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Title of paper Author Name Page no Volume /Year
Editorial: Need for Researches on Disasters - Advances and Mitigations Choudhury Deepankar 03 to 05 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Invasive Alien Species Dispersal - The Millennium Biodiversity Disaster  Praseeda Sanu V.  and Newport Jayanth K. 05 to 08 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Role of NGOs in Management of Natural Disasters Mohanty Manoranjan   09 to 14 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Role of Psycho-social Support Programmes following Natural Disasters Prewitt Diaz Joseph O. 15 to 17 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Gendering Disaster Management mainstreaming gender in disaster interventions Chauhan  Sunil  18 to 24 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Disaster Management From Crisis to Cure- The Indian Scenario  Dutta Baisakhi and Shastri Vijaya 25 to 26 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Natural Resources and Environmental  Degradation and its  Management Through Education Among The People of Garhwal Himalayas  Pandey I. P.  27 to 28 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Recognition of seismic precursory activities using Self-Organizing Feature Maps (SOFM) Neural Networks  AllamehZadeh M. and  Abbassi M.R.   29 to 39 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Review Papers: Myths of Hurricane Katrina  Kelman Ilan 40 to 46 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Mercury, Climate and The Food Web   Ferguson Robert  47 to 58 Volume 1, No. (1), January (2008)
Editorial:  Mine Fire in India: A National Catastrophe Singh P.K. 03 to 04 Vol. 1(2)    April 2008
Occurrence of complex optical and chemical zoning in pyroxenes of the Tertiary-Quaternary lavas from the Oku massif, the Cameroon Volcanic Line: implications for magma evolution  Konfor  Njilah I. , Moundi Amidou  , Temdjim Robert , Nzolang Charles , Tessi Valere and Momene Brigette 05 to 13 Vol. 1(2)     April 2008
Preventing intentional disasters by investigating the security of chemical industrial areas  Reniers G.L.L. and Audenaert A. 14 to 19 Vol. 1(2)     April 2008
Configuring Disaster Risk Reduction into Development Processes Chauhan Sunil 20 to 28 Vol. 1(2)     April 2008
�Jevon�s Paradox: The Case of India�  Polimeni John M. and Ray Chandrasekara 29 to 36 Vol. 1(2)     April 2008
Psychosocial Care and ELII Approach -   Newport Jeyanth K. and Godfrey G.P. Jawahar 37 to 40 Vol. 1(2)     April 2008
Review Papers: Disaster and Media: A Critical Analysis Mohapatra Niharika 41 to 46 Vol. 1(2)     April 2008
Editorial: Placing Climate Change within Disaster Risk Reduction Kelman Ilan and Gaillard J.C. 03 to 05 Vol. 1(3)   July 2008
Synoptic Scale Disturbances on the Monsoon Trough and Associated Rainfall Activity (1997-2002) Panchawagh N.V.  07 to 19 Vol. 1(3)   July 2008
Integration of Geo information Technology and Survey Analysis for Development in Mitigation Study against Earthquake: A Case Study for Esfahan Iran Pirasteh Saied, Mahmoodzadeh Amir and Mahtab Alam 20 to 26 Vol. 1(3)    July 2008
New Geochronological Data on the Continental Alkaline Flood Basalts of the Bamoun Plateau: Evidence of an Early Alkaline Volcanism of the Cameroon Volcanic Line Moundi Amidou, Konfor Njilah Isaac , Ghogomu Richard Tanwi and Wokwenmendam Pauline Nguet 27 to 33 Vol. 1(3)   July 2008
Relationship between Cyclonic storms and Geomagnetic storms Joshi Indira Sudhir  40 to 42 Vol. 1(3)   July 2008
Review Papers: World Trade Center Disaster: Innovations for Improved Fire Safty in Buildings Kodur V.K.R.  43 to 50 Vol. 1(3)   July 2008
Tectonics and Seismology of North-East India and Adjoining Areas Das P. K.   51 to 55 Vol. 1(3)  July 2008
Editorial:Shaping the Future of Disaster Studies: Forms and Levels of Integration in Information Dynamics Suteanu Cristian 03 to 08 Vol. 1(4) October 2008
Wind Flow Simulation and Testing for Mitigating Coastal Disaster under Hurricanes Chowdhury Gan Arindam, Huang Peng and Bitsuamlak Girma 09 to 19 Vol. 1(4) October 2008
Using Geoinformatics to characterise Areas Vulnerable to Debris Flows in the Tropics; A Case Study of Northern Trinidad, West Indies Baban Serwan M. J. and Aliasgar Kelly 20 to 26 Vol. 1(4) October 2008
Evaluation of 2004 December 26 Tsunami Wave Hazardness with Coastal Bathymetry and Geomorphology; A Case Study in Sri Lanka Jinadasa S.U.P. 27 to 31 Vol. 1(4) October 2008
Study of the Distribution of 137Cs in the Pine in Northern Ukraine after
 the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident
Ben-Bolie G. H., Owono A. P., Ekobena F. H. P. and Abega C. R. 32 to 34 Vol. 1(4) October 2008
Climate Change, Disasters and India ��Issues, Concerns and Opportunities Chauhan Sunil 35 to 45 Vol. 1(4) October 2008
Geoelectrical Investigation of Erosion and Flooding using the Lithologic Compositions of Erosion and Flood- Stricken Road in Ukanafun Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria George N.  J., Akpan A. E. , Obot I.B.  and Akpanetuk N.J.  46 to 51 Vol. 1(4) October 2008
Characteristics of Rainwater in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh, India Sunitha Thota , Hariprasad P., Keerthi K., Valli Manikam and Muralikrishna I.V. 52 to 55 Vol. 1(4) October 2008
Editorial: A New Geophysics provides the Opportunity for Stress-Forecasting Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions Crampin Stuart 03 to 05 Vol. 2(1) January 2009
