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World Research Journals Conference 2015 at Dubai was grand success and we are very much obliged to you all.

S.N. Title of paper Author Name Page no Volume /Year
576 Green Energy and Sustainable Development Pillay Avin   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
577 Photodegradation of Sulfamethoxazole in Water: Kinetics and Influences Factors Thu Anh Vu , Zhaohuan Mai, Feng Wu, Nansheng Deng   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
578 Rapid Detection of Powdered Antibiotics by Surface Desorption Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry Rong Chen, Shi Lilin, Shui-Ping Yang, Jing-Ling Shen-Tu, Wen-Fang Liang, Huan-Wen Chen,  Li-Li Zhang and Yan-Fu Huan   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
579 Facile Synthesis of Bis(indolyl)methanes Catalyzed by Aluminium nitrate nonahydrate Shekhar Amiya and Pathak Devendra Deo   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
580 Assessment of Age and Morphometric Parameters of Seeds on Azadirachtin Production in Neem Seed Kernels collected from various Ecotypes  Srivastava Priyanka, Hazarika Rashmi Rekha, Singh Mithilesh and Chaturvedi Rakhi   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
581 Incorporating Surface Raw Water Quality into the Cost Chain for Water Services: Vaal Catchment, South Africa  Dzwairo Bloodless, Otieno Fred A.O. and Ochieng George M.   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
582 Microwave Solvent Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of Carbamate Pesticides in Biolgical Tissues   Bhatia Jitesh and Sharma Jaideo   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
583 Adsorption Analysis of Cr (VI) by Natural Polymer Tamarind Kernel Powder (TKP) in Aqueous Medium Gupta Vikal and Sharma Manisha   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
584 Adsorption of Crude Oil and PAHs by Ordinary and Modified Bentonites  Saeid Gitipour, Nima Heidarzadeh, Mohammad Ali Hosseinpour  and Mostafa Abolfazlzadeh   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
585 The Use of Nonionic and Anionic Surfactant in the Treatment of Oily Sludge  Guolin Jing, Ming Li, Shaopeng Qin, Xing Lijie and Shulin Li     Vol. 14(1) March 2010
586 Relationships and Comparative Studies of Heavy Metals and Organic PAH Compounds in the Soft Tissues Perna viridis  Yap C. K., Mashinshian M. A., Ismail A. and Pauzi Zakaria M.   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
587 Influence of Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4) on Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Concrete Reddy Venkateswara V., Ramana N. V., Gnaneswar K. and  Reddy Madhusudana B.   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
588 Spectrophotometric Determination of Mercury (II) by using Bis-[2, 6-(2-hydroxy-4-sulpho 1-naphthylazo)] Pyridine Disodium Salt (HSNP) and indirect Determination of Iodide, Cyanide, Sulphide and Thiourea through Ligand Exchange Reactions  Barman Banjit and Barua Sudarsan   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
589 Synthesis, Characterrization and Biological Evaluation of 3-chloro-1-[3, 6-diphenyl]-[1, 2, 4] Triazole [3, 4-b] [1, 3, 4] Thiadiazole)]-4-substituted-aryl - Azetidine-2-ones Parmar Kokila A., Solanki Dhaval J. and Patel Rekha M.   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
590 Removal of Amido Black Dye from Aqueous Solution by Uncalcined and Calcined Hydrotalcite Yasin Yamin, Malek Abd Hafiz Abd, Sumari Siti Mariam and Ahmad Faujan B. H.   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
591 Synthesis of N-[5-[(Aminoiminomethyl) amino]pentyl]-N-[3-[(3-methyl-1-oxo-2-butenyl)Amino] Propyl Hexanamide  Walwil Abdalla M.   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
592 Effect of Mixing Time on Filler-matrix Interactions in Polyacrylic Acid-epoxidised Natural Rubber Blend and Carbon Black Composites  Mallick  A   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
593 Low Cost Adsorbents for Heavy Metal Removal from Wastewater: A Review Daga Kailash,  Patel Dharmendra and Vyas Anil   Vol. 14(1) March 2010
594 But not a drop to drink, Factors responsible for water pollution  Tandon P.K. 3  to 5 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
595 Study on Copolymerization of CO/Styrene with [CH3C4Py]+PF6- as Novel Reaction Medium Jintang Guo, Shan Gao, Yakai Feng and Jing Wang 7  to 16 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
