S.N. Manusript Title Authors Page Volume/Year
1012 The Spread of 137Cs in Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Ignalina NPP and other Lithuanian Regions Jefanova O., Marciulioniene E. D. and Luksiene B.  1-6 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1013 The use of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for interactions between food and/or the food additives and the packaging materials Enache (Bontos) A. I. and Vaireanu D. I.  7-13 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1014 Exploration of wild yeast strains for thermotolerance and ethanol production Ganesan Sasikala and Nellaiappan Olaganathan Gopal 14-22 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1015 Application of Ecological Compensation to study Environmental Impact of Transportation Infrastructure Hsi-Chi Yang and Hua-Hsun Yang 23-31 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1016 Anticancer Evaluation of some of the novel Iminoflavones Jayashree B. S., KawadeShishir and Venkatachalam H. 32-40 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1017 Preparation of Polyamine Wheat Straw Cellulose for Adsorption of Chromium (VI) and Adsorption Isotherm Study Daiqi Li, Jianqiang Li and Qingshan Pan 41-44 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1018 Study on Properties of Heavy metal in Coal from Seam K1, K2 and K3 of Songzao Coal Mine in Chongqing Xu Guojing , Li Dongwei, Guo Shengli, Peng Qiankun and Jiao Binquan 45-53 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1019 Fabrication of Lys-PVA-Fe3O4 modified electrode for the electrochemical determination of uric acid Nanditha A., Manokaran J. and Balasubramanian N. 54-61 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1020 Study of impact of tannery effluent on river water quality using Vigna radiata L. bioassay  Singh Vinay Kumar, Ali Zulfiqar and Raj Abhay 62-65 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1021 Study on the sorption kinetics and thermodynamics of Eu(III) onto Ca-bentonite by linear and nonlinear method Yu T., Geng Y. X. and Zhang S. W. 66-71 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1022 Microwave assisted synthesis of some Heterocyclic Schiff’s base Metal Complexes of First Transition Series Pal R., Kumar V. and Gupta A. K. 72-76 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1023 Study on chelation of uranium with benzohydroxamic acid by spectrophotometry Agrawal Sonalika, Khan Fahmida and Ganesh S. 77-81 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1024 Extraction and Characterization of Cellulose from Pandan Leaves (Pandanusamaryllifolius Roxb.) Yahya Noor Yahida, Ngadi Norzita and Muhamad Ida Idayu 82-88 Vol. 18(1) January 2014
1025 Comparative in vitro regeneration study of mature and juvenile nodal explants and extraction, isolation, characterization of bio-active constituents from leaves of an endangered medicinal plant Desmodium gangeticum (L.) DC. Srivastava Preeti, Singh Brahma Deo and Tiwari Kavindra Nath 1-15 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1026 Adsorptive removal of arsenic from aqueous solution on PSLW carbon (Prosopis spicigera L. wood): Equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamics and home water treatment studies Jansi Rani M., Murugan M., Subramaniam P. and Subramanian E. 16-24 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1027 Synthesis and Applications of Heteropolyacid Salt: Zirconium (IV) antimonomolybdate Sharma H. K., Sharma N. and Sharma S. 25-30 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1028 Copper (II) Complexes of 2-(2-pyridyl)benzimiadazole: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies Saravanan P., Selvaraj S. Joseph and Saravanan D. 31-37 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1029 Isolation of 4-Hydroxythiazoline: A Solid Phase Study in Hantzsch Thiazole Reaction Gupta Girish Kumar , Kaur Kamalneet , Singh Shikha and Kumar Vinod 38-44 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1030 Synthesis and applications of chromogenic calix[4] resorcinarene derivatives Bishnoi Anjali and Chawla H. M. 45-49 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1031 Effect of Nitrate, Sulphate and Fluoride of Wastewater on Groundwater Bhattacharya Joydeep and Mandal Sailendra Nath 50-56 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1032 Preparation and Characterization of Phosphoric Acid Activated Carbon from Canarium Odontophyllum (Dabai) Nutshell for Methylene Blue Adsorption Vicinisvarri I., Shanker Kumar