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Title of paper Author Name Page no Volume /Year
Construction-Induced Damage to Structure Kung Gordon Tung-Chin 03 to 05 Vol. 5 (1)   January 2012    
Identification of landslide spatial distribution and their types along the Riviere Frorse Drainage Basin triggered by the earthquake in Haiti on 12 January 2010 Jinling Zhao, Chuang Liu, Tingting Lv and Lijun Dai 05 to 13 Vol.5(1) January 2012
Validation of Numerical Typhoon Model using Both Near-ground and Aerial Elevation Wind Measurements Zhu Le Dong, Zhao Lin, Ge Yao Jun and Cao Shu Yang 14 to 23 Vol.5(1) January 2012
The Vertical Structure of Thermal Anomaly before Inner Mongolia Ms5.9 Earthquake Guangmeng Guo and Jie Yang 24 to 28 Vol.5(1) January 2012
Dısaster and Emergency Management Activities by Geospatial Tools with specıal reference to Turkey Erden Turan 29-36 Vol.5(1) January 2012
Reconstruction experience of Lorestan 2006 earthquake: Elimination of Transitional Shelter Omidvar Babak  and Binesh Negin 37-43 Vol.5(1) January 2012
Extreme Decrease of Air Temperature modified by a Typhoon Passage in the Korean Eastern Coast Choi Hyo 44-51 Vol.5(1) January 2012
Natural Disaster Occurrence and Average Global Temperature Pan Xubin, Shen Danna, Dong Xuejun and Patton Bob 52-53 Vol.5(1) January 2012
Response of Foundations Subjected to Blast Loadings: State of the Art Review Kumar Ranjan, Choudhury Deepankar and Bhargava Kapilesh 54-63 Vol.5(1) January 2012
Land Subsidence Disaster caused by Natural Factors and Human Activities Zhen-Dong Cui 03 to 04 Vol.5(2) April 2012
Study on effective rainfall area pre-warning model of slope disaster in Hunan province Zhang Yonghui, Wu Kai, Sheng Qian and Li Hongxu 05 to 15 Vol.5(2) April 2012
Developing a seismic site classification map of Korea using geologic and topographic maps Young Kang Su and Kwang-Hee Kim 16 to 24 Vol.5(2) April 2012
Integrating Risk and Sustainability: A holistic and integrated Framework for Optimizing the Risk Decision and Expertise Rad (ORDER) Reniers Genserik 25 to 32 Vol.5(2) April 2012
An evacuation system for extraordinary Indoor Air Pollution Disaster Circumstances Karas Ismail Rakip, Batuk Fatmagul and Abdul-Rahman Alias 33 to 40 Vol5(2) April 2012
Model Test on Deformation and Failure of Excavated Anti-dip Slope under Seismic Loading Fayou A., Kong Jiming and Ni Zhenqiang 41-47 Vol5(2) April 2012
 Introducing a temporal component in spatial vulnerability analysis Aubrecht C., Freire S., Neuhold C., Curtis A. and Steinnocher K. 48-53  
Application of fire risk assessment system to verify on real fire case for factory buildings Chi Jen-Hao and Wu Sheng-Hung 54-60  
Information management of the Fukushima reactor accident in Austria Steinhauser Georg, Villa Mario, Bernt Nico, Böck Helmuth, Chudy Michal, Gerstmayr Michael, Handsteiner Johannes, Hainz Dieter, Hajek Michael, Kulenkampff Tobias, Langegger Rupert, Merz Stefan, Mischitz Robert, Musilek A., Radde Eileen, Rauch Helmut, Salletmaier M., Srajer Johannes , Sterba Johannes H., Stettner C. and Veit Monika 61-63  
Editorial : Geological risks and Cultural heritage safeguard Gizzi F.T. and Lazzari M. 3 to 4 Vol.5(3) July 2012

The Autopoietic Restoration Pattern of Low Carbon Ecosystem Equilibrium: Lessons from the 2008 Chinese Ms 8.0 Earthquake
Xu Jiuping and He Yuan 5 to 14 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Seismic Stability and Liquefaction Analysis of Tailings Dam
Chakraborty Debarghya and Choudhury Deepankar 15 to 25 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Geoinformatics based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping using Probabilistic Analysis and Entropy Index of Tevankarai Stream Sub-Watershed, India
Evangelin Ramani Sujatha 26 to 33 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Estimation of Pan Evaporation using neural networks and Climate-based models
Sungwon Kim, Ki-Bum Park and Young-Min Seo 34 to 43 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Spatial and Temporal Threat of Slope Failures in the Klang Valley Region, Malaysia 
Thanapackiam P., Khairulmaini O.S. and Fauza Ab Ghaffar 44 to 51 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Anomalous changes in summer monsoon rainfall and crop yields over India
Lakshmi Kumar T.V. and Humberto A. Barbosa 52 to 62 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Geological and Geomorphological Hazard in Historical and Archaeological Sites of the Mediterranean Area: Knowledge, Forecasting and Mitigation
Lazzari Maurizio and Lazzari Silvestro 63 to 71 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Natural hazards in the Abruzzi Apennines (Italy) and the risk to archaeological sites
Galadini Fabrizio, Ceccaroni Emanuela, Falcucci Emanuela  and Gori Stefano 72 to 78 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Geomorphological hazard and cultural heritage: a case-study of the Roman bridges in the Finalese karstic area (Western Liguria - Italy)
Brandolini P., Faccini F.,  Maifredi A. and Benedettini A. 79 to 89 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Reckless foundations, Natural disasters or Divine punishment in the 14th century Italian culture (the storm or tsunami of Amalfi in 1343)
Del Lungo Stefano 90 to 99 Vol.5(3) July 2012

A multi temporal kernel density estimation approach for new triggered landslides forecasting and susceptibility assessment
Lazzari Maurizio and Danese Maria 100 to 108 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Integrated subsoil model for seismic microzonation in the Central Archaeological Area of Rome (Italy)
Moscatelli Massimiliano, Pagliaroli Alessandro, Mancini Marco, Stigliano Francesco, Cavuoto Giuseppe, Simionato Maurizio, Peronace Edoardo, Quadrio Bruno, Tommasi Paolo, Cavinato Gian Paolo, Di Fiore Vincenzo, Angelino Antimo, Lanzo Giuseppe, Piro Salvatore, Zamuner Daniela, Di Luzio Emiliano, Piscitelli Sabatino, Giocoli Alessandro5, Perrone Angela, Rizzo Enzo, Romano Gerardo, Naso Giuseppe, Castenetto Sergio, Corazza Angelo, Marcucci Sandro, Cecchi Roberto and Petrangeli Pia 109 to 124 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Site features responsible for uneven seismic effects in historical centre of Melfi (Basilicata, Southern Italy) 
Gallipoli M. R., Gizzi F. T., Rizzo E., Masini N., Potenza M. R., Albarello D. and Lapenna V. 125 to 137 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Mitigation of urban vulnerability through a spatial multicriteria approach
Tilio Lucia, Murgante Beniamino, Di Trani Francesco, Vona Marco and Masi Angelo 138 to 143 Vol.5(3) July 2012