596   Photocatalytic decomposition of methylene blue over titanium dioxides doped with yttrium ions prepared using low temperature combustion method Jung Won Young, Park Seong Soo, Lee Gun Dae, Lee Man Sig, Lee Gang-Woo and Hong Seong-Soo 17  to 21 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
597 Physico-chemical and Heavy Metals Evaluation of Polluted Urban Wetlands of Bangalore Jumbe Aboud S. and Nandini N. 22  to 35 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
598   Water quality of Dhulikhel area, Nepal Shrestha R. A., Kafle B. K. and Sillanp M. 36  to 38 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
599 Effect of earthworms on nutrients dynamics in soil and growth of crop Mayilswami Srinithi and Reid Brian 39  to 44 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
600   Computer Augmented Modeling Studies on Complexes of Lanthanone ions with Creatinine in Dioxane-Water Mixtures Sharma Sangita, Patel Ashish, Bhalodia Jasmin, Ramani Jayesh and Vora J. J. 45  to 49 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
601 Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Activities of Copper(II) and Zinc(II) Complexes of Schiff Bases derived from Amino Acids and 1,10-Phenanthroline Mixed Ligands Peter Ndifon T., Agwara Moise O., Njapba Julius N., Yufenyi Mbom D., Paboudam Awawou  G. and Nyamen Lynda D. 50  to 54 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
602 Coordination Polymers of N, N-Di-(8-Hydroxyquinolinolyl-5-methyl)-N, NDimethyl-1, 4 But-2-enediamine (QMBD) Patel Sunil P., Prajapati N.K., Patel Asha D. and Jain Swanti 55  to 58 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
603 Synthesis and study of Bimeric Cu(II), Ni(II), Mn(II) and Co(II) Complexes with Schiff base ligands derived from primary aliphatic amines with 3-acetyl-4-hydroxy-6-methyl-5-(phenyldiazenyl)-2H-pyran-2-one Chandole S.S., Pachling S.P. and Shirodkar S.G. 59  to 62 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
604 Sorption and Separation of Lead(II) using Poly [dibenzo-18-crown-6] in L-valine medium Jadhav Deepali V., Sabale Sandip R. and Mohite Baburao S. 63  to 67 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
605   Inorganics Accumulation in Low-Sludge Wastewater Treatment Technique: Case Study of SBR with Sonication Zhang Panyue and Zhang Guangming 68  to 71 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
606 Abnormal Levels of Lanthanides in Common Beverages: A Study by ICP-MS Williams J. R., Pillay A. E. and Al-Asmi S. K. 72  to 77 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
607 Optimized Extraction Protocol for Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) From Two Activated Sludges Liyun Ge, Huanhuan Deng, Hongwei Gao and Feng Wu 78  to 82 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
608 Removal of Pb(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) from Hydrometallurgical Effluent by Ferrite Formation   Removal of Pb(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) from Hydrometallurgical Effluent by Ferrite Formation
Li Dou and Li Dongwei
83  to 87 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
609   Thermal Explosion Simulation of Hydrogen Peroxide in Three Types of Vessels by Explosion Models Meng-Lung Lin, Kun-Yue Chen, Sheng-Hung Wu, Yung-Chuan Chu, Sun-Ju Shen and Chi-Min Shu 88  to 92 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
610 Photodegradation of tetracycline in Water in the presence of Ferric-Oxalate Complex Thil Thu Anh Vu, Hou Liwei, Beibei Wang and Nansheng Deng 93  to 95 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
611   Ion Selective Electrodes for Rare Earth Metal Ions Kumar Raj, Sharma H.K., Dogra Pernita and Kumar Pankaj 96  to 103 Vol. 14(2) June 2010
612 Sustainable Water Resources Management: Need for Action Jha Madan Kumar   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
613 Oxidation of Naphthalene in Supercritical Water Guolin Jing, Shaopeng Qin, Ming Li and Shulin Li   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
614 Degradation of Lubricating Oil in Soil under Natural Environment: A Gravimetric and Gas Chromatographic Analysis Sarma P. C. and Bhattacharyya Krishna Gopal   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
615 Different tissues of rock oyster Saccostrea cucullata as biomonitors of trace metal bioavailabilities in the Penang coastal waters, Malaysia Yap C.K., Mohd Ruszaidi S. and Cheng W.H.   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