S., Nor Aimi A. W., Norain I. and Nurul Izza H. 57-62 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1033 Role of exogenous proline in improving water and antioxidant status in Hyacinth bean subjected to salt stress D’souza Myrene R. and Devaraj V. R. 63-75 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1034 The influence of geopolymerization on the properties of geopolymers Vukčević Mira, Krgović Milun, Bošković Ivana, Ivanović Mileta and Zejak Radomir 76-81 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1035 Simulation Analysis of the Diffusion Process of the Water-Soluble Pollutants in the Soils Dejian Li, Toshiyuki Mitachi, Masafumi Okawara and Shuren Wang 82-87 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1036 Development of Distribution Coefficients for Extracted Metals from Environmental Samples in Aqueous Acidic Media Williams J. R. and Pillay A. E. 88-93 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1037 Environmentally Benign Process for Removal of Sulfur from Liquid Fuel using Imidazolium based Ionic Liquids Dharaskar Swapnil, Wasewar Kailas, Varma Mahesh, Shende Diwakar and Chang Kyoo Yoo 94-99 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1038 Distribution and fate of Hexachlorocyclohexane isomers in water and sediment of Cameron Highlands Catchment, Malaysia Saadati Naghmeh, Md Pauzi Abdullah and Zakaria Zuriati 104-112 Vol. 18(2) February 2014
1039 Simple Route for Synthesis of Nano-Crystalline Ni-Mg Ferrite Particles Deraz N. M. and Abd-Elkader Omar H. 1-6 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1040 Analytical application of poly[dibenzo-18-crown-6] for chromatographic separation of Cobalt(II) in glycine medium Kadam R. B. and Mohite B. S. 7-18 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1001 Research on immobilized ammonia-oxidizing bacteria by sodium alginate Yuwei Dong, Yanqiu Zhang, Wenping Cao, Ling Sun and Liu Fei 19-23 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1002 Adsorption properties of copper (II) ion from aqueous solution by starch-grafted polyacrylamide and cross-linked starch-grafted polyacrylamide Jun Tan, Xiaoyan Wei, Yuxia Ouyang, Juhong Fan and Rui Liu 24-30 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1003 Preliminary study of thermal conductivity and viscosity of ethylene glycol with CuO nanorod inclusions Khedkar Rohit, Sonawane Shriram and Wasewar Kailas 31-36 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1004 Screening of intestinal Lactic Acid Bacteria of breastfed neonates for antimicrobial activity against Bacillus subtilis, Staph. aureus and E.coli Nilakhe Smita, Bodhankar M. G. and Sapre Vaijayanti 37-41 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1005 A logistic model for the electrochemical generation of active chlorine species on platinised platinum electrodes Ciobotaru I. E. and Vaireanu D. I. 41-46 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1006 Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and antibacterial activity of Ti (IV) and Zr (IV) complexes containing salicylidene-thiosemicarbazone Dubey Raj Kumar and Dwivedi Nalini 47-54 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1007 Theoretical Study of Chemical looping combustion of ethanol with oxides Kale Ganesh R., Joshi Ajit R. and Kshirsagar Sachin H. 55-68 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1008 Comparison of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction for the Detection of Noro virus in Fecal Samples Chien-Hsien Chen and Chia-Peng Yu 69-74 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1009 Effects of burnt and un-burnt rice straw on methane and nitrous oxide emissions in water drainage rice fields Tassanee Jiaphasuanan and Sirintornthep Towprayoon 75-81 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1010 Transformation of E.coli bacteria using PAMAM dendrimers Alirezaee Kobra, Asadi Asadollah, Hamidi Aliasghar and Amani Amin 82-86 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1012 Phosphate removal from aqueous solution using enhanced chitosan/bentonite composite Bingchao Yang 94-102 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1013 Production of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Biopolyester from Glycerol using Anaerobic Sludge Seed Wattanaphon Hathairath T. and Pisutpaisal Nipon 103-111 Vol. 18(3) March 2014