Decision-making errors and socio-political disputes over the Vajont dam disaster
Delle Rose Marco 144 to 152 Vol.5(3) July 2012
Review Paper:  

 Improving Communication and Collaboration for Drought Vulnerability Analysis in China
Wang Jinsong and Hayes Michael J. 153 to 164 Vol.5(3) July 2012
Editorial : Disaster Control and Prevention to benefit Human Beings Dongwei Li   Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Three-dimensional Soil Deformation induced by Double-O-Tube Shield Tunneling Gang WeiP, Jie HongPP and Xinjiang WeiP B301 04-Aug Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Effects of pullout direction and anchor inclination on computation of pseudo-static uplift capacity for strip anchors in sand  Rangari Sunil M.,  Choudhury Deepankar  and Dewaikar D. M.  Sep-16 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Maximum Local Energy Method for Multispectral Image Fusion in Remote Sensing System Huimin Lu and Seiichi Serikawa 17-20 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Importance of Ductile Detailing in Earthquake Resistant Reinforced Concrete Frame Building Bhattacharya Shankha Pratim 21-25 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Using Unified Modeling Language on the Development of Real-Time Remote Monitoring System for Hillslope Yao-Ming Hong, Hong-Ting Lyu, Wen-Pei Sung, Yao-Chiang Kan and Hsueh-Chun Lin  26-41 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Assessment of landslide hazard zonation mapping in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu - India Saranathan E., Kannan M. and Victor Rajamanickam G. 42-50 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A variation trend analysis of key controlling factors on slope dynamic response due to seismic action Fangpeng Cui, Yueping Yin and Ruilin Hu 51-57 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Evaluation of Rationality of Emergency Shelters Distribution through Application of  andscape Index He Yueyun, Xue Xiongzhi and Zhou Liang 58-62 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
ORECOS: An open and rational emergency command organization structure under extreme natural disasters based on China’s national conditions  Liu Dan, Wang Hong-Wei, Qi Chao and Wang Jian  63-73 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Depositional slope break in shallow marine shelf setting and its control on regional forced regressive wedge systems tract Liu Hao, WangYingmin and Xin Renchen 74-89 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Drought Disaster Risk Assessment of the Yellow River Basin based on Historical Drought Information in GIS Environment Pan Donghua and Jia Huicong 90-94 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Graphics Processing Unit based searching the critical slip surface of slopes by the Vector Sum Analysis Method Liu Shaobo, Wang Chuanying and Han Zengqiang 95-101 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Applying MORT to the Analysis of the Haiti’s Earthquake Rafael Alvarado-Corona, Jaime Santos-Reyes, Cuauhtémoc Hidalgo-Cortés and Cinthya Mota- Hernández 102-109 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study of Residual Slope Mining and its Stability during Transition from Open Pit to Underground Mining Nan Shiqing, Guo Xianzhang  and Zhang Juanxia 110-115 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research in Analytical Method for Halogenated Hydrocarbon Degradation Materials in Groundwater - Methane, Ethylene and Ethane Yang Jin, Ou Dongni, Cai June, Yang Lynn and Xue James 116-119 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Stability evaluation indexes of deep stope pillar and roadway surrounding rock Yu Weijian, Zhai Shuhai  and Gao Qian 120-126 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Stability Evaluation of Rock Blocks in Jointed Rock Masses considering Earthquake Impacts Zhang Yuting, Ding Xiuli, Huang Shuling and Lu Bo 127-132 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study of Fractals Characteristics on Micropores and Microcracks in Rock before Rock Engineering Disasters Li Liu and Quian- Cao Shui 133-138 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Hydro-Mechanical Coupling Characteristics on Soil-Structure Interface in High Earth Rock-fill Dams Luo Yulong, Zhan Meili, Sheng Jinchang, Wu Qiang and He Shuyuan 139-143 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Study on Rational Slopeland Classification and Use for Land Conservation in Taiwan Wang C. W., Shen C. W.  and Lin L. L.  144-149 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Case Study on Disaster Prevention and Rescue for Railway Construction Project Shiau Yan-Chyuan, Song Shu-Jen and Hsu Wei-Chung  150-156 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Stopping the Tide of Aquatic Macrophytes: Be Smarter in choosing Proper Control Methods Peng Shitao, Liu Chunguang and Shen Richard 157-161 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Speciation and Bio-leachability of Heavy Metals in Copper Mine Tailings Wenjian Ma, Li Dongwei, Zhang Shaojian and Chen Zhenghui 162-165 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Reliability Analysis of Lining Stability for Hydraulic Tunnel under Internal Water Pressure Wang Shuren and Chang Mengshi  166-170 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Regional Landslide Hazard Zonation and Vulnerability Analysis using AHP and GIS - A Case study of Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu, India Vaani N. and Sekar S.K. 171-176 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Building Damage Assessment using High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Port-au-Prince, Haiti Yeom Junho, Chang Anjin, Kim Yeaji and Kim Yongil 171-177 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Risk Assessment based on the Human Errors in the Petroleum Operation Liu Shanghai 171-178 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Stability Analysis of Dam Section No.26 of Three Gorges Project based on Vector Characteristic of Force Guo Mingwei, Ge Xiurun, Wang Shuilin and Zheng Hong 171-179 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on the energy dissipation of single layer latticed shell structures during earthquake Du Wenfeng, Yu Fudong and Dong Shilin 171-180 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Numerical Simulation of Nuclide Transport in Complex Fracture Network Yao Chi, Jiang Qinghui, Chen Yifeng and Zhou Chuangbing 171-181 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Applying Digital Image Correlation Method