616 Isolation, Identification and Media Optimization of Thermostable alpha Galactosidase producing Geobacillus sp. Chavan Sanjay and Sabharwal Sushma   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
617 A convenient synthesis of ethoxyphthalimide derivatized quinazoline assembled isoxazoles and pyrazoles via common intermediate Chalcone Dangi Raja Ram, Hussain Nasir, Pemawat Gangotri and Talesara G. L.   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
618 Pretreatment of Cyclohexanone manufacturing Wastewater by Iron-Carbon Micro-Electrolysis Li Dongwei, Jiao Binquan and He Xiaoman   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
619 Chromatographic separation and determination of Cd (II) by means of newly synthesized ion exchange resin Loonker Sangeeta, Kharadiya Saurabh and Rehdu Nitin   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
620 Electrochemical Studies of Bi (III) with Succinic acid and Glutaric acid Paliwal M.K. and Gupta O.D.   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
621 Shaddock (Citrus grandis) seed oil as an alternative feedstock for the production of biodiesel Sharma M. and Ganguly M.   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
622 Antibacterial Activity of Ocimum sanctum Linn. and its application in Water Purification Sadgir Parag, Nilosey Vijyayshree, Bhandari Ranu and Patil B.R.   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
623 Bioremediation of Copper (II) from aqueous solution using Prosopis Cineraria leaf powder Gupta Vikal, Kulshreshtha Ruchi and Lal Magan   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
624 Ultra Sound Assisted Oxidation of Alcohols by Fe(NO3)3  as an oxidant in presence of Phase Transfer Catalyst Nazeruddin G. M., Suryawanshi S. B. and Shaikh Iqbal N.   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
625 Removal of Mercury (II) ions from Aqueous Solutions using Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and Kaolinite Clay from Mayouom in Cameroon: Kinetics and Equilibrium studies Ketcha Mbadcam Joseph and Bougo Tchamande Christelle   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
626 Geochemical and microbiological characterization of some Azorean volcanic muds after maturation Quintela Ana, Terroso Denise, Almeida Salom F.P., Reis Paula, Moura Alexandra, Correia Antnio, Ferreira Da Silva Eduardo, Forjaz Victor and Rocha Fernando   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
627 Comparative study of free volume and permeability coefficient of aqueous solutions of NaCl and NaC12H25SO4 across NylonTM Biobond Membrane Sharma Meena, Sharma Amit Kumar and Lal Roshan   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
628 Cytotoxicity Screening of Alcoholic Extract of the Whole Plant of Phyllanthus rheedii Sivajothi V. and Leelaprakash G.   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
629 Development and Application of a Water Resources Project Information System Abbasi T., Chari K. B. and Abbasi S. A.   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
630 Recent advances in development of eco-friendly solid composite propellants for rocket propulsion Mahanta Abhay K. and Pathak Devendra D.   Vol. 14(3) September 2010
631 Applications of Zeolites in industrial and other purposes  Chumbhale V.R. 3 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
632 Inorganics Accumulation in Low-Sludge Wastewater Treatment Technique: Case Study of SBR with Sonication Zhang Panyue and Zhang Guangming 5  to 8 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
633 Kinetics of Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue in a TiO2 Slurry Reactor  Ovhal Sheetal D. and Thakur Pragati 9  to 13 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
634 Mathematical modeling of urban air quality: an urban transportation modeling case study in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia  Mahmud A.R., Pradhan Biswajeet, Hadipour M.and Hamsa A. Kadar 14  to 21 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
635 Preparation and Characterization of 1:1 adducts of Nickel(II) and Copper(II) p- Methoxydithiobenzoates with Alkylpyridines  Gupta Rashi and Sachar Renu 22  to 25 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
636 Synthesis, Characterization and Viscosity Studies of Acrylate based Homo and Co-polymers Ghosh Pranab, Das Moumita and Das Tapan 26  to 31 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
637 Determination and analysis of trace elements and heavy metals in different parts of Mussaenda hainanensis Merr.  Huang Wei-Fei, Qiao Wen-Tao and Yuan Ke 32  to 35 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