1014 Toxicity of Nitroaromatic Compounds to Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata Yang Chao Fen and Chen Chung Yuan 1-7 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1015 Determination of total selenium in Helianthus Annuus L. in Turkey during 2 years by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (GFAAS) Karasakal A., Seren G. and Kalebasi Y. 8-12 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1016 An environmentally friendly process to recover zinc from flue dusts of secondary copper industry Li Q. and Zhao Y. C. 13-19 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1017 Process research on recovering germanium from germanium waste through NaOH-H2O2 dissolve-hydrochloric acid distillation Pu S. K., Lan Y. Z. and Li Y. J. 20-23 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1018 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Ionic Liquids -Environmentally Green Solvents for Extraction of Sulfur from Liquid Fuel Dharaskar Swapnil, Varma Mahesh, Shende Diwakar, Yoo Chang Kyoo and Wasewar Kailas 24-29 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1019 Equilibrium and kinetic modeling of chromium(VI) removal from aqueous solution by a novel biosorbent Rangabhashiyam S., Anu N. and Selvaraju N. 30-36 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1020 Evaluation of bioavailability of heavy metals and nutrients during agitated pile composting of green Phumdi Singh W. Roshan, Pankaj Sashi, Singh Jiwan and Kalamdhad Ajay S. 37-48 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1021 Eutrophication of water reservoirs under anthropogenic, agricultural and industrial impacts (example of Southern Poland) Rzetala Martyna A., Solarski Maksymilian, Pradela Alicja and Rzetala Mariusz 49-55 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1022 Pollution characteristics and treatment effect of heavy metals in sediments from the Dianchi lake and inflowing rivers Huang K., Jin Z. J., Li J. H., Yang F. L. and Zhou B. X. 56-61 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1023 Studies on Arsenic (III) biosorption from aqueous solution by glutaraldehyde cross-linked chitosan beads Madala Sugunaa and Nadavala Siva Kumara 62-71 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1024 Metachromatic Interactions of Orange (Citrus sinensis) Peel Polysaccharide with Cationic Dyes Saha Amitabha and Bhaumik Samhita 72-77 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1025 Simultaneous Quantification of Aspirin and Fluindione in a Tablet Formulation Saravanan D. and Satheesh B 78-82 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1026 Adsorption of Direct Red 28 from Aqueous Solution by Walnut Wood Shavings: : A Fixed Bed Column Study Ertugay Nese 83-90 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1027 Adsorption process of heavy metals by low-cost adsorbent: A review Aeisyah A., Ismail M. H. S., Lias K. and Izhar S. 91-102 Vol. 18(4) April 2014
1028 Antibacterial, antioxidant and cytotoxicity activities of extracts from Hericium erinaceus Lin Yin, Wei Han and Ke Yuan 1-7 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1029 Numerical Simulation Study on Non-Darcy Seepage Mechanism in micro-pore based on the Micro-fluidic Boundary Layer Theory Liu Jianjun and Song Rui 8-13 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1030 Environmental Effects of Nano Additive Co3O4 in Grape Seed Oil biofuel fuelled in CI Engine Karthikeyan S., Elango A., Prathima A. and Raja K. 14-18 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1031 Removal of Humic Acid from Synthetic Water using Chitosan as Coagulant Aid in Electrocoagulation Process for Al and Fe Electrodes Seid-Mohammadi A., Asgari G., Sammadi M. T., Ahmadian M. and Poormohammadi A. 19-25 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1032 Utilization of Base Modified Oil Palm Fiber for Removal of Cd(II) from Aqueous Solution Nor Aimi A. W., Norain I.,, Nor Aziyah B., Nurul Izza H., Vicinisvarri I. and Mas Rosemal Hakim M. H. 26-32 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1033 Heterogeneous Photocatalysis of Methomyl and Metalaxyl using TiO2 supported over Activated Carbon Ibrahim Khalil M., Musleh Salem M., Nabeh Inas and Al-Akasheh Talal 33-40 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1034 Enhancement of Esterification of Propionic Acid with Ethanol by Pervaporation Reactor Rathod Ajit P., Wasewar Kailas L. and Sonawane Shriram S. 41-44 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1035 Investigation of color removal from real textile wastewaters in ABR followed by ozonation as post treatment Hatice Ozbebek, Sebnem Ozdemir, Dilek Akman, Kevser Cirik and Ozer Cinar 