to detect Deformation of Abamurus Tung Shih-Heng, Shih Ming-Hsiang, Sung Wen-Pei and Weng Meng-Chia  171-182 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Theoretical Analysis on Sealing Suppression Effect in Heavy Haul Railway Tunnel Fire Chen Changkun, Li Jian, Zeng Jiawei and Ji Daoxi  171-183 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Flood in Min River Basin at Southeast China Chen Zhouyi  171-184 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Confirmation on Reasonable Timbering Time for Tunnel in Rheological Cases of III- Rock Mass Lin Hang, Cao Ping, Fang Jianqin and Liu Qunyi 171-185 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The role of spatial variability in geology parameters on gas outburst prediction in Seam II1, Yi’an Coalmine Wu Min, Wang Xiaoming, Wang Xingjin, Pan Sidong, Zheng Aiwei, Qiao Lei and Yuan Yudong  171-186 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Study of the responsibility space regionalization of emergency shelters in the urban center and the evaluation of evacuation road based on microscope computer simulation A Case of Chongqing Three Gorges Square Area   Zhou Tiejun, Wang Dachuan, Zong Dexin and He Xiaoli 171-187 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Field test of rock burst danger based on drilling pulverized coal parameters Gu Shi-tan, Wang Chun-qiu, Jiang Bang-you, Tan Yun-liang and Li Nan-nan 237-240 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Design of Sluiceway Channel in a Landslide Dam triggered by the Wenchuan Earthquake You Yong, Liu Jinfeng and Chen Xingzhang 241-249 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Close-range Photogrammetry Technology in Mine Geological Disaster Control Project Acceptance Zhao Yanling, Gao Mingjie, Shi Yali, Fu Xin, Wang Fang and Xiao Wu  250-253 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The effect on leaching rate of Copper in Chalcopyrite Tailings by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans induced by UV Jiao Binquan, Zhang Jicheng, Li Dongwei and Wu Xuewei 254-257 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
GIS-based landslide susceptibility mapping using logistical regression method with LiDAR data in nature slopes Wang Liangjie, Sawada Kazuhide and Moriguchi Shuji  258-263 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Influence of Urban Heat Island effect on C, N, P Concentration and Stoichiometry Characteristics of Plant Foliage  Wang Ya-Ting Hu Dan, Huang Jing-Lou and Fan Lian-Lian 264-269 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Safety Index for Hospital Buildings Aiello Antonietta, PecceMarisa, Sarno Luigi Di, PerroneDaniele and Rossi Fernando 270-277 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
SVM and BPN models for predicting Soil Erosion Degree in 921 Earthquake Slopeland Region in Taiwan Lin Li-Ling Weng, Chih-Cheng, Wang Chao-Wen, Shen Che-Wei and Chen-Fa Wu 278-284 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Distribution characteristics of landslides and debris flows in the Wenchuan earthquake region before and after the earthquake  Wei Fangqiang, Su Pengcheng and Jiang Yuhong  285-294 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Estimation of Forest Biomass from Airborne LiDAR Data as Measures against Global Warming-Individual Tree Unit and Forest Stand Unit Kim Yongmin, Chang Anjin, Kim Yongil, Song Jeongheon and Kim Changjea 295-299 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Modeling of Double-O-Tube tunneling-induced soil movements using stochastic medium theory Wei Xin-Jiang, Hong Jie, Wei Gang and Zhang Wo-Hua  300-303 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Observations of turbulence intensity distribution in the complex terrain around the Hong Kong International Airport using Doppler Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) systems Chan P.W. 304-311 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Comprehensive Stability Analysis of High Rock Slope based on Safety Monitoring Liang Gui-lan  312-320 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Change and future pattern of provincial flood affected areas in China: possible relationship with climate change  Chen Ying, Yin Yixing, Chen Xingwei and Xu Wucheng  321-326 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Comprehensive assessment and sliding mechanism analysis of Zhenggang Landslide, Southwestern China Wang Rubin, Xu Weiya and Zhang Jiuchang 327-331 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Probability based Analysis of Excavation-Induced Damage Potential of Buildings using a Simplified Evaluation Model Tang Yu-Gang and Kung Gordon Tung-Chin 332-340 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analysis and Discussion on Surface Settlement induced by Shield Tunnel Construction of Adjacent Sructure  Ding Zhi, Wei Xin-Jiang, Zhang Tao and Ge Guo-Bao 341-345 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Estimating suspended sediment concentration by a neural differential evolution (NDE) and comparison to ANFIS and three ANN models Rajabi Masoumeh and Feyzolahpour Mehdi 346-359 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Estimation of Individual Tree Biomass from Airborne Lidar Data using Tree Height and Crown Diameter Chang Anjin, Kim Yongmin, Kim Yongil and Eo Yangdam 360-365 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Finite element analysis of stability of extra-high slope under multilayer slope load Wu Jin Liang and Zhang Yong Xing  366-369 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Extent of Inundation on Tsunami 2004 along Vedaranyam, Nagapattinam District, East Coast of India Natesan Usha and Parthasarathy Anitha 370-377 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Rock Burst Disaster induced by Mining Abutment Pressure Tan Yun-liang,  Zhang Ze and Ma Chuan-le  378-382 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Foraminifera - environmental co-evolution during Cretacoeus Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 in Gamba of southern Tibet, China Li Guobiao  383-390 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The selection of Supplemental Grouting Methods for Disaster Prevention in Rapid Transit Underground Tunnel Excavation Yang Hsi-Chi  and Deng Jia-Wen  391-397 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Landslide Disaster Causes and Preventive Methods of Highway-3 in Taiwan Tsai Chen-I and Shiau Yan-Chyuan 398-403 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Application in Rock Burst Prediction of Deep Buried Tunnel by Microseismic Monitoring Technology Zhang Chunsheng and Liu Ning  404-409 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