638 Anaerobic Oxidation of Ferrous Iron by Microbial Mixture and its potential to remove Mercury and Nitrate from the Groundwater Wu Guangyang, Zhang Daoyong and Pan Xiangliang 36  to 39 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
639 Low-temperature synthesis of TiO2 photo catalyst in homogeneous hydrolysis system for dye degradation  Li Longfeng, Meng Xiangdong, Zhang Maolin, Li Guiying and An Taicheng 40  to 43  Vol. 14(4) December 2010
640 Electrokinetic Removal of Zinc from Ancient Pyrometallurgical Slag  Xu Zhonghui and Li Dongwei 44  to 48 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
641 Defluoridation of Water with Modified Montmorillonite KSF as Adsorbent  Shi Rui and Wu Feng 49  to 51 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
642 Synthesis of a New Humic Acid Model, 2,4,6,6-Tetrachloro-2-methylcyclohex-4-ene-1,3-dione and Investigation of its Reactions with Monochloramine in Ether and in Methanol Heasley Victor L., Mitrovich Kristin M., Sator Lisa C., Fisher Audra M., Kerk Amber R. E. and Shellhamer Dale F. 52  to 58 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
643 Removal of dissolved organic carbon by multi-walled carbon nanotubes, powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon  Poostchi Amir Ali, Mehrnia Mohammad Reza and Sarrafzadeh Mohammad Hossein 59  to 66 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
644 Activity of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in Successive Alkalinity Producing System: Part I- Effect of Temperature  Lee Sang-Hun, Kim Sunjoon, Jeon Byong-Hun, Bhatnagar Amit, Ji Sangwoo, Cheong Youngwook and Lee Giehyeon 67  to 73 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
645 Isolation and Chemically Controlled Studies on Pythium Species: The Causative Agents of Root Rots of Cowpea in Kogi State, Nigeria Suleiman M.N. and Emua S.A. 74  to 76  Vol. 14(4) December 2010
646 Molecular Iodine as a catalyst  Mishra Nidhi and Sehegal Preeti 77  to 79 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
647 Two-Phase Anaerobic Digestion on high concentration organic wastewater treatment Li Dongwei, Zhang Shaojian and Wang Kehao 80  to 86  Vol. 14(4) December 2010
648 Applications of GIS in Wetland Management: An Overview Premalatha M., Abbasi Tasneem and Abbasi S. A. 87  to 103 Vol. 14(4) December 2010
649 Environmental Pollutants: New Emerging Challenges Suhas 3  to 4 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
650 Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Some Lanthanide Complexes with Tridentate Thiosemicarbazone Ligand Dubey Raj Kumar and Mariya Ayesha 5  to 11 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
651 Study of Tin Accumulation Strategy by Cyperus Species in Pot Experiments  Ashraf Muhammad Aqeel, Maah Mohd. Jamil and Yusoff Ismail 12  to 17 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
652 Wet Peroxide Oxidation of Oilfield Sludge  Guolin Jing, Mingming Luan and Tingting Chen 18  to 20 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
653 Removal of As (V) from Aqueous Solution by Coagulation and Ion Exchange  Lo Shang-Lien and Lee Ya-Ping 21  to 26 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
654 Lanthanum (III) complexes of thiocarbohydrazones  Yadawe Mallikarjun S. and Patil Sangamesh A. 27  to 31  Vol. 15(1) March 2011
655 In Vitro Anti-Oxidant Studies on Various Extracts from Whole Plant of Ionidium suffruticosum (Ging)  Satheeshkumar D., Kottai Muthu A. and Manavalan R. 32  to 37 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
656 Reversed Phase Partition Chromatographic Separation of La(III) from Picric Acid on Poly[dibenzo-18-crown-6]  Mahanwar K.R., Sabale S.R., Madane N.S., Nikam G. H. and Mohite B.S. 38  to 41 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
657 Differential Action of Mercury and Lead ions on the Stability of Lipid-Protein Organization of Photosynthetic Assembly Panda Sunakar, Panda Sumita Kumari and Dash A. K. 42  to 46 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
658 Anaerobic Oxidation of Ferrous Iron by Microbial Mixture and its Potential to remove Mercury and Nitrate from the Groundwater  Wu Guangyang , Zhang Daoyong  and Pan Xiangliang 47  to 51 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
659 Photo-catalytic degradation of red HE8B dye by TiO2 in visible light Jain Sukumal and Khandelwal R. K. 52  to 54 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