45-51 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1036 Performance of a full scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor for the treating distillery wastewater Saner A. B., Mungray A. K. and Mistry N. J. 52-61 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1037 Treatment of biodigester effluent of a maize based starch industry by coagulation Mazumdar Bidyut and Chaudhari Parmesh Kumar 62-68 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1038 Optimization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons extraction efficiency from selected processed meat using different methods Olatunji O. S., Opeolu B. O., Fatoki O. S. and Ximba B. J. 69-74 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1039 Spectrophotometric Study of the Ligand Exchange Reaction between Potassium Hexacyanoferrate(II) and Schiff’s Base derived from Salicylaldehyde and Sulphanilamide (SASN) Catalyzed by Mercury(II) Ions Ramachar T., Rafi K. M., Umamahesh M. and Fathima Nuzhath 75-79 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1040 Biogas Generation through Anaerobic Digestion Process-An Overview Deepanraj B., Sivasubramanian V. and Jayaraj S. 80-93 Vol. 18(5) May 2014
1041 Catalytic Co-Gasification of Black Liquor mixed with Pulp Sludge using a Drop Tube Reactor Sricharoenchaikul V. and Atong D. 1-12 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1042 Biodegradation of cyanide and starch by individual bacterial strains and mixed bacterial consortium isolated from cassava sago wastewater Sujatha Kandasamy, Balachandar Dananjeyan and Kumar Krishnamurthy 13-18 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1043 Study of energy involved in the thermally stimulated desorption of oxygen on ZnO and CdSe layers Ganfoudi R., Ain-Souya A., Haddad A., Chahmat N. and Ghers M. 19-30 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1044 Production and Optimization of Xylan degrading Enzyme from Microbial Source Ranjitha J. and Vijayalakshmi S. 31-38 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1045 Chemical Water Quality in Upper River Nile Aluoch June and Sillanpää Mika 39-46 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1046 Synthesis, Spectral and Anti-Microbial Investigations of Mixed Ligands of 2- Subsituted Quinoxaline Carboxylic Acid Kumar Navneet and Sharma Pratima 47-53 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1047 Comparative Study of the removal of Cadmium(II) by batch study using normal tea factory waste and activated tea factory waste as adsorbent Datta Jibesh, Mishra Umesh and Chakraborty Sukanta 54-59 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1048 Automatic image registration of multi-temporal KOMPSAT-2 images in agricultural areas Youkyung Han, Junho Yeom, Yeji Kim and Yongil Kim 60-65 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1049 Effect of pH, ionic strength, temperature and humic acid on the sorption of Eu (III) to iron oxides removed red earth Yu T. and Xia T. 66-72 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1050 Approaches towards the synthesis of flavonoids Gupta Girish Kumar and Kumar Vinod 73-83 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1051 Fouling and Mitigation Strategies in Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment Keerthi and Balasubramanian N. 84-93 Vol. 18(6) June 2014
1052 Composition of Bacterial Communities associated with Waste Percolates as revealed by 454-Pyrosequencing Wang Zhonghua, Yang Jianqiang, Zhang dijun, Zhou Jun, Zhang Chundan, Su Xiurong and Li Taiwu 1-7 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1053 Water Quality Analysis of Two Surface Water Resources in Thiruvananthapuram, India WDhanalekshmy T. G., Rajani V. and Meera Bhaskar 8-15 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1054 Ecofriendly Decolorization and degradation of Sulfonated triphenylmethane dye-Aniline blue using Citrobacter freundii BR Busi Siddhardha, Bibhuti Ranjan, Jobina Rajkumari and Sukumar Karuganti 16-21 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1055 Shear stability and viscosity index improver properties of dodecyl acrylate and its copolymer with styrene and 1-decene Ghosh P. and Talukdar S. 22-27 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1056 Characteristic of Thin Palladium Membrane on Al2O3 and YSZ Supports for Hydrogen Separation prepared by Electroless Plating Technique Hemra K. and Atong D. 28-32 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1057 Effect of Substituent on Rate of Oxidation