An Efficient Risk Assessment Model for Structure Safety of Aged Dam Lin H.C., Hong Y.M., Kan Y.C. and Sung W.P. 410-416 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Application of Steel Rail Pile in retaining Wall to support Soil Slope Meng Qingshan, Kong Lingwei and Tan Fengyi  417-421 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Influence of Pile Position and Length on Stress Deformation Behaviors of Layered Rock Mass Slope Lin Hang and Sun Shuwei 422-426 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research of 3S Technology in monitoring Geological Disasters in Coal-Mining Area Xue Yongan, Zhang Mingmei, Li Jun, Shang Changsheng  and Su Qiaomei  427-432 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Effect of carbonation on chloride diffusion in fly ash concrete  Yuan Chengfang, Niu Ditao and Luo Daming  433-436 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Numerical Simulation of Typical Earthquake Surface Rupture in Wenchuan Earthquake-with Main Street of Xiaoyudong Town as an Example Su Shengrui, He Hujun, Zhang Ying, Li Peng and Wang Xiaojian 437-441 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Dynamic Response and Destruction Features for Landslide with Different angles of Broken Line Slip Surface under the Earthquake Han Pei Feng, Kong Ji Ming and Chen Ze Fu 442-446 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Effect analysis of Double-O-Tube Shield Tunnel Crossing Frame Structure Building with 30° Gang Wei, Dongdong Chen and Jie Hong 447-451 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Water in rush Analysis and Manage Measures of Shaft Sinking by Freezing Method Zhang Juanxia, Zhang Xuezhi, Guo Xianzhang, Jiang Jiaxin and Wu Liangjun 452-456 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Mechanism and real-time continuous monitoring and warning technology for rock burst of section coal pillar in deep island face Wang Aiwen, Pan Yishan, Li Zhonghua, Li Guozhen and Xu Lianman 457-462 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Cracks in Massive Concrete Side-wall of Open-cut Tunnel  -Liang Ninghui, Liu Xinrong and Chen Jiangong 463-467 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on blasting vibration cumulative damage effect of medium-length hole mining -Zhou Chuanbo, Jiang Nan and Luo Gang  468-473 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Influence of wind field on convection heat transfer in blocky stones embankment -Sun Shuwei, Bian Xiaolin and Shi Yehui  474-478 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Purification Effects on Three Water Purification Materials of Disaster Emergency Water Purifier in Drinking Water Chen Shaohua, Liu Guohua, Gao Jingqing, Han  Runping and  Zhang Ruiqin 479-483 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Redundancy of bridge piers with pile foundations under lateral load -Lu Yaner and Wu Yang 484-488 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Case Study on Treatment Measures for a Rock Tunnel with Inrush Mud and Sand Gushing Disaster -Zhang Guohua, Song Liang1 and Chen Libiao 489-493 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Influencing Factor Analysis of Interference Vibration Reduction of Millisecond Blasting -Li Haibo, Lv Yanxin, Liu Yaqun, Qiao Weiguo, Chen Shihai, Yan Yongfeng and Zhang Qiuhua  494-501 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Optimization for the Prediction of Waveform and the Estimation of Peak Particle Velocity of Explosive Vibration -Li Haibo, Lv Yanxin, Liu Yaqun, Qiao Weiguo, Chen Shihai, Zhang Qiuhua and Yan Yongfeng 502-508 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Capabilities of the GNSS Precise Point Positioning Technique for Landslide Monitoring -Palmerini Giovanni 509-513 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on the Performances of Seismic Isolation and Damping in High-rise Buildings -Chen Ron, Shiau Yan-Chyuan and Tsai Chen-I 514-519 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Disaster advances creating opportunity for Community and Technology in Asia to mitigate disaster losses -Choudhary Gajadhar  520-523 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Spatial characteristics of storm damage in rice paddy and residential areas in Gyeonggi-do (province), Korea -Kang S., Choi W. and Schierenbeck T.M.  524-534 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Prevention Measures and Impact on Rural Safe Drinking Water caused by Drought  -Liu Zhenhua 535-539 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Spatio-temporal GIS Modeling for Earthquake Disaster Information -Xu Jinghai and Nie Gaozong 540-545 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Mechanism of the Behavior of Heavy Metals in Electrokinetic Removal System -Xu Zhonghui , Wang Hailong, Li Dongwei, Peng Xi, Tan QinWen and Liu Jianping 546-550 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Relationship between Coal Output and Safety in China -Wu Peng, Chen Hong and Long Ruyin 551-556 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Impact of climate change on rainfall in Tainan area of Taiwan using statistical downscaling analysis -Kung Gordon Tung-Chin, Chu Jung-Lien, Wu Po-Kai and Chen Yung-Ming 557-566 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Studies on the Property of Crack Propagation Velocity under Guidance Blasting with Water Jet Slotting -Wang Xiaochuan, Yang Xiaofeng, Fang Zhenlong and Zhou Dongping 567-570 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Model test study on the calculation of the phreatic line of the homogeneous bank slope under rising condition -Liu Xinrong , Zhang Liang and Wang Junjie 571-575 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Dwelling Reconstruction Strategies facing Extreme Cold Weather after Wenchuan Earthquake -Yi Jiang, Pei Wang3 and Fu Hongjie 576-579 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Multi-Sensor Fusion Method for Pan-Sharpening in Sharp Frequency Localized Contourlet Transform Domain -Lu Huimin, Zhang Lifeng and Serikawa Seiichi  580-589 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Experimental study on properties of transverse strain and gas flow of coal containing gas in process of unloading confining pressure -Zhao Hongbao 590-592 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Probabilistic Risk and Control Analysis of Self-circulation Disaster Crisis Evolution Chain -Shi Bo 593-596 