bimetallic Catalyst for Direct Synthesis of DMC from CH3OH and CO2: Effect of Pretreatment of Activated Carbon Supports Bian J., Xiao M., Wang S. J., Meng Y. Z. and Lu Y. X. 66  to 80 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
520 Microwave Synthesis of Ellipticine Analogues via Doebner-Miller Synthesis and their Biological Behaviour Surendiran T., Balasubramanian S. and Sivaraj D. 81  to 84 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
521 Measurement of Ecological Capital of the Ecosystem based on Remote Sensing Data Yu Deyong and Shao Hongbo 85  to 91 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
522 Trace Elements in Packaging Polymers Al-Dayel O., Al-Horayess O. , Hefni J. and Al-Durahim A. 92  to 98 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
523 Impact of Cadmium Chloride on FAA and Protein Content of Phaseolus Seedlings under Laboratory Controlled Conditions Sukla Mohanty 99  to 101 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
524 Hexafluoroacetone Pinheiro Alessandra Campbell 102  to 103 Vol. 13(1) March 2009
525 Environmental Health Risks due to Hormonally Active Chemicals Dalvie Mohamed Aqiel 3  to 4 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
526 Monitoring Nickel Uptake in Date Palms from Nickel-Contaminated Soil Williams J. R. and Pillay A.E. 5  to 9 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
527 A Study of the Interactions of Ni-Exchanged Montmorillonite with Benzotriazole Sapietov M., Jna E., nircov S., Lajdov L., Jank R. and Mojumdar S. C. 10  to 14 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
528 Synthesis and Characterization of some Novel Ethoxyphthalimide Derivatives of Pyrazolothiazolo- pyrimidines Sain Devendra Kumar, Bapna Archita and Talesara G. L. 14  to 21  Vol. 13(2) June 2009
529 Thermal Decomposition of LDPE-LLDPE-EVA Copolymer Mixture using Microwave Energy Jeon Jong-Ki, Choi Hye Young, Park Young-Kwon, Kim Hyunook and Kang Tae Won 23  to 27 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
530 Removal of Chromium (III) from Aqueous Solution by Pretreated Microbial Waste Biomass Sharma Indu and Goyal Dinesh 29  to 33 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
531 Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Surficial Sediments of a Complex Micro-Tidal Estuarine System in Southwest India Renjith K.R. and Chandramohanakumar N. 34  to 44 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
532 Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination of Nickel (II) with 2-Hydroxy 3-Nitro 5-methyl Acetophenone Oxime (HNMA) Sawant Abhay D., Barhate V.D. and Lokhande R.S. 45  to 46  Vol. 13(2) June 2009
533 Removal of Cr (VI) by a Low Cost Adsorbent prepared from Alternanthera Bettzichiana (Regel) Nicols Plant Material Patil A. K. and Shrivastava V. S. 47  to 56 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
534 Study of inclusion complexes of Acridone and its thiosemicarbazone derivative with b-cyclodextrin Nayak Swapna Sankar and Panda Sunakar 57  to 61 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
535 Effect of Hydrotropes as Media for Reactions between 1, 3-cyclic diketone and Aromatic Aldehydes Maharao Anagha, Babar Mahesh and Patil Pratibha 62  to 65 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
536 Impact of Physico - Chemical Properties of Soil on Population of Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Arora Neena V., Maini Pramila and Shukla N.P. 66  to 68 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
537 Physico-Chemical Studies of Pd (ii), Pt (ii) and Zr(iv) Chelates with p-chloroisonitroso Acetophenone (p-clinap) Raut R.D., Chaudhari M.D. and Yadao Anupkumar 67  to 71  Vol. 13(2) June 2009
538 Effect of Cross Linking Agents on the Formation and Properties of Nanopolymer Composites of Chitosan Sudha P.N. and Kanchana V. 72  to 78 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
539 Exterior Surface Functionalization or Zeolite pelletization to enlarge capturing of Anionic Solutes Chmielewska E. and Peterlik H. 79  to 83 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
540 An Ecological Viewpoint on the Variations of Water Temperature, Salinity, Conductivity, pH and Dissolved Oxygen during a 45-minute Tidal Outflow at a Small Tropical Estuary Yap C. K. 86  to 92 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
541 Elevated Levels of Rare Earths from Sewage Plant attached to Hospital Complex Pillay A.E., Williams J.R., Khan T., Al Saidi S. and Yaghi B. 93  to 95 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
542 Synthetic Transformation mediated by Cerium (IV) Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) : A Green Catalyst Naaz Ruby 96  to 98 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
543 Biodynamics A New Science Field  Teodorova Svetla E. 99  to 103 Vol. 13(2) June 2009
544 Converging Policies and Purposes: Agriculture and Energy Coming to Crossroads Polimeni John M.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
545 Simultaneous Extraction of Organic Compounds with a Wide Polarity Range in Water using Solid Phase Extraction Technique Osman Rozita, Saim Norashikin and Abdullah Md Pauzi   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
546 Modeling of 2, 4 Dinitrophenol Degradation by Modified-Fenton Process via Multivariate Approach Ahmadi Mehdi, Mesdaghinia Alireza, Naddafi Kazem, Nabizadeh Ramin, Nasseri Simin, Mahvi Amir Hosein and Vaezi Forough   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
547 In-silico Optimization of Drug Likeliness of N-(furan-2-yl Methyl)-2-(1 H-tetrazol-5-yl) Acetamide Dwivedi P. B. and Parikh J. A.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