of Phenoxy Acetic Acid Hydrazides by Vanadium (V) Pore Sanjay Vishnu 33-37 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1058 Characterization of amylase producing Bacillus megaterium from the gut microbiota of Silkworm Bombyx mori Vimalanathan Arun Prasanna, Nagarajan Kayalvizhi, Neelamegam Rameshkumar, Thangaiyan Suganya and Muthukalingan Krishnan 38-45 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1059 Carbon Dioxide Recycling for Fuel Production by UV-VIS Photochemistry Tostón Susana, Camarillo Rafael, Martínez Fabiola, Jiménez Carlos and Rincón Jesusa 46-53 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1060 Phenolic resins; Effective materials for solid phase separation of metal ions Acharya S. and Samal S. 54-59 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1061 Application of Dimensional Parameters and Volumetric Properties in Modeling of DNA Binding Affinity Thakur Mamta, Thakur Suprajnya, Malviya Neelu, Kasera Priyadarshini, Shabadra Ranu and Thakur Abhilash 60-67 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1062 Carbon released to the Atmosphere from Open Burning of Agricultural Biomass Kanokkanjana K. and Garivait S. 68-77 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1063 Advance approach on environmental assessment and monitoring Giri Nandagopal M. S., Rahul Antony, Rangabhashiyam S. and Selvaraju N. 78-90 Vol. 18(7) July 2014
1064 Esterification of lauric acid with methanol using sulfonated Starbons® Mena-Durán Cinthia J. and Macquarrie Duncan J. 1-6 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1065 Regeneration of Strontium loaded Ion exchange resin Kumar Ratnesh, Narayanan R. Sathiya and Seshadri K. S. 7-16 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1066 Kinetics of Chromium Biosorption onto Codium tomentosum Suresh Babu P. and Anandaraj B. 17-21 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1067 Rigid Polyurethane Foam from grape seed Oil Díaz-Medino A., Pérez A., Rodríguez J. F., De Lucas A. and Carmona M. 22-28 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1067 Rigid Polyurethane Foam from grape seed Oil Díaz-Medino A., Pérez A., Rodríguez J. F., De Lucas A. and Carmona M. 22-28 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1068 Effects of metal ions (Mg2+, Ca2+, Cd2+ and Zn2+) on ATP hydrolysis Dong Dandan, Zeng Jinfeng, Huang Fang and Ma Yanqing 29-38 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1069 Recovery of Metal Ions from Spent Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs) using Sodium Salts of D2EHPA or P507: Performance Evaluation and Life Cycle Assessment Shu-Hui Hung, Cheng-Fang Lin, Pen-Chi Chiang, Teh-Hua Tsai and Chen-Yu Peng 39-48 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1070 Chemical Speciation of Trace Elements in an Urban River System-Baghdad/Iraq Hamad Samera H., Schauer James J. and Shafer Martin M. 49-62 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1071 Investigation of Heavy Metals Content in Medicinal Plants Sempervivum armenum Boiss. and Huet subsp. armenum (Crassulaceae) from Erzurum, Turkey Şengül Köseoğlu Meryem 63-68 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1072 Spectral Investigation of Ruthenium (III) catalyzed Oxidation of Lactose by Potassium Permangnate in Acidic Medium Kumar Ashish, Bashir Sumayah and Gani Zakir 69-77 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1073 Continuous Fixed Bed Adsorption of Direct Red 28 by Walnut Wood Shavings: An Experimental and Modeling Study Ertugay Nese and Malkoc Emine 78-85 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1074 Synthetic Routes for Synthesis of Salicylaldiminate Derivatives of Group ‘4’ Metals [Titanium (IV) and Zirconium (IV)] Dubey Raj Kumar and Singh Avadhesh Pratap 86-98 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1075 Heavy Metals in the Indian Atmosphere: A Review Lakshmi Narayana Suvarapu, Young-Kyo Seo and Sung-Ok Baek 99-110 Vol. 18(8) August 2014