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Discussion on Electrification Disaster Prevention for Welding Operations on Construction Projects -Yan-Chyuan Shiau, Liang-Ting Lu and Yan-Chun Cheng 597-603 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on the mechanisms of the soil consolidation and land subsidence caused by the high-rise building group in the soft soil area -Cui Zhen Dong and Jia Ya Jie  604-608 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Transitive Comparison Method and its application in Collapse Risk Identification -Li Fengwei, Du Xiuli and Zhang Mingju  609-613 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Landslide in Wu-Fong-Chi Area of Yilan County, Taiwan -Lin Chih-Yuan, Chen Hong-Shen and Kung Gordon Tung-Chin 614-621 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Stability Evaluation of Yujian River Dam Site Diversion Tunnel Perimeter using Block Theory Analyses -Wang Liangqing, Kulatilake P.H.S.W., Tang Huiming and Liang Ye 622-630 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on triggering mechanism and kinematic process of Qianjiangping Landslide -Jiang Qinghui, Zhang Zhenhua, Wei Wei, Xie Ni and Zhou Chuangbing 631-636 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Application of Improved Fuzzy Matter-Element Model for Assessing Eco-environmental Quality in Arid Area -Kang Yan, Cai Huanjie and Song Songbai 637-642 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Influence of Number of Samples on Undrained Slope Stability -Wu Zhenjun, Tang Hua and Yu Jin 643-647 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Determination of potential sliding line of slope by Boundary Element Method -Deng Qin, Li Chunguang, Tang Hua and Guo Mingwei  648-651 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analysis of the Relationship between Drought-Flood Disasters and Land-Use Changes in West Jilin, China -Wang Lingzhi, Long Hualou, Liu Huiqing and Dong Guihua 652-658 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The influence of drainage on wetland degradation in Zoige Plateau -Li Mei, Li Lianxia, Liao Huasheng, Huang Zhengwen and Huang Wendian 659-666 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Real-time CT Experimental Research on Creep Microscopic Damage Evolution of Coal Rock under Compression -Liu Baoxian, Shu Zhile, Han Jingjing, Liu Mengmeng and Zhang Kun   667-674 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Topological optimization of pick structure based on LS-DYNA -Qiang Zhang and  Zhi Yuan 675-678 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on the Land Subsidence Causes and Control Measures for Central and Southern Section of Taiwan High Speed Rail -Yeh Meng-Chia and Shiau Yan-Chyuan  679-685 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Performance-based Seismic Stability Assessment of Large Underground Carven Complex with Incremental Dynamic Analysis -Leng Xianlun, Cui Zhen, Liu Jiajin, Sheng Qian and Chen Jian 686-692 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Computation Model for Effective Radius of Gas-Extraction Drilling in Coal Mine -Wang Shengcheng, Zhou Fubao, Liu Chun1 and Liu Yingke 693-697 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Agent-based Cooperative Evolutionary Computation for Disaster Rescue Operation Planning -Zheng Yujun, Chen Shengyong and Ling Haifeng 698-703 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Scientometrics Analysis on the Research Field of Wenchuan Earthquake -Ge Qian 704-707 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Species Distribution of Heavy Metals in Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash after Electrokinetic Removal Experiment  -Jiao Binquan, Peng Xi, Li Dongwei and Chen Zhenghui  708-711 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research and application of reservoir flood emergency operation system -Liu Yongzhi, Cui Xinmin and Zhang Wenting  712-716 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Simulation Study of Characteristics of Hydraulic Fracturing Propagation of Low Permeability Coal Seam -Yuan Zhigang, Wang Hongtu, Liu Nianping and Liu Jingcheng 717-720 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Action Mode of Groundwater on Landslide Mass and Standard Variation Curve of Landslide Stability with rise of Reservoir Water  -Zhu Dapeng, Yan Echuan , Huang Lu and He Qiduo 721-725 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Integrative Forest Fire Monitoring System Framework -Li Jufang and Xing Lining  726-729 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A damage constitutive model of tailings based on the analysis of elastic-plastic and sliding of skeleton grains -Zhang Qiangui, Yin Guangzhi, Fan Xiangyu, Li Xiaoquan, Wang Wensong, Geng Weile and Liu Hairu 730-735 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Earthquake triggered landslide hazard mapping and validation related with the 2010 Port-au-Prince, Haiti earthquake -Xu Chong, Xu Xiwei and Yu Guihua  736-742 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Evaluating Susceptibility of Debris Flow Hazard using Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Hualien County -Shen Che-Wei, Lo Wen-Chun and Chen Chen-Yu 743-755 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Impact of Orthogonal Undercrossing Newly-built tunnel Adjacent Construction on the Safety of Existing Municipal Tunnel -Lu Junfu, Jia Yuanyuan and Liu Baoxian 756-761 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Ring Ferrule Effect of Enveloping Angle Steel on RC Columns -Jiang Hua, Guo Pengye and Cai Xiang  762-768 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Experimental Study of Gas Adsorption-induced Coal Swelling and its Influence on Permeability -Fang Zhiming and Li Xiaochun  769-773 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Risk Assessment of Tunnel Engineering Based on The Time-reliability -Jia Jianqing , Lai Yuanming , Li Yuwei and Wang Hongtu  774-778 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A study of woman’s risk perception and adaptation behavior after disaster-based on a public inquiry in Wenchuan earthquake area -Xin Zhou, Yi Yuan, Wei Xu, Zhihui Gu, Yi Ge and Xin Qian 779-782 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Appraisal and Strengthening for a Factory Building subjected to Fire Disaster -Tang Hongyuan, Liao Ni, Liu Chang and Wei Min  783-787 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