660 Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of Ruthenium (III) using Diacetyl Monoxime Isonicotinoyl Hydrazone (DMIH) Reddy ChandraSekhar G., Devanna N. and Chandrasekhar K. B. 55  to 58 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
661 The Mathematical Model of Bubble Size based on the Bubble Nucleation Theory in the Process of Air-Flotation Jiao Binquan and  Liu Jin 59  to 61 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
662 Superheated Water Extraction (SWE): A potential green extraction technique for natural dyes Tajuddin R., Tumin S.M., Muda K. and Abd Razak N. 62  to 66 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
663 Synthesis and Characterization of Polyurethanes of 2, 4-Toluene Di Isocyanate with Multifunctional Chromophores in the Main Chain Sudheesh Kumar K. 67  to 71  Vol. 15(1) March 2011
664 Analysis of the Carbofuran Pesticide Residue in the Banana Planted Soil of Wayanad District, Kerala Devasia M.J. and Madhu G. 72  to 78 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
665 Synthesis and Characterization of Tamarind Anthranilic Acid (TAA) Resin and its Role in Removal of Toxic Metal Ions from Effluent of Jackson Paint Industry, Jodhpur, India Singh A.V., Monalisa and Singh Rakesh 79  to 85 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
666 Characterization of an iron-rich kaolinite clay and its application as heterogeneous catalyst for the microwave-mediated dry synthesis of N-containing heterocycles  Phukan Kandarpa, Jain Anamika and Devi Nirada 86  to 91 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
667 Treatment of acrylonitrile production effluent by an advanced oxidation process Zhang Jie, Ni Ming, Ran Xianqiang, Xue Binjie, Liu Xianghu and Fan Jianwei 92  to 96 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
668 Arsenic Toxicity in Potable Water: Hazards and Management Jain J.K. and Gupta Nidhi 97  to 103 Vol. 15(1) March 2011
669 Environmental photochemistry: Theory and application Chen Yong and Wu Feng 1  to 2 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
670 Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution by a
Novel Nonporous Carbonaceou Sorbent
derived from Sucrose
Zhang Deyi, Ma Ying, Feng Huixia, Wang Yi and Hao Yuan 3  to 7 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
671 Determination of bisphenol A in effluent water of
analogue MBR wastewater treatment system using highperformance
liquid chromatography
Wenhua Song, Zhen Li and Feng Ding 8  to 12 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
672 Effects of Cyclodextrin on Photodegradation of
4, 4'- Sulfonyldiphenol in Aqueous Solution
Guo Li, Wang Beibei, Wu Feng and Deng Nansheng 13  to 16 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
673 Comparative performance of different white rot fungi in
decolorization of acid, direct and reactive
textile azo dyes
Rani Chhavi, Jana Asim Kumar and Bansal Ajay 17  to 24  Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
674 Adsorption Characteristics of Pb(II) from aqueous
solution by fly ash
Xiaodong Liu and Hongqin Xue 25  to 28 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
675 Rapid, Reliable and Validated Method to remove Sodium
Do Decyl Sulphate (SDS) from Waste Water of (Durg-
Bhilai Region) by using Natural Bioadsorbate
Sar Santosh K., Verma Chanda and Tomar Poornima 29  to 33 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
676 Kinetics, Isotherm and Thermodynamic studies of
Adsorption of Congo red from aqueous solution onto
COCOA Shell Activated Carbon
Theivarasu C., Mylsamy S. and Sivakumar N. 34  to 38 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
677 Mathematical modeling for desalination by
Han Chunjie and Yan Tie 39  to 43 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
678 Water quality of Dhulikhel area, Nepal Shrestha R. A., Kafle B. K. and Sillanpää M. 44  to 47 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
679 Biodegradation of Hydroquinone Using Sequential
Batch Reactor: A Preliminary Study of
Industrial Effluent
Suresh S. 48  to 56 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
680 X-ray, Thermal and Biological studies of Ru(III), Rh(III)
and Pd(II) Schiff base metal complexes
Chavan V. L. and Mehta B. H. 57  to 61 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
681 α-mangostin and β-mangostin from Cratoxylum laucum Wei Chung Sim, Gwendoline Cheng Lian Ee and Sukari Mohd Aspollah 62  to 66 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