1076 Effect of Molecular Properties on the Photocatalytic Degredation Rates of Pyridazine Gulsen A. and Gurkan Y. Y. 1-4 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1077 Comparison of corrosion resistant behavior of Zirconium and Tin based thin films on steel in 3.5% NaCl Patel Niketan S. 5-10 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1078 Studies of DeNOx catalytic activity over some transition metal oxide catalysts Sakhre D. K., Sinha S. L. and Singh S. P. 11-16 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1079 Correlation between Soil Physico-chemical Properties and Heavy Metals Contents in Farmland around Scale Pig Farms, Nanchang City Zhang Qiugen 17-22 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1080 Adsorptive capacity of thermally treated clay from northwest Algeria Benhebal Hadj, Kadi Samir and Chaib Messaoud 23-27 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1081 Greener Synthetic Route to Some 2,5-Disubstituted-1,3,4-Oxadiazoles: An Efficient, Rapid and Solid Phase Approach Kumar Mohit, Kumar Vinod and Kumar Sunil 28-32 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1082 Adsorption of methylene blue dye on surface modified Activated carbon Takute Sapana, Singh Shripal and Yenkie M. K. N. 33-39 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1083 Solvent free synthesis, characterization and DNA photocleavage study of some first transition series metal complexes of cyanoacetohydrazone Schiff’s bases Pal R., Kumar V., Gupta A. K., Beniwal V. and Gupta G. K. 40-45 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1084 Structure Reactivity of Oxidation of Unsaturated Alcohols by Quinaldinium Chlorochromate Sekar K. G. and Palanivel V. 46-51 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1085 Preparation of collagen-elastin hydrolysates from cattle tendons: Preparation conditions Mokrejs P., Janacova D., Svoboda P. and Cermak R. 52-58 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1086 Influence of Centella Asiatica Leaves Extracts on Corrosion Inhibition of Aluminium in Alkaline Solution Lakshmi Prabha K. and Rajam Shameela 59-67 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1087 Effect of Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutants on Antioxidant Enzyme Activities in zebra fish by polyacrylamide Gel electrophoresis Zhang Qiugen, Chen Suhua and Deng Fang 68-72 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1088 Application of carboxylic acids in photo-Fenton-like systems for the removal of contaminants Danna Zhou, Wenyu Huang and Dandan Xu 73-82 Vol. 18(9) September 2014
1089 RP-HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of Metformin HCl and Pioglitazone in tablet dosage form Keni S. and Ambadekar S. 1-5 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1090 Bio-sorption Analysis of Aqueous solution of Cu(II) by Zea Maize Cob Powder Kumari Sharda, Virvadiya Chandresh and Gupta Vikal 6-9 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1091 Manufacture of acid resistant fly ash geopolymer brick under atmospheric curing Muduli Surabhi Dipali, Nayak Bansidhar and Mishra Barada kanta 10-16 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1092 Comparison between Conventional and Microwave-assisted Hydrodistillation Methods towards Extraction of Essential Oils from Murraya koenigii (Curry Leaves) Azid M.Z, Sukari M.A., Ng R.C. and Ali N.A. 17-21 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1093 Environment friendly sol-gel pre-treatments for corrosion protection of aluminium alloys Chawada G. and Dholakiya B. Z. 22-27 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1094 QSAR Model Study on the Fish Concentration Factors Fan Deling, Liu Jining, Wang Lei and Shi Lili 28-33 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1095 Anti-bacterial activity of tomato glycosides Li Jian-Guang and Zhang Lu 34-38 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1096 Mineralogy and bioavailability of Selected Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soils Ngole Veronica Mpode and Ekosse Georges-Ivo 39-47 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1097 Application of Taguchi Optimization Approach for the Removal of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solution using Husk of Cajanus cajan Kaushik A., Chauhan B. S. and Singh A. K. 48-55 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1098 Separation and quantification of impurities of Desvenlafaxine Succinate from active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) using reverse phase liquid chromatography Harlikar Jayvant Narayan and Amlani Arun Mahendra 56-61 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1099 Fluoride Removal Efficiencies of Some Nano and Bulk Materials Dutta P. 62-69 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1100 Effect of organic manure and mineral fertilizers on passive pool of soil organic matter in a long-term experiment Verma Gayatri 70-76 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1101 Spectroscopic Investigations on Structural Characterization of Borate Glass Specimen doped with Transition Metal Ions Thirumaran S. and Sathish K. 77-82 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1102 Biodegradation of polyethylene (HDPE) by Pseudomonas sp. NCIM 2303 Gaikwad Bhaskar G. and Varma Rita J. 83-87 Vol. 18(10) October 2014