Tsunami Induced Transportation of The Coastal Marine Sediments to Distant Onshore Regions: Some Indications from Foraminiferal and Microbenthic Studies of new   Wandoor Region (Andaman & Nicobar) Khare N., Chaturvedi S.K. and Ingole B. 07 to 13 Vol. 2(1) January 2009
A Proactive Approach to Geohazards Management in Developing Countries Using Geoinformatics: the Caribbean Experience Baban Serwan M. J. 14 to 21 Vol. 2(1) January 2009
Suggestion of Monthly Water Supply Reliability Indexes for the Drought Disaster Prevention in South Korea Park Ki-Bum, Kim Sungwon and Lee Yeonghwa 22 to 30 Vol. 2(1) January 2009
Probabilistic Evaluation of Seismic Risk in the Western part of North-East India and Adjoining Regions Khound A.P., Sarmah S.K.  and Das P. K. 31 to 41 Vol. 2(1) January 2009
Simulation of Short Range Hermitzed Atmospheric Dispersion in low-wind Convective Conditions Essa Khaled S. M. and El-Otaify Maha S. 42 to 46 Vol. 2(1) January 2009
Stability Mapping and Landslide Recognition in Zagros Mountain South West Iran: A Case Study Pirasteh Saied, Pradhan Biswajeet  and Mahmoodzadeh Amir 47 to 53 Vol. 2(1) January 2009
Studies on Changes in the Environmental Features of the Mulki Estuary in relation to Tides Viajayakumar S.,  Nagaraju D., Madesh P. and Manjunath S. 54 to 63 Vol. 2(1) January 2009
Editorial:Man-made Domino Effect Disasters in the Chemical Industry:
The Need for Integrating Safety and Security in Chemical Clusters
Genserik Reniers 03 to 05 Vol. 2(2) April 2009
Flood Hazrad Assessment for Cloud Prone Rainy Areas in a Typical Tropical Environment Pradhan Biswajeet and Shafiee Mardiana 07 to 15 Vol. 2(2) April 2009
Water Security - Nation State and International Security Implications  Tindall James A. and Campbell Andrew A. 16 to 25 Vol. 2(2) April 2009
Liquefaction Hazard Mapping of Bangalore, South India  Anbazhagan P. 26 to 35 Vol. 2(2) April 2009
Consequence of Hazards on some Petroleum Storage Tanks and Model for Off-site Emergency Plan  Ruj Biswajit, Chatterjee P.K., Rehman I. and Ray B.C. 36 to 40 Vol. 2(2) April 2009
Disability Focused Disaster Recovery Planning in India: Development Perspective and Other Implications for making the Actual Mainstreaming Happen  Satapathy Sujata 41 to 48 Vol. 2(2) April 2009
Planning a Disaster using Information Technology: A Boon for the Eva  Dutta Baishakhi and Shastry Vijaya 49 to 50 Vol. 2(2) April 2009
Crisis Management- A Case Study on Mumbai Terrorist Attack  Shekhar Manisha 51 to 59 Vol. 2(2) April 2009
Association between Heavy Rainfall Events and Electron Density, Temperatures, Total Ozone  Joshi Indira Sudhir and Rekapalli Rajesh 60 to 63 Vol. 2(2) April 2009
Editorial:Seismic Microzonation: A Tool for Disaster Mitigation Planning Sitharam T.G. 03 to 04 Vol. 2(3) July 2009
Tsunami Hazard Valuation using Spatial Tools for Kuala Muda, Kedah, Malaysia Seen Mohd. Ibrahim, Zanariah Wan Nor, Shariff Abdul Rashid Mohammed and Fook Loh Kok 05 to 14 Vol. 2(3) July 2009
A method for Rapid Evaluation of Masonary Buildings against Earthquakes Alam Mahtab, Mahmoodzadeh Amir and Pirasteh Saied 15 to 23 Vol. 2(3) July 2009
Landslides and Active Faults Using Remote Sensing and
GIS Techniques in Central Alborz Mountains, Iran 
Mousavi S. R., Pirasteh S., Shattri M. and Amani A. 24 to 29 Vol. 2(3) July 2009
Maximum Entropy Processing of Seismic Waveform Segments:
A Novel Approach to Spectral Estimation
Arora S.K. 30 to 35 Vol. 2(3) July 2009
Developing NGO Competencies in Post-Disaster Reconstruction: A Theoretical Framework Von Meding J. K., Oyedele L. and Cleland D.J. 36 to 45 Vol. 2(3) July 2009
Geophysical investigation of some prominent gully erosion sites in Calabar,
southeastern Nigeria and its implications to hazard prevention
Akpan A. E., George N.J. and George A.M. 46 to 50 Vol. 2(3) July 2009
Neural Networks Models for the Flood Forecasting and
Disaster Prevention System in the Small Catchment
Sungwon Kim, Jung-Hun Kim and Ki-Bum Park 51 to 63 Vol. 2(3) July 2009
Editorial: Disasters associated with Extreme Weather Events over India  Ramesh Kumar M.R. 03 to 04 Vol. 2(4) October 2009
Coping with Extreme Floods using Karst Caves in Limestone Areas in the Red River Basin, Viet Nam Tinh Dang Quang, Tripathi Nitin Kumar and Silver Marshall L. 05 to 14 Vol. 2(4) October 2009
Preliminary Seismic Assessment of Existing Reinforced Concrete Framed Buildings Kojouri S. J., Noorzaei J.,  Abang A.A.A., Jaafar M.S. and Hejazei Farzad 15 to 24 Vol. 2(4) October 2009
Psychosocial and Mental Health Support Services in Fire Disasters in India: A Qualitative Analysis Satapathy Sujata 25 to 31 Vol. 2(4) October 2009
Asteroid Impact � the Ultimate Disaster  Grandl Werner  32 to 35 Vol. 2(4) October 2009
Seismic Hazard Analysis from a Bayesian Probabilistic Perspective Yuen Ka Veng and Mu He Qing 36 to 42 Vol. 2(4) October 2009
Developing a Rapid Field based Approach for Non Specialists to indentify Landslide Prone Areas Baban Serwan M. J.  43 to 47 Vol. 2(4) October 2009
Heavy Snowfall by Orography and Wind Shift in Cold Front Crossing Korean Eastern Coast Choi Hyo, Choi Doo Sun and Choi Mi Sook 48 to 60 Vol. 2(4) October 2009
Association between Cosmic ray Variations and Total Ozone  Joshi Indira Sudhir 61 to 63 Vol. 2(4) October 2009
Editorial:Role of GIS in Natural Hazard Detection, Modeling and Mitigation Pradhan Biswajeet 03 to 04 Vol. 3 (1) January 2010