682 Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial activity and
DNA cleavage activity studies of Metal (II) complexes
with a benzofuran Schiff’s base
Halli M. B., Vijayalaxmi and Patil B. 67  to 73 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
683 One Pot Synthesis of 12-aryl -8, 9, 10, –Tetrahydrobenzo [a]-xanthen -11-one Derivatives Using Amberlyst-15 as a Recyclable catalyst under Solvent Free Conditions Nazeruddin G.M., Shaikh A. A. and Pandharpatte M. S. 74  to 77 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
684 Synthesis of New D-Arabinose Derivatives Yahia Nasser Mabkhoot, Daiekh A.A Abod, Salem Slayyem Al-Theyab, Saud Ibrahim, Al-Resayes and Zeid Abdullah Al-Othman 78  to 81 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
685 Spatial and Temporal Variation of Surface Ozone and its
Precursors in Burdwan Municipality Area
Gupta Srimanta, Chattopadhyay Subrata  and Mondal Swagata 82  to 90 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
686 Evaluation of heavy metal exposure in oil drilling sites Das Chutia A., Unni B. G., Bhattacharjee M., Baruah P. K., Das S., Wann S. B., Sahu O. P., Borah T. and Rao P. G. 91  to 95 Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
687 Degradation and mineralization of organic
contaminants by Fenton and photo-Fenton processes:
Review of mechanisms and effects of organic and
inorganic additives
Sahoo Mihir Kumar 96  to 112  Vol.15 (2) June (2011)
688 Possible Fates of Halo-Organic Pollutants in the Aquatic Environment Kulikov S.M. 3  to 4 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
689 Fabrication and Properties of PPC/PEO/TiO2 Composite Polymer Electrolyte for Lithium-ion Battery  Yu Xiao-Yuan, Xiao Min, Wang Shuang-Jin  and Meng Yue-Zhong 5  to 12 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
690 Enzyme-catalyzed Removal of Bisphenol A by Using Herseradish Peroxidase Immobilized on Magnetic Silk Fibroin Microspheres  Jing Dong , Zhang Kun, Tiantian Tang  and Shiyun Ai 13  to  18  Vol. 15(3) September 2011
691 Alumina supported Manganese Oxide doped Noble Metal Oxides for Catalytic Methanation Reaction of Simulated Natural Gas Wan Abu Bakar W.A. , Ali R., Kadir A. A. A. , Abd Rahim H.F. and Jue L. C. 19  to 26 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
692 The Effect of Light on the Transformations of Bisphenol AP in Water  Peng Zhange 27  to 30 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
693 Removal of Fluoride Ions from Aqueous Solution in a One-Step Process  Huang Ruihua 31  to 35 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
694 Demulsification of Triton X-100, Low-Sulfur Wax Residue (LSWR), Sorbitan Monooleate (Span 83) and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS)-Stabilized Petroleum Emulsions with a Microwave Separation Method  Abdulbari Hayder A., Abdurahman N.H., Rosli Y.M. and Azhari N.H. 36  to 40 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
695 Phytochemical and Bioactivity Studies of Zingiber amaricans Blume  Riyanto S., Sukari M. A., Rahmani M., Ali A. M. and Shaharudin N. 41  to 44 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
696 The effect of the pH value on the growth and properties of chemical bath deposited SnS thin films  Anuar Kassim, Ho Soon Min, Atan Shariff and Md Jelas Haron 45  to 48 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
697 Multianalytical characterization of silica-rich megabreccias from the proposed natural area of Richat (Sahara desert, Mauritania)  Martinez Frias Jesus, Rull Prez Fernando, Martn-Redondo M.Paz , Huertas Antonio Delgado, Sampedro Fernndez M.Teresa, Garca-Talavera Francisco, Lpez-Vera Fernando, Rodriguez-Losada J. Antonio and Salvn Csar Menor 49  to 54 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
698 Voltammetric determination of Pb (II) ions by Carbon Paste Electrode modified with Lemon  grass powder - Rajawat D. S. and Satsangee S. P. 55  to 59 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
699 Catalytic-Kinetic Determination of Manganese (II) by Spectrophotometric Method in Aqueous Acetate Medium  Gazala Mohamed H. Ben Hander 60  to 64 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
700 Photoremoval of Malachite Green (MG) using Advanced Oxidation Process Fouad F. Mohamed, Puazi Md. Abdul Allah ,  Asmma Mehdi and Mohamed Baseem 65  to 70 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
701  Influence of Heavy Metals and Surfactants on the Adsorption of Tetracyclines to Sediment Jinhua Li, Baoxue Zhou, Bai Xue, Qiulei Mo and Weimin Cai 71  to 76 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