1103 Preventing membrane bio-fouling in a full-scale plant by textile effluent pre-treatment to produce near zero biological oxygen demand Muniswami Sudhakar, Ponnusamy Vijayalakshmi and Subramanian Sivanesan 1-7 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1104 Cytotoxic Carbazole Alkaloids from Murraya koenigii (Rutaceae) Sukari M. A., Ismail N., Abu Bakar N. H. and Ithnin N. L. 8-11 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1105 Removal of Reactive Orange 107 Dye from Textile Effluent by Adsorption on Acid Treated Fly Ash Verma Poonam, Chaudhary Pratibha and Kumar Atul 12-21 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1106 Anticancer activity of Pyrrolo (1, 2-alpha) pyrazine 1, 4 dione hexahydro 3-(2-methylpropyl) metabolite from marine Streptomyces cirratus SRP11 Shiyamala Devi Sureshan and Renganathan Sahadevan 22-27 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1107 The investigation of effects of silica on the environment and prevention of release of the silica particles with simulation of gas-solid flow in a gas cyclone Hassan Davar, Sepideh Sadat Taghavirad and Mohammad Javad Mohammadi 28-30 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1108 A Comparative Study of Photovoltaic (Direct and Battery-Integrated) Cell powered Electro Chemical Oxidation of Synthetic Tannery Effluent Iyappan Kuttalam, Balasubramanian N., Suguna Lonchin, Saravanan Palanivel and Vedaraman Nagarajan 31-40 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1109 Heavy Metals Pollution of Beach Litter: The Consequence of Human Activities Thomas B. V. 41-47 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1110 Application of Multivariate Statistical Analysis to evaluate the Characteristics of Groundwater Quality in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Yang B. M., Chang Y. M., Ou W. S. and Kao C. M. 48-55 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1111 Rapid determination of phthalate esters in edible oils with short size exclusion chromatography column Mostafa M. H. Khalil, Ahmed M. Gomaa, Ahmed Salem Sebaei and Moustapha N. M. 56-62 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1112 The Effect of Heavy and Toxic Metals in various Vegetables grown in Vellore District (South India) Sinha Saikat, Amsavel Ray and Sangeetha D. 63-66 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1113 Equilibrium, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Picolinic acid Adsorption on Low Cost Adsorbent Peanut Hull Waghmare Mangesh, Sonawane Shriram and Wasewar Kailas 67-78 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1114 Synthesis of Diphenyl Methane over Ti-exchanged Montmorillonite K10 Clay Hazarika Mridul Kumar and Phukan Prodeep 79-81 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1115 Anti-Biofouling studies of surface modified titanium coated with silver nanoparticles for condenser application Chokkalingam Priya, Ganessin Aravind and Wilson Richard Thilagaraj 82-89 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1116 Synthesis and Characterisation of Organotin(IV) N-Ethyl-N-Phenyldithiocarbamate Compounds and the Crystal Structures of Dibutyl- and Triphenyltin(IV) N-Ethyl-N-Phenyldithiocarbamate Nurul Farahana Kamaludin and Normah Awang 90-98 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
1117 Final Effective Distribution of CaO and CaCO3 and its relation to the degree of acidity in treated clays López-Lara Teresa, Hernández-Zaragoza Juan-Bosco, Horta-Rangel Jaime and Castaño Victor M. 99-101 Vol. 18(11) November 2014
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1273 GC-MS metabolic finger printing tool in the Screening of potent bioactive components of Blepharispermum subsesssile Das Soni and Sureshkumar P. 24-28 Vol. 20 (5) May 2016
1274 Optical properties of ternary thin films (Ni3Pb2S2) prepared by chemical bath deposition technique Ho Soon Min 29-33 Vol. 20 (5) May 2016
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1279 Microwave Assisted Synthesis of 2-amino-6-(4-hydroxy-2-oxo-2h-substituted-chromen-3-yl)-4-(1-phenyl-3-(substituted phenyl)-1h-pyrazol-4-yl-pyridine-3-carbonitrile (TAB) Jain Anamika and Sharma Bindiya 20-24 Vol. 20 (6) June 2016
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