Using Remote Sensing Technology to Assess Land - Use Changes after the Northridge Earthquake Chang Liang  and Tang Zhenghong 05 to 10 Vol. 3 (1) January 2010
Statistical Spatial Modeling of Ground Subsidence Hazard near an Abandoned Underground Coal Mine Lee Saro, Oh Hyun-Joo and Kim Ki-Dong 11 to 23 Vol. 3 (1) January 2010
Performance based Architectural Design Guideline for Multi-Storied Buildings in Seismic Zones Bhattacharya S. P. and Chakraborty S. K. 24 to 31 Vol. 3 (1) January 2010
Cold Sea Outbreak near Cheju Island under Strong Wind and Atmospheric Pressure Change by Typhoon Rusa Choi Hyo 32 to 41 Vol. 3 (1) January 2010
Simulation of Snow Drifting on Roof Surface of Terminal Building of an Airport Zhou Xuanyi and Li Xuefeng 42 to 50 Vol. 3 (1) January 2010
Disasters and Risk Reduction in Groundwater: Zagros Mountain Southwest Iran Using Geoinformatics Techniques Ayazi M.Hasan, Pirasteh Saied, Pili A.K. Arvin , Pradhan Biswajeet, Bijan Nikouravan and Shattri Mansor 51 to 57 Vol. 3 (1) January 2010
Assement of population doses and radiation hazards from rock samples colleted in the south west of Cameroon Abiama Ele P., Owono Ateba P., Ekobena F. H. P., Ben-Bolie G. H. and El Khoukhi T. 58 to 63 Vol. 3 (1) January 2010
Editorial:Natural, Man- Made and Imagined Disaster Morner Nils-Axel  03 to 05 Vol. 3 (2) April 2010
Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment of Mumbai City to Natural Hazards- Mishra Praveen Kumar , Prasad Rama Shankar  and Karmakar Subhankar  07 to 17 Vol. 3 (2) April 2010
Forest Fire Detection and Monitoring using High Temporal MODIS and NOAA AVHRR Satellite Images in Peninsular Malaysia Pradhan Biswajeet  and Assilzadeh Hamid  18 to 23 Vol. 3 (2) April 2010
Generation of Windstorm in the Eastern Mountainous Coast of Korea- Choi Hyo and Choi Soo Min 24 to 34 Vol. 3 (2) April 2010
An Approach to Prediction of Wind Load Distribution on Large-span Roofs Using ANN Method Zhou Xuanyi  35 to 43 Vol. 3 (2) April 2010
Cross-Validation of Logistic Regression Model for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping at Ganeoung Areas, Korea Oh Hyun-Joo  and Lee Saro  44 to 55 Vol. 3 (2) April 2010
 Application of the Object-Oriented Technique to monitor Coastline Changes- Case Study: Caspian Sea- Mohd Din M.A. and Rasouli A.A. 56 to 63 Vol. 3 (2) April 2010
Editorial:  Application of Soft Computing in Disaster Mitigation and Management Samui Pijush  3 Vol. 3 (3) July 2010
Evaluation of Seismic Hazard Parameters for Bangalore Region in South India  Anbazhagan P. , Vinod J. S.  and Sitharam T.G.  5 to 13 Vol. 3 (3) July 2010
Capacity Building for Disaster Prevention in Vulnerable Regions of the World: Development of a Prototype Global Flood/Landslide Prediction System Hong Yang , Adler Robert F., Bach Dalia and Huffman George  14 to 19 Vol. 3 (3) July 2010
Support Vector Machine for Evaluating Seismic Liquefaction Potential Using Standard Penetration Test Samui Pijush   20 to 25 Vol. 3 (3) July 2010
Comparison between Prediction Capabilities of Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Techniques for L and Slide Susceptibility Mapping Pradhan Biswajeet and Pirasteh Saied 26 to 34 Vol. 3 (3) July 2010
Using Radar Data to extend the Lead Time of Neural Network Forecasting on the River Ping Chaipimonplin Tawee,  See Linda M. and Kneale Pauline E.  35 to 43 Vol. 3 (3) July 2010
Latest Developments of Windshear Alerting Services at the Hong Kong International Airport  Chan P.W.  44 to 53 Vol. 3 (3) July 2010
A 3D Fire Spread Model Implementing Vegetation Combustion applicable to Mountainous Forest Fires Boboulos Miltiadis A.  54 to 63 Vol. 3 (3) July 2010
Editorial : Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Save of the Earth Yin Guangzhi and Li Dongwei 1 to 3 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
A Framework for the Integration of Safety and Security in case of Critical Infrastructure Protection (FISSCIP) Reniers Genserikand Dupont Inge 4 to 12 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Modeling of Precipitation Downscaling using MLP-NNM and SVM-NNM Approach  Sungwon Kim 13 to 22 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Geospatial technology for study of Response System- phase of Earthquake Disaster Management of Mumbai city Choudhury Deepankar and Mhaske Sumedh Yamaji 23 to 29 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Stability Analysis of Multi-step Anti-tilt Slope at Open-pit Mine  Zhang Dongming, Yin Guangzhi, Chen Jiang and Dai Gaofei 30 to 34 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
The Effect of Ground Motion on Non-linear Performance of Asymmetrical Reinforced Concrete Frames  Majid T.A., Wan Hussin W.M.A., Zaini S.S., Faisal A. and Wong Z.M 35 to 39 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Monitoring Watershed Drought Conditions through the Landsat Imagery Interpretation Li Ruopu , Zhao Leiming , Haigh Tonya and Tang Zhenghong 40 to 46 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study on Soil Erosion Dynamic Monitoring System Base GIS in Chongqing, China  Shui Guohongand Li Dongwei  47 to 50 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study on Micro-structure Rebuild of Clay in Process of Consolidation Li Shun-Qun ,Ling-Xia Gao andChai Shou-Xi 51 to 59  Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Land Subsidence at Different Points among a Group of High-Rise Buildings  Cui Zhen-Dongand Han-Mei Wang 60 to 63 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Conference DPTM-2010 Research Papers :     Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
      Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Impacts of Pandemic H1N1 on health-seeking behaviors in general population in China Xiaodong Tan,Shangpeng Yang,Xiaolin Feng, ect. 64 to 67 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Prevention and mitigation of marine disasters  Zheng Peinan , Teng Jun and Wen Bin 68 to 71 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Investigation and assessment of seismic geologic hazard triggered by the Yushu earthquake using geospatial information technology Wang Futao, Zhou Yi, WANG Shixin, ect 72 to 76 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
The genetic mechanism of Gangudi landslide Wang Yunsheng,Luo Yonghong, Li Yusheng, ect. 77 to 80 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Non-linear Analysis for Temperature Fields of the Seasonally Frozen Tunnel in Western Hubei Province Wang Cheng, Zhang Xuefu, Li Xiaohong, ect. 81 to 85 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study on Landslide Apparent Coefficient of Friction and Block Coefficient Based on the Ground Conditions  Fan Xiao yi and Qiao Jian ping 86 to 90 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Application of 3S Technology to the Emergency Handling of Environmental Pollution Accidents  J.Yang, K.Lin, D.Y.Yang, K.R.Zhao, ect. 91 to 95 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Approach to Disaster Relief: Emergency Management System in Cities of China  Chen Zhouyi, Chen Xiuyingand Deng Jianxun 96 to 98 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Research and application of landslide real-time monitoring system based on unsaturated soil mechanics Huang Dong , Qiao Jianping , Taro Uchimura, ect. 99 to 104 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Environmental Impact Assessment of Post Earthquake Restoration and Reconstruction  Liu YaLi and Duan Xiuju 105 to 109 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Ecological Risk Management Model EVR and its Application in the Laoshan District of Qingdao City Shi Honghua and Zheng Wei 110 to 114 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Index System and Evaluation of Disaster-Prevention Control in Mountainous Urban Design Zuo Jin, Zhao Wanmin and Su Wei 115 to 119 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Prediction and Evaluation of Space Collapse for Typical Covered Karst Liu Xiumin and Chen Congxin 120 to 126 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Seismic damage analysis of underground caverns subjected to strong earthquake and assessment of post-earthquake reinforcement effect Yuting Zhang,Ming Xiao and Juntao Chen 127 to 132 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Analysis of Disaster Prevention and Reduction of Urban Green Space Planning,in Mountain City Li Yunyan and ZhouTiejun 133 to 137 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
A New Visual Angle of Disaster Prevention & Damage Loss Reduction Study on the Theory of Disaster Culture Wei Xiaofang and Zhao Wanmin 138 to 142 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Lightning-caused Forest Fires Risk Assessment Based on Historical Fires Events in DaXingAn Mountains of China  Liu Wenliang, Wang Shixin, Zhou Yi,ect. 143 to 147 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
The Study of Catastrophic Chains Hazards Predicting and Active Monitoring System Yu Han, Shixin Wang, Yi Zhou, ect. 148 to 150 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Epicentral Distance and Impacts of Rainfall on Geohazards after the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake, China Yang Zongji, Qiao Jianping, Tian Hongling, ect. 151 to 156 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Analysis of sight and activity of safe escaping in underground commercial space--Taking Chongqing underground commercial space as example Zhou Tiejun , Yan Qin and Zuo Jin 157 to 162 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Benefit-Cost Analysis of Geological Disaster Mitigation and Example Hongling Tian, Hongli Nan and ZongjiYang 163 to 165 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study on Chain-style Mechanism and Chain-breaking Method of Road Disaster in Cold Regions Huang Mingkui 166 to 169 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Research on Calculation of Scale and Holding Capacity for Shelters in Mountain Cities Zhou Tiejun and Li Wei 170 to 175 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study on the Control System of Geological Disaster Prevention in Urban-rural Planning--Based on Compilation and Research of National standard �Code for Geological disasters of Urban-rural Planning� Xu Yuhui and Xu Jia 176 to 180 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Use of Coal Samples and Rock Samples and Their eEfect on Pressure Cells Nie Wen, Xu Jiang, Wang Lei, ect. 181 to 186 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Predicting Roughness Coefficient for Natural Mountain River Channel at High Stage Based on Field Data LianXia Li, Min Jiang and Huasheng Liao 187 to 193 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study on mechanical properties of surrounding rock during tunnel construction with in-situ expansion step excavation method Nian Peng , Yongxing Zhang and Cheng Wang 194 to 199 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Topographic effects on seismic response of high embankmentin the Wenchuan earthquake Zhang BingKun , Zhang JianJing , Liu Qiang , ect. 200 to 205 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