3-D Mapping of Regional Soil Hydraulic Characteristics through Establishment of Pedo-transfer Functions -Dong Mei, Hu Hui, Neukum Christoph and Rafig Azzam  788-795 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Fast Debris Flow Disasters Areas Detection Method of Earthquake Images in Remote Sensing System -Huimin Lu, Yujie Li, Shota Nakashima, Shiyuan Yang and Seiichi Serikawa 796-799 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Satellite Constellations for the Recovery of Areas hit by Natural Disasters -Palmerini Giovanni  800-805 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analysis of extension of semi-elliptical surface crack in a bending plate based on experiment and finite element simulation -Jian Hou and Zheng Yang 806-810 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Application of Support Vector Machine on Fault Diagnosis for Water Distribution Systems -Zhu Xiao Hong, Zhuo Yan Bao, Yang Jun and Sang Jun 811-815 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Dynamic Stability of the Tailings Dam under High Intensity Seismic Load coupled with the Effect of Seepage -Xie Jianbin, Fan Jing, Liu Wenlian, Fu Miao and Fei Weishui 816-821 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on stability of underground rock mass in Shirengou iron mine based on microseismic monitoring -Zheng Chao, Yang Tianhong, Yu Qinglei, Zhang Penghai, Xia Dong, Liu Honglei and Li Haizhou  822-826 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Island Permafrost Degrading Process and Deformation Characteristics of Expressway Widen Subgrade Foundation -Shan Wei, Jiang Hua, Hu Zhaoguang, Guo Ying and Wang Chunjiao 827-832 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Seismic Emergency Auto-handling Application System for the Lifeline Engineering System -Fu Jihua , Li Zhitao, Tan Qiao, Wang Jianjun and Wu Ronghui  833-837 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Numerical Simulation of Water Inrush in Thick Quaternary Slope -Guo Xianzhang , Tang Chun’an , Feng Qingbo and Zhang Juanxia  838-842 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Super-Efficiency DEA Model based Study: Assessment on the Vulnerability to Geological Disasters and Efficiency in Prevention and Management in China -Lv Jun, Li Mingze, Hou Jundong and Wang Huaying  843-848 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analysis on instablity of bedding slope disaster induced by snowmelt -Wei Bowen, Gu Chongshi , Liu Dawen and Zheng Fugang  849-854 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Assessing urban eco-security by PSR model in fast developing regions: a case of Chongqing in China    -Huang Fang and Liu Li 855-861 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Developing Processes of Rainfall-induced Retrogressive Landslide by Model Experiments -Lin Hungchou, Yu Yuzhen, Li Guangxin and Peng Jianbing  862-866 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Characters and Trend of Accidents in the Coal Mining in China -Yuan Xianping 867-870 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Variations of Greenhouse Gas carbon dioxide concentration over the Chinese mainland based on Satellite and Background Measurements -Yanfang Hou, Shixin Wang, Yi Zhou, Feng Wang, Wenliang Liu and Yu Han 871-876 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Mine Water Inrush Forecasting during the Mining under Waters -Liu Xiaoli and Wang Shanyong 877-882 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Fire Analysis and Prevention in Historical Towns -Tan Wenyong, Yang Rongbing and Yan Bo  883-888 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Earthquake Disaster controlling Effect of Soft Soil Foundation reinforced by XCC Pile -Ding Xuanming, Kong Gangqiang, Zheng Changjie and  Shan Lingzhi 889-892 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Stability Analysis of Anchorage Slope Based on Limit Equilibrium Theory -Xiumin Liu, Congxin Chen, Yun Zheng and Zhe Ou 893-896 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Vulnerability assessment model of derivative disasters by landslide based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process  -Si Hu,  Ji Hong and Chen Zhixuan  897-902 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Collapse Mechanism and Disaster Treatment of Mayakou Tunnel by the Action of Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) -Liu Xinrong, Li Dan, Zhong Zuliang and Wu Qiang  903-908 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Application of MATLAB Neural Network in evaluating Lake and Reservoir Eutrophication -Bingtao Liu, Yonghong Shui and Li Zhang 909-915 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Internal Forces Analysis of Micropile Composite Structure in Slope Engineering -Wang Huanlong and Li Xiaoning 916-920 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Emergency Management in Developed Countries: An Investigation of Hazard Risk, Vulnerability and Government Response in the UK and USA -Von Meding J. K.  921-927 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Variations of soil moisture in dune slacks on the mobile dunes of desertification regions -Wang Yongcui, Jiang Deming, Toshio Oshida, Zhou Quanlai and Miao Renhui  928-932 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Numerical Simulation of Control Blasting with Borehole Protecting and Water Jet Slotting in Soft Rock Mass -Kang Yong, Wang Xiaochuan, Yang Xiaofeng and Yuan Bo  933-938 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Simulation of Earthquake Ground Motions with Seismic Physical Characteristics -Liu Zhiming and Du Chengbin  939-944 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Discussion on Combined Defense Criteria of Coastal Engineering based on Encounter Probability -Ji Yongxing, Zhang Liaojun  and Lu Yongjin  945-950 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Assessment Method for Earthquake Disaster Grade based on Attribute Interval Recognition Theory -Wei Wang, Jingyu Su, Donghui Ma and Jie Tian  951-956 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Prediction and Forewarning System Research of Abrupt Geological Hazard in Flood Season about Qingdao Area -Ma Changchun, Zhao Quansheng, Zhang Jianwei , Zhao Guolei and Lu Zhongcheng  957-960 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Safe mining and new prediction model in coal seam with rock burst induced by roof -Zhao Tongbin, Yin Yanchun and Tan Yunliang 961-965 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Evaluation Model for Cities' Capability of Earthquake Resistance and Hazardous Prevention based on Systems Dynamics -Liu Xiaoran , Su Jingyu, Wang Wei  and Ma Donghui  966-970 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Disaster Chains induced by Mining and Chain-cutting Disaster Mitigation Technology -Gao Feng , Zhou Keping, Chen Xiaoyan and Luo Xianwei  971-975 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