702 Toxic Assessment of Potassium Nitrate in Charles Foster Rats with Emphasis on Histopathology of Vital Organs  Saxena Abhilasha, Dubey Chetan, Gupta Rakhi1, Singh Poonam, Bansode F.W., Rawat S.K., Singh R. P. and Singh R.K. 77  to 89 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
703 Pyrazoles as Potential Anti-Obesity Agents  Gupta Girish Kumar, Kumar Vikas and Kumar Vinod 90  to 103 Vol. 15(3) September 2011
704 Wastewater treatment: Beyond pollutants removal Zhang Guangming 3 to 4 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
705 Fingerprint Detection of Nitroaromatic Pollutants using 266 nm Ultraviolet Resonance Raman Spectroscopy Pei Kemei, Chen Lin and Zheng Xuming 5  to 13 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
706 Effects of Resuspension on the transfer and Transformation of Nitrogen and Phosphorus species at Sediments-Water Interface in Simulative Lake System Peng Hong 14  to 17 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
707 Effects of Soil Treatments amended with Organic Manure on Lubricant Oil Degradation Gopamma D. and Srinivas N. 18  to 22 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
708 The influence of a new-synthesized Zinc(II) Dithiocarbamate Complex on Fungus Phomopsis viticola Sacc Leka Zorica and Latinović Nedeljko 23  to 26 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
709 Pervaporation of Water–Isopropanol Mixtures through Ferrierite Zeolite Membrane Sharma Aarti and Tomar Radha 27  to 34 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
710 Pyrene Removal by White Rot Fungus Phanerochaete Chrysosporium immobilized on Sugarcane Bagasse Khodddam Masoumeh , Nasernejad Bahram, Khoddam Mohammad Ali and Mehrnia Mohammad Reza 35  to 39 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
711 The Bioleaching Effect of Mine Tailings by Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans within Direct Current Magnetics Li Dou, Li Dongwei and Lu Lili 40  to 44 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
712 HPLC-ICP-MS Speciation Analysis of Arsenic in River Water of Sungai Kinta Malaysia Baharuddin Norshidah , Saim Norashikin , Osman Rozita , Zain Sharifuddin Md., Juahir Hafizan and Siti Rafzah Saari 45  to 48 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
713 Preparation and Modification of Activated Carbon from Oil-Palm Shell and Its Adsorption Capacity Through Speciation of Chromium Rahman M. M. and Yusof A. M. 49  to 51 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
714 Properties of the Sintered Product based on Electrofilter Ash depending on the Mineral Content of Binder Krgovic Milun, ZejaRadomir K., Ivanovic Mileta, Vukcevic Mira, Boskovic Ivana, Knezevic Milos and Zlaticanin Biljana 52  to 56 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
715 Facile Synthesis of Some N-Ethoxyphthalimido-4-(5-(4-Substitutedphenyl)-3-Phenyl-4,5-Dihydropyrazol-1-Yl)-2-Substitutedphenyl-1Hbenzo[B][1,5] Diazepine Hussain Nasir, Dangi Rajaram and Talesara Ganpat L. 57  to 62 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
716 Thermal Degradation Studies of HTPB Based Polymer with the Influence of Chromium Based Catalysts Pandey M., Jha S., Jha A. and Jha R.R. 63  to 67 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
717 Quantifying Spatial Variability of Peat Soil Carbon and Nitrogen using Infrared Spectroscopy, Statistical and Geo-Statistical Models Aslan Guler , Fatih Evrendilek and Nusret Karakaya 68  to 74 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
718 A study of Age Related Decrease in Zinc and Chromium and its Correlations with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  Singh Ruchi and Kumar Ashok 75  to 80 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
719 Assessment of Toxic Effects of Chloramphenicol in Rats and Its Amelioration by Coconut water Dubey Chetan, Saxena Abhilasha, Gupta Rakhi, Singh Poonam, Bansode F.W. and Singh R.K. 81  to 88 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
720 Eco-Friendly supported Nanoparticles as a Green Approach Sadegh Rostamnia 89  to 91 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
721 A Review on Functionalized Ionic Liquids – based on Benzimidazolium Cation : Solvents for Synthesis and Catalysis Muskawar Prashant Narayan, Sythana Suresh Kumar, Aswar Sachin Arunrao, Parasuraman Karthikeyan and Bhagat Pundlik Rambhau 92  to 103 Vol. 15(4) December 2011
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