A method for analyzing the oil pipelines system to reduce the damage to the ecological environment Li Yuan and Jian Xu 206 to 209 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Experimental research on the rheology characterisic of the red soft rock of badong group Q. SHEN , C.X.CHEN , H.F.LU, ect. 210 to 213 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
A new theory of earth-pressure of loosened rock mass Chen Congxin, Liu Xiumin and Huang Pinglu 214 to 218 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
The Analysis of Old City Reconstruction Design Based on Comprehensive Disaster-prevention Haijing Huang , Gang Chen and Jian Lin 219 to 222 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
On Governments� Eco-System Responsibilities in the Economic Development of Social Transitional Stages Lijian Zhang and Liying Liu 223 to 226 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Psychometric Comparison of the Severity of Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms in Different Groups of Sufferers and Rescuers after Wenchuan Earthquake by the OC Scale of the SCL-  Ge Qian 227 to 232 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
 Probability distribution of landslides caused by earthquake-- A case study in Wenchuan-Dujiangyan highway Xiaokang Duyan , Yu Zhao , Yong Li, ect. 233 to 235 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
A study to assess the effect of Industry disaster Bhopal gas tragedy on Health status of gas victims. Sushama Sharma 236 to 241 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Evaluation the Species Distribution of Heavy Metals in Electrokinetic Removal with Visual Minteq Zhonghui Xu, Xi Peng, Zaijiang Zhou , ect. 242 to 245 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Toxicity Identification of Ancient Smelting Slag Shui Guohong, Li Dongwei and Xu Zhonghui 246 to 249 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Truss Anchor cables supporting principle and its application Yao Jingming, Yan Yongye, Yao Junwei, ect. 250 to 253 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
 Health Risk Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Vicinage of the Pb/Zn Smelting Slag193 Ke Yang, Dongwei Li and Zaijiang Zhou 254 to 257 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Danger assessment of rock burst base on damage theory and its application Shui Guohong, Yao Jingming, Yan Yongye, ect. 258 to 261 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study On Coking Wasterwater Treatment By UV-Fenton System Cui Zhiqiang, Wang Li�ao and Jiao Binquan 262 to 265 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Kinetics and Adsorption Theory for cs+ Absorbed by Zeolites Mao Fei, Yi Facheng and Peng Jiaojiao 266 to 269 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Lessons from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill disaster in Alaska Yuqiang Xia, Michel C. and Boufade 270 to 273 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Research on Risk Detection and Precaution of Water Environment Zhao Kunrong, Yang Dayong, Yang Jian, ect. 274 to 280 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study of source retrospective method of Sudden Water Pollution Accidents Yang D.Y., Li S.Y., Lin K., ect. 281 to 284 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Safety Reinforcement of railway frame bridges in Huainan Mining Area, China Sheng Ping, Yu Guangyun, Wang Dongquan 285  to 287 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Preliminary Study on the Relationship between Land Surface Temperature and Occurrence of Yellow Rust in Winter Wheat Luo Juhua, Zhang Jingcheng, Huang Wenjiang, ect. 288 to 292 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Removal of trichloroethylene in groundwater using heterogeneous modified Fenton chemical oxidation technology WeiYing Huang, Fei Liu, Chen HongHan, ect. 293 to 296 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
A simulating model of pollutant diffusion in coastal water based on cellular automata Shi Honghua and Li Xiaoqiang 297 to 300 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
The Research of Cultivated Sludge rapidly of UASB and Methanogenic Dongwei LI,Qian Wang and Kehao Wang 301 to 305 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Effects of Fracture Seepage on the Stability of Landslide during Reservoir Water Level Fluctuation H.G. Fan, Q.Q. Liu and Y. An 306 to 308 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Meteorological Condition and atmospheric Boundary Layer Influenced upon Temporal Concentrations of PM1, PM2.5 at a Coastal City, Korea for Yellow Sand Event from Gobi Desert Hyo Choi, Doo Sun Choi and Soo Min Choi 309 to 315 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
 Extremely Heavy Precipitation by Typhoon Rusa and Orography in the Korean Eastern Coast  Hyo Choi and Soo Min Choi 316 to 323 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Wind Storm Generated by Meso-scale Cyclogenesis in the Korean Eastern Mountainous Coast Hyo Choi, Mi Sook Lee and Soo Min Choi 324 to 333 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Calibration and verification of biological phosphorus metabolism ASM2D for a bench-scale MSBR system Wang Lin, Zhang Daijun, Lu Peili, ect. 334 to 339 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Analysis and Modeling of Influent Variation to Dadukou WWTP at Chongqing, China Wenge Zhang, Daijun Zhang, Qing Cai1, ect. 340 to 348 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