China’s Governance Structure on Drought Disaster in Rural Areas -Li Hao , Gupta Joyeeta and Van Dijk Meine Pieter  976-980 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Disaster Mechanism of Hydraulic Fracturing for Hydraulic Tunnel -Bian Kang , Liu Jian  and Xiao Ming  981-986 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Occurrence Mechanism and Control Technology of the Floor Heave Disaster for Soft-rock Tunnel  -Zhong Zuliang, Tu Yiliang and Liu Xinrong 987-992 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Seismic Damage Assessment of Ultra-large Scale Deep Rock Chambers using Parallel FLAC -Cheng Huang, Dongri Song, Weizhong Ren and Kong Lingwei  993-998 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Propagation characteristics of gas explosion in duct with sharp change of cross sections -Ye Qing, Lin BaiQuan, Jian ChongGuang and Jia ZhenZhen  999-1003 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Finite Element Analysis of Dynamic Response of Maoergai Earth-rockfill dam in Earthquake Disaster -Ding Xuanming, Kong Gangqiang, Li Ping and Zhu Min 1004-1009 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Design and Test of Desulfurization Pump for Coal-fired Power Plant based on Acid-rain Prevention -He Xiaoke, Liu Jianrui , Guo Chenxu, Wen Haigang and Zhenjun Gao 1010-1015 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Meso-statistical Damage Constitutive Model of Gas-filled Coal based on the Acoustic Emissions -Liu Yanbao, Wen Guangcai1 Guo Ping, Jin Hongwei and Yang Huiming 1016-1021 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research of Traffic Network Equilibrium Model with Low Carbon Emissions Constraints -Meng Meng, Chunfu Shao and Xin Zhang 1022-1025 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Stabilization of Lake Sludge with Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC) Fly Ash and Cement -Hua Tang and Wei Wang  1026-1030 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Health diagnosis and functional rehabilitation for seismic-damaged tunnel suffered from the Wenchuan earthquake: A case study -Jiang Quan, Zhang Jiaxing, Feng Xiating, Cui Jie, Jin Changyu and Guo Xiaohong 1031-1036 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology Application in Monitoring of Surrounding Rock and Strucuture Deformation -Nan Shiqing and Gao Qian 1037-1042 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Debris Flow Damage to Transmission Lines and Corresponding Measures -Zhu Zhaoqing *, Ding Shijun and Lu Xianlong 1043-1045 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Characterization of acoustic emission properties of gassy coal under conditions of decreasing confining pressures -Yin Guangzhi, Qin Hu, Huang Gun and Jiang Changbao  1046-1049 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Distribution Characteristics of Fracture Field around Gas Drainage Borehole in Underground Coal Mine -Hu Shengyong , Zhou Fubao , Zhao Ce , Gao Feng  and Xu Aibin  1050-1054 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Discussion on the treatment to potential debris flow in coal mining area -Lv Yiqing , Liu Hongfu, Fan Shaoming and Huo Junjie  1055-1058 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Formation Mechanism of Gunmaling Debris Flow in China -Xu Lina, Nie Lei and Yu Yanxin 1059-1062 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Elastic-plastic Analysis of Gas Drainage Hole under Non-uniform In-situ Stress -Wang Xiaoming, Qiao Lei, Xu Ping, Wang Xingjin, Wu Min and Zhengi Aiwe 1063-1067 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research of flood disaster risk analysis and warning system -Liu Yongzhi, Zhang Wenting, Cui Xinmin , Zhan Guodong and Meng Bobo 1068-1071 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Risk Assessment of Disaster Prevention Project based on Triangle Fuzzy Number -Zhang Zhiguo  1072-1075 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Potential impact of sea level rise on the tidal wetlands of the Yangtze River Estuary, China -Wang Jun, Liu Yaolong, Ye Mingwu and Xu Shiyuan 1076-1081 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Simulation Study of Gas Drainage for Gob Gas Distribution -Wang Jiachen and Zhao Hongbao 1082-1085 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Urban flood modeling using 1D-2D coupled Hydraulic Models -Li Chuanqi and Wang Wei  1086-1090 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Weak area of the existing concrete bridge under environmental erosion and load variation -Yang Xiaoming, Han Zhiqiang and Zhu Hongqiang  1091-1095 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research of Intelligent Displacement Back Analysis of Dalian Subway Tunnel Excavation Disaster Prediction  -Jiang Annan and Wang Junxiang  1096-1103 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Early Warning Geographic Information System for Meteorological Disaster using GI Services and 3D GIS Technology -Zhu Rui, Liu Yong, Yin Zhenliang, Wang Xijie and Xu Baorong 1104-1112 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Estimation of Amplification Effect of Mining-Induced Blast Vibration on Surrounding Structures using a Hybrid GA-SVM -Yang Chengxiang, Zhang Xiwei, Zhang Fengpeng, Jin Changyu, Liu Jianpo and Zhu Yifei  1113-1118 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analyses of Urban Disaster-prevention Green Planning: by contrasting with Urban Green Space System -Fu Jinying, Chi Lu, Shuhong Shen and Li Li 1119-1122 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Theoretical Analysis on Wetland Ecological Benefit Compensation -Hao Chunxu and Wen Yali  1123-1128 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Study on Prevention Measures against Water and Sand Inrush and Their Application in Shendong Mining Area -Shi Xianxin  and Li Lin  1129-1135 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Artificial boundary setting for dynamic time-history analysis of deep buried underground caverns in earthquake disaster -Zhang Zhiguo, Chen Juntao and Xiao Ming 1136-1142 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Maximum-entropy Monte Carlo method for the evaluation of dam overtopping probability -Li Chuanqi , Wang Wei and Wang Shuai  1143-1147 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
