Vol. 11(2) February 2018

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Research Papers

1. Earth quake resisting compressed stabilsed earth block buildings- an experimental and analytical study
- Lakshmi Keshav, Srisanthi V.G. and Poorna Kumar N.

2. Simulation study on the seismic continuous collapse impact distance of building structures
- Wu Fengying, Wang Wei and Ma Donghui

3. Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithm for Identifying Key Actors in Covert Networks
- Geetha R. and Karthika Veera

4. GRG Optimization of Prestressed Rolled Steel Compact Sections
- Ponnada Markandeya Raju

Short Communication

5. Grassland environmental hazards of the Gannan region in Gansu province of China, northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
- Zhang Xuexia, Sheng Wenfei and Qi Shanzhong

Review Paper

6. Recent developments in self-compacting concrete
- Mushtaq Ifrah, Adil Dar M. and Nasier Sandeep