 Environmental hazards research for heavy metal pollution of pyrite smelting slag306 Jin Liu, Dongwei Li, Zaijiang Zhou, ect. 349 to 353 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Designed technics and ideas of Anaerobic reactors with Internal Circulation Lu Ning and Liao Shiguo 354 to 357 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Experimental study on anaerobic treatment of fermentation mother liquid of monosodium L-glutamate with high chloride concentration Jiao Binquan, Li Dongwei amd Lan Tian 358 to 361 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Heavy Metal Pollution and Health Risk Assessment in the Vicinity of the Abandoned Pyrite Smelting Slag Guoli Chen, Dongwei Li, Jin Liu, ect. 362 to 366 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Application of GIS and Fuzzy Optimization Selection Theory in Tailings Dam Locating Qinwen Tan, Guangzhi Yin and Dongwei Li 367 to 371 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Research on the mine debris flow surging from tailings dam-break based on simulation experiment F 372 to 378 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
A New Method of Coal Mine Roof Weighting Analysis and Prediction Based on Electromagnetic Radiation Information Zhao Tongbin, Tan Yunliang, Chen Yunjuan,ect.  379 to 382 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Numerical simulation on deformation rule of protected coal seam under upper protective seam method Wang Jia chen and Zhao Hong bao 383 to 387 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study on impact of coal and gas outburst Strength caused by principal stress Zhao Hong bao and Yin Guang zhi 388 to 391 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Ivision of Ordovician limestone aquifer water rich area in Micun Coal Mine Yi Weixin 392 to 396 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Effect of two kinds of activated coal gangue powder on compressive strength and pore size of blended cement mortars Zhou Shuangxi and Huang Shuimei  397 to 399 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study on the Collapse Causes and Treatment Measures of Luo Jiawan Tunnel Gao Feng,and Li Jun  400 to 402 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Early Warning on Coal and Gas Outburst with Dynamic Indexes of Gas Emission Yang Shouguo,Tang Jianxin,Zhao Shuqin, ect.  403 to 406 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Synthesis of methanol from oxygen-containing coalbed methane and environmental benefit analysis Xu Feng and Zhu Lihua 407 to 410 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Three-mark Matrix Improves AHP Assessment Model and its Application on Geological Hazard Susceptibility Zhang Weizhong , Chen Congxin and Huang Zhiwei  411 to 415 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Prediction of rock burst potential by analysis of ultrasonic velocity data Zhang Zhizhen, Gao Feng, Ji Ming, ect. 416 to 420 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Gas Seepage Field of God and the LBM Simulation Zhao Zhigang and Teng Guirong 421 to 423 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Application of Improved FHAP in Mining-disturbed Slope Stability Evaluation Tang Jianxin, Kang Qinrong and Yin Guangzhi 424 to 427 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study of Safety Mining Technology on Ore Body adjacent to Water-bearing Crushed Zone and Fault Shiqing Nan , Juanxia Zhang and Xianzhang Guo 428 to 431 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Analysis of Development Technology Models of CBM by Surface Well in Coal Mining Area Chen Jinhua, Hu Qianting and Sun Dongling 432 to 436 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Reality-Expectation-Obligation: China Coalmine Staff Psychological Contract Model Qi Hui, Chen Hong and Long Ruyin 437 to 441 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Analysis on the effect of gas pressure on coal and gas outburst disaster Xu Jiang, Peng Shoujian, Zhang Dandan, ect.  442 to 446 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
The Effection of Key Strata on Protection for Excavation The Steep-inclined Under-protecting Layer Wang Hongtu, Fan Xiaogang and Yuan Zhigang  447 to 450 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Mechanisms of gas overflow of Fully Mechanized Top-Coal Caving Face and its Controlling Technique Hu Guozhong and Wang Hongtu 451 to 455 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Stability Analysis and Calculation of Honggutan Deep Foundation Fit Engineerin Jianqing Jia, Hongtu Wang, Wuyun Yang, ect.  456 to 458 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Research on Periodical Damage of Roof Rock-Mass and its Fractal Character Pi Wenli and Dai Gaofei  459 to 461 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study of the method to intelligent fault diagnose sucker rod pumping system in directional well and it's application Liu Jingcheng,Wang Hongtu,Li Wenhua, ect.  462 to 466 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