548 An Unexpected Lactam from the Reaction of Pentachlororesorcinol (PCR) with Ammonia in Ether  Heasley Victor L., Tatum Luke A., Mitrovich Kristin E., Boerneke Jeffrey L. and Shellhamer Dale F.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
549 Trace Metals Sequestration In Desert Plants Of Kuwait Bu-Olayan A.H. and Thomas B.V.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
550 Physical, mechanical, chemical properties and crystalline structure of heat treated oak (Quercus petraea Lieb.) wood Akyildiz Mehmet Hakan, Ates Saim and Ozdemir Hasan   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
551 An Environmentally Method for Dyeing Rug Pile using Fruit Waste Colorant Parvinzadeh Mazeyar   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
552 Nickel Removal from Wastewater by using Activated Carbon prepared from Agro Industrial Wastes Srinivasan K. and Hema M.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
553 Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Persistent Hydrocarbon Components of Crude Oil and their Oxygenated Derivatives in Soil Devi Upama and Sarma Prahash Chandra   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
554 Preparation and Characterization of Zinc Adipate and its Catalytic Activity for the opolymerization between CO2 and Propylene Oxide Du F. G., Wang J. T., Xiao M., Wang S. J. and Meng Y. Z.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
555 Stability constants of Yb (III), Pr (III) and Ce (III) Chelates with some substituted Drugs Sonar A.N., Khirnar M.D. and Pawar N.S.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
556 Acoustic and Thermodynamic Studies of Ternary Liquid Mixtures at Different Temperatures Thirumaran S., Suguna M. and Selvi S.R.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
557 Ionic Balance of Drinking Water Supply in Delhi (India) with respect to raw water sources of Himalayan River Ganga and Yamuna Akolkar Pratima, Semwal N., Jangwan J.S. and Gangwal M.L.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
558 Dust Pollution  A Case Study in Old Town Area, Visakhapatnam Martuhi Y. Avasn, Hossain Kaizar, Padma Priya B., Rao L. Neelakanta, Srinivas T. and Ramakrishna Rao S.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
559 Occurrence, Interaction with Heavy Metals and Behaviour of Complexing Agents in the Environment: A Review Sillanp M.E.T.   Vol. 13(3) September 2009
560 Micrologically Induced Carbonate Precipitation as a Promising Way to in Situ Immobilize Heavy Metals in Groundwater and Sediment Pan Xiangliang   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
561 Characteristics of Heavy Metals in Cement - Treated and Cement / Sodium Silicate - treated Sewage Sludges Lo Shang - Lien and Hsiau Ping - Chin   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
562 Utilization of Flyash as Gainful Resource Material for Green Brick Making Chaulia P.K., Ruj Biswajit and Maity S.N.   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
563 Adsorption of Cr (VI) by Attapulgite - Zeolite Composite Ceramisite from aqueous solution Wang Zheng, Jing Zhao - qian, Cheng Li - li, Shen Wei and Kong Yu   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
564 Oxidation of Oilfield Sludge in Supercritical Water Guolin Jing, Shaopeng Qin, Baochen Cui, Ming Li, Lijie Xing and Shulin Li   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
565 Heavy Metals Contamination and its potential Health Risk with special reference to Narmada River at Nimar Region of Madhya Pradesh  Ayachit Bhavana, Shrivastava Vibha, Tiwari Chitra Rekha and Jain Praveen   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
566 Study on quick cultivation of Granular Sludge and its Characteristics in Acidogenic UASB Xu Zhonghui, Li Dongwei, Wang Kehao and Xiao Zuju   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
567 La(III) Sorption Studies on Poly [ dibenzo - 18 - crown - 6] for the sequential separation of La (III), Th(IV) and U(VI) in L-arginine  Sabale Sandip R., Jadhava Deepali V. and Mohite Baburao S.   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
568 Statistical Sampling and Sludge Characterization at Tehran Oil Refinery Heidarzadeh Nima, Gitipour Saeid and Abdoli Mohammad Ali   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
569 A Geospatial Modeling - based assessment of water quality in and around kaliveli watershed Abbasi Tasneem, Chari K.B. and Abbasi S.A.   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
570 Synthesis and Anti-tubercular Activity of Some Novel Schiff's Bases of 2-Amino-5-Aryl-1, 3,4-Oxadiazoles Rajak Harish and Gupta Arun Kumar   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
571 Metal Analysis of Pulp : ICP - AES, XRF and ISE Methods and Their on - line Feasibility Sillanpaa Mika and Ramo Jaakko   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
572 Fluorescence Studies of Catacondensed Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Correlation of Spectra Structural Features Barghouthi Samira and Walwil Abdalla M.   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
573 Oil Spill Trajectory Simulation and Coastal Sensitity Risk Mapping Pradhan Biswajeet and Assilzadeh Hamid   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
574 Alternative Filter Media for Roughing Filters  Nkwonta O.I. and Ochieng G.M.   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
575 An Introduction to Thermodynamic Modeling, Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Prasad R., Sun L., Venart J. E. S., Eichhorn S.H., Iqbal M., Elkamel A., Madhurambal G., Meenakshisundaram S., Varshney K.G., Verenkar V.M.S., Jona E., Janotka I., Ray A. and Chowdhury B.   Vol. 13(4) December 2009
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