An Exploration into the Amendments of the Disaster Prevention and Planning against the Background of Renovating Old Mountainous City -Yan Bo, Weng Shaobin and Deng Shuyang 1148-1153 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Effect of Rayleigh Wave on Seismic Active Earth Pressure behind Retaining Wall -Katdare Amey and Choudhury Deepankar* 1154-1159 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Seismic Response Analysis of Surrounding Rock of Underground Powerhouse Caverns under Obliquely Incident Seismic Waves -Chen Juntao, Zhang Zhiguo and Xiao Ming  1160-1166 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Method of preventive maintenance and plan for natural gas pipelines based on risk inspection -Yi Jun, Wang Wenhe, Xu Zhisheng and Zhao Ling  1167-1171 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Monitoring the vegetation deterioration and recovery of serious disaster area in Wenchuan Earthquake based on remote sensing -Zhu Jinfeng, Zhou Yi, Wang Shixin, Wu Fayun, Wang Futao, Yan Fuli and  Wang Litao  1172-1178 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the remediation of trichloroethylene contaminated groundwater by Fenton oxidation technology -Huang Weiying, Liu Fei, Lu Anhuai and Luo Ximing 1179-1182 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analysis of Earth-rock Aggregate Microstructure and Research on Digital Image Processing  -Shu Zhile, Liu Baoxian, Han Jingjing, Zhang Kun and Sun Wentao  1183-1189 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Effects of Tectonic Stress on Stability of Dilatancy Characteristic Soft Rock Roadway Intersection in Deep Underground -Cheng Lichao, Xu Jiang and Lu Tingkan  1190-1195 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Rule Engineer Model on the high-speed processing of Disaster Warning Information -Li Qianmu, Hou Jun, Qi Yong and Zhang Hong 1196-1201 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study of City Safety Power Supply System based on Distributed Energy against Extreme Disasters -Yang Benqiang, Li Lulu and Li Beihai  1202-1205 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Dynamic model for analyzing and controlling the epidemic diffusion in bioterrorism event-A new man-made disaster -Liu Ming and Xiao Yihong  1206-1211 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Stability analysis of water-filled dump slope under the couple effect of seepage and damage -Wang Zhenwei, Lv Xiangfeng and Wang Jianguo  1212-1217 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Evaluation and Study of Susceptibility of Geological Hazards in Lingyuan based on GIS Technology -Cui Qiang  and Lu Xianlong  1218-1223 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Flood Risk Zoning based on Information Diffusion and Entropy Theory in the Huaihe River Basin, China -Chen Junfei, Liu Guiyun, Wang Huimin, Li Ming and Liu Gaofeng 1224-1230 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Secondary Development and Slope Application Discussion of the Non-Linear Visco-Elastic Plastic Creep Model in Flac3D Software -Zhao Baoyun, Liu Dongyan, Zheng Yingren and Dong Qian 1231-1236 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Mechanism of Rock-burst Prevention by Synergizing Pressure Relief and Reinforcement of Surrounding Rocks with Zonal Disintegration in Deep Coal Roadway -Ning J.G., Liu X.S. and Tan Y.L. 1237-1242 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Prevention and cure mechanism of coal and gas outburst by injecting heat into coal seam -Cheng Yao, Ma Yulin and Zhang Yongli 1243-1246 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Deep Clay during High-Pressure K0 Creep Test and Its Microstructure Anisotropy -Li Wenping and Li Xiaoqin 1247-1252 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Time-dependent characteristics of sandstone with a single pre-cut crack under chemical corrosion -Lu Zude, Chen Congxin, Feng Xiating and Zhang Youliang  1253-1259 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
SPI-based drought characteristics analysis and prediction for Xiqiao Station in Yunnan Province, China -Chen Junfei , Huang Zeyuan and Jin Qiongji  1260-1268 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Real-time Regional Rainfall induced Geohazards Prediction Method in the Wenchuan Earthquake Region, China -Yang Zongji , Qiao Jianping, Tian Hongling, Huang Dong and Wang Meng  1269-1274 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Comprehensive Analysis of Drought Disasters in China from 1483 to 2010 -Liu Zhenhua 1275-1280 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Evaluation on Activity of Active Faults based on Uncertainty Measure Theory -He  Hujun, Su Shengrui, Wang Xiaojian and Li Peng  1281-1286 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Estimation model of freeze-thaw erosion in Western Sichuan Plateau -Kong Bo, Tao Heping and Liu Bintao  1287-1290 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Investigation on degradation dye wastewater by the liquid-phase high-voltage pulsed discharge -Zhang Bo and Wu Chundu  1291-1293 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Compensation Mechanism of Water Surface Ratio and Pervious Surface Proportion for Flood Mitigation in Urban Areas -Gao Cheng, Liu Jun, Liu Xiaoyin and Zhang Haiyan  1294-1297 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Studying the Microseism Monitoring and Rock Burst Forecast for Tunnel Excavation of Hydroelectric Power Station -Jiang Annan, Wang Junxiang  and Qiang Zhao  1298-1301 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Demonstration Study on Ecological Restoration of Urban Landscape Water Body, in Beijing, China -Pan Tao , Li Anfeng and Luo Jianping 1302-1306 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Prevention of the Natural Landslide Disaster Based on the Deformation Management Level  -Chen G. Q., Huang R. Q. , Xu Q. and Li T. B.  1307-1312 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Monitoring Model for High Slope Displacement considering the Effects of Dynamic Structure Mutation -Niu Jingtai, Li  Zhanchao and Su Huaizhi  1313-1320 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Population Losses Assessment of Major Earthquake Disaster using Spatial Information Technology -Wang Futao , Wang Shixin, Zhoui Y. , Wang Litao, Xu Qilong, Zhu Jinfeng and Li Wenjun  1321-1325 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Tempo-space Deformation Detection of Subway Tunnel based on Sequence Temporal 3D Point Cloud -Hu  Qingwu and Yin Wanlin  1326-1330 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Influence of Climate Change to