A review on rockburst mechanisms Gun Huang, Guangzhi Yin ,Wang Gang, ect. 467 to 472 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Empirical study on the safety factors in mining production Tan Haixia, Wang Hongtu, Chen Lin, ect. 473 to 478 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Application of Mahalanobis-Taguchi System to Evaluate The Risk of Rock Burst in Mining Zhang Zhizhen, Gao Feng and Liu Guannan 479 to 482 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Finite Deformation Analysis of Tunnels Yanan Gao, Feng Gao, M. and Ronald Yeung 483 to 486 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Experimental Study of the Influence on Mechanical Properties and Coalbed Methane Seepage of Coal Reservoir Face Cleat Changbao Jiang, Guangzhi Yin, Jiang Xu, ect. 487 to 494 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Test Study on the Ruptures of Coal Shaft Lining Buried by Thickover Soils in East China Li Xiaoqin and Li Wenping  495 to 498 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
An elastic-viscoplastic damage constitutive model for soft rock and Applications Ling Wan,Xianghe Peng , Zuoan Wei, ect. 499 to 504 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Similar simulation experimental investigation on the stability of the stope roof of gently inclined medium thick phosphate rock under the ming of cemented backfilling of waste rock Yin Guangzhi,Li Xiaoshuang, Wei Zuoan,ect.  505 to 509 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Analysis of pore characteristics on the surface of raw coal under different size Xu Jiang, Wang Lei, Peng Shoujian, Liu Dong, ect. 510 to 516 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Bioleaching Study of Chalcopyrite Mineral Processing Solid Waste by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and Thiobacillus thiooxidans Dou Li, Dongwei Li, Zhirong Liang, ect. 517 to 520 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Research on Laser Speckle Optical Measuring Method of Rock Deformation Localization Zhang Dongming,Yin Guangzhi, Wang Hao, ect. 521 to 525 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Chaotic behavior of a stick slip model for rockburst Gun Huang ,Guangzhi Yin and Gaofei Dai  526 to 530 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Effect of gas pressure on diffusion of CH4 in coal Li Jianbo,Xian Xuefu,Zhou Junping,ect. 531 to 535 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
The Stability Evaluation of coal waste dump:case of a chongqing coal mine Li Jianbo ,Xian Xuefu , Mao Fei , ect. 536 to 540 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Theory and Technology of Gas Drainage and Disaster Prevention in Complex Coal Seams Li Xiao hong, Kang Yong, Li Dong, ect. 541 to 545 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Numerical Simulation for Protection Scope of Steep Inclined Upper-Protective Layer of Pitching Oblique Minin Wang Hongtu, Yuan Zhigang, Fan Xiaogang, ect. 546 to 550 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
The Characteristics of Bifurcatin, Chaos, and Self-Organization of Micro-Cracks Evolution in Rock Pi Wenli1and Dai Gaofei 551 to 556 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Self-organized Criticality of Mine Disaster and Its Application Wang Hongtu, Liu Nianping and Yuan Zhigang  557 to 559 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Numerical Study on the Distribution Characteristics of TP in Taihu Lake, China Y. Gao, X.F. Xu, Q.Q. Liu 560 to 562 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Present Situation and Future Prospects of Geologic Environment Issues in Mines in China LIU Li, CHEN Liqun, TANG Jianxin 563 to 566 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Dinosaurs and cretaceous tertiary (k-t) boundary of pakistan-a past big disaster alerts for present disaster advances M. Sadiq Malkani 567 to 572 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Flood Hazard Forecasting and Geospatial Determinants of Hydromorphology in the Limpopo Basin, Southern Africa B.F. Alemaw 573 to 581 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Volcanic eruptions and their effects on soi, sstand indian summer monsoon rainfall Indira Sudhir Joshi 582 to 585 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Study of particle distribution characteristics and mechanicalproperties for tailings based on fractal theory Yin guang-zhi, Zhang qian-gui, Wei zuo-an, Li yuan, Zhou yong-kun 586 to 591 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Farmland Destroyed by Natural Hazards in China: Spatio-temporal Pattern and Mitigation Countermeasures Long Hualou, Zou Jian 592 to 597 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Similarity simulation experimental investigation on the stability of stope pillar of gently dip medium thickness phosphate rock under pillar and room mining  YIN GuangzhiLI Xiaoshuang,WEI Zuoan, TIAN Weijun, SHAO Qiang 598 to 602 Vol. 3 (4) October 2010
Editorial :  Disaster Prevention and Management: A Geographical Perspective Long Hualou 3 to 5 Vol. 4 (1)   January 2011
A Probabilistic Method to assess the Regional Susceptibility of Landslides induced by Earthquake in Kitakyushu City, Japan Junjie Sun, Lanmin Wang and Guangqi Chen 7 to 18 Vol. 4 (1)   January 2011
The Relationship between Earthquake Knowledge and Earthquake Attitudes of Disaster Relief Staffs cal Adem  19 to 24 Vol. 4 (1)   January 2011
  Boboulos Miltiadis A.  25 to 33 Vol. 4 (1)   January 2011
Application of Space Information Technology on Back-Analysis for Geological Parameters of Engineering Environment Wang Iau-Teh and Lee Chin-Yu 34 to 40 Vol. 4 (1)   January 2011
