Vol. 22(5) May 2018

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Research Papers

1.Detoxification of Dyes by Aspergillus niger isolated from Dye Contaminated Soil Effluent from the sites of Textile Industry
- Srinivasan Gokul Raghavendra, Palani Shalini, Manohanam Anand and Jambulingam Ranjitha

2. Pharmacological and phytochemical screening of Desmodium gangeticum and Moringa oleifera
- Srivastava Preeti and Srivastava Gaurava

3. Experimental Investigation on the Properties of Concrete using Silica and Titania Nano Particles
- Sathish Kumar Kannaiyan, Narasimman S. and Anusha Krishnan

4. Synthesis and swelling behavior of superabsorbent hydrogels acquired from CMC for efficient drug-delivery
- Gaur Ankur and Kumar Harish

5. Acidic environment and the mixture of crude oil and dispersant not causing synergistic toxicity to Litopenaeus vannamei
- Muhammad Arif Asadi

6.Synthesis and application of TTACBA resin of tamarind in the removal of metal pollutants from industrial waste-water
- Gupta Vikal, Nisha, Ratnoo Pramila and Choudhary Meenakshi

7. Phyto-remediation of total dissolved solids (TDS) by Eichhornia Crassipes, Pistia Stratiotes and Chrysopogon Zizanioides from second stage RO-Brine solution
- Abinaya S., Saraswathi R., Rajamohan S. and Mohammed Siraj Ansari M.

8. Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial property of poly (ester-amide)
- Khane Yasmina, Belarbi Lahcene, Mouffok Benali and Belhadj Mamiya

9. Improvement in properties of polyurethane membrane using potassium permanganate as oxidizing agent
- Marlina, Khairan, Fathurrahmi and Sitti Saleha

10. Degradation of Methylene Blue by Chitosan Alumina Composite using Sunlight Irradiation
- Saraswathi P., Makeswari M. and Santhi T.

Review Paper

11. Removal of Heavy Metals by Adsorption using Agricultural based Residue: A Review
- Singh Kulbir, Waziri Sadiq Abdullahi and Ram Chhotu