Response to Swelling and Permeability of Bentonite using Saline Solution for Nuclear Waste Disposal Shirazi S.M., Kuwano J., Kazama H., Wiwat S. and Ismail Z. 41 to 47 Vol. 4 (1)   January 2011
Land Use Change in Fast Developing Regions: A Case Study of Chongqing Municipality in Southwestern China Liu Li, Huang Fang and Gao Shuohan 48 to 52 Vol. 4 (1)   January 2011
Nonlinear Hydrologic Modeling Using the Stochastic and Neural Networks Approach Sungwon Kim 53 to 63 Vol. 4 (1)   January 2011
Editorial: It�s about Time: A Proactive Approach to Geohazards Management in Developing Countries
Baban Serwan M. J.         3 to 4 Vol. 4 (2)     April 2011
Comparative Evaluations of the Seismic Key Parameter by Artificial Neural Network Model and Ambient Vibration Survey Kerh Tienfuan, Ku Tienchi and Gunaratnam David 5 to 12 Vol. 4 (2)     April 2011
Earthquake Related Deformation Cycle: Perspectives from 2004 Sumatra and 2010 Chile Mega-Earthquakes Reddy C.D., Arora S.K., Sunil P.S. and Prajapati S.K. 13 to 21 Vol. 4 (2)     April 2011
Study on the strong signals of the large floods along the Yangtze River in China Feng Li Hua   22 to 25 Vol. 4 (2)     April 2011
Landslide Hazard and Risk Analysis in India at a Regional Scale Adhikari Manik Das , Nath Sankar Kumar and Maiti  Soumya Kanti  26 to 39 Vol. 4 (2)     April 2011
High-resolution Seismic Imaging of Geologic Deformation, offshore East Coast of Korea at 37 oN: Implications for Assessments of Seismic Activity Kim Han-Joon , Jou Hyeong-Tae, Lee Gwang Hoon , Choi Dong-Lim , Yi Bo-Yeon , Yoo Lee-Sun , Lee Sang-Hoon , Kim Kwang-Hee  and Yoo Hai-Soo 40 to 46 Vol. 4 (2)     April 2011
Probability of Occurrence and Study of Earthquake Recurrence Models for Gujarat State in India Choudhury Deepankar and Shukla Jaykumar 47 to 59 Vol. 4 (2)     April 2011
GIS Compatible Software for finding numbers of Topographical and Open Series Maps Chaure Shailesh Kumar 60 to 63 Vol. 4 (2)     April 2011
Editorial:  Analysis on Structural Hazards Induced by Wenchuan Earthquake Zhao-Dong Xu         3 to 5 Vol. 4 (3)      July 2011
Distribution Characteristics of Debris Flows and Landslides in Three Rivers Parallel Area Ding Mingtao and Wei Fangqiang  7 to 14 Vol. 4 (3)      July 2011
Lineaments Controlled Landslides of Nilgiri Mountains, India -A Geospatial Analysis Muthukumar M.  15 to 19 Vol. 4 (3)      July 2011
Effect of Gas Pressure on the Transport Properties of Outburst-Prone Coal Gun Huang, Guangzhi Yin  and Xiaoshuang Li 20 to 23 Vol. 4 (3)      July 2011
Geo-Information technology for mass wasting hazard zonation : Central - west Alborz � Iran Farrokhnia A.R.,   Pirasteh S.,  Pourkermani M.  and Arian M.  24 to 33 Vol. 4 (3)      July 2011
 Seismic Bearing Capacity Factors for Shallow Strip Footings by Pseudo-Dynamic Approach Ghosh Priyanka and Choudhury Deepankar 34 to 42 Vol. 4 (3)      July 2011
The north of Iran fire regimes assessment with MODIS fire data: their relationship to PNPI and temperature (2001-2008) Ardakani Ali S., Valadan Zoej Mohammad J., Mohammadzadeh Ali and Mansourian Ali 43 to 50 Vol. 4 (3)      July 2011
Probability-based Analytical Method for Evaluating Basal Heave Failure in Braced Excavation Tang Yu-Geng and Kung Gordon Tung-Chin 51 to 58 Vol. 4 (3)      July 2011
Strong signal of the super-huge flood and superposition effect of physical factors � A case study along Yangtze River of China in 1954 Feng L. H. 59 to 63 Vol. 4 (3)      July 2011
Editorial : 2011: A year of large, costly and record-setting disasters Rubin Claire B.  3 to 5 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    
Land-Use Land-Cover Changes in East Singbhum Mineralized Zone: A Case Study Kashinath Pal, Deb D., Vardhan H., Aruna M. and Samanta B. 5 to 10 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    
Modelling Natural Disaster Management Systems: the Case of the Indian Ocean Countries Santos-Reyes Jaime  11 to 19 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    
Coupling of hydrodynamic modeling and aerial photogrammetry-derived digital surface model for flood simulation scenarios using GIS: Kuala Lumpur flood, Malaysia Fugura A'kif Al , Billa Lawal , Pradhan Biswajeet, Mohamed Thamer Ahmed  and
Rawashdeh Samih 
20 to 28 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    
AE Pattern of Rock Burst Disaster induced by Strata Activation in Coal Mine Tan Yun-liang, Zhang Ze and Zhao Tong-bin 29 to 33 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    
Association between mean zonal winds in the lower stratosphere and cyclonic  storms Joshi Indira Sudhir  34 to 37 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    
Application of Support Vector Machine with Posterior Probability Estimates in Debris  Flow Hazard Assessment Li Xiuzhen and Kong Jiming  38 to 44 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    
Integrated Assessment Method for the Flood Management Project in Taiwan Lee H.C. 45 to 52 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    
Seismomagnetic Signal Comparison using the Morlet Wavelet Method Chen Chieh-Hung, Wen Strong, Liu Jann-Yenq, Yeh Ta-Kang, Wang Chung-Ho,
Yen Horng-Yuan, Hattori Katsumi  and Lin Ching-Ren
53 to 60 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    
Natural Disaster Occurrence and Average Global Temperature Pan Xubin, Shen Danna, Dong Xuejun and Patton Bob  61 to 63 Vol. 4 (4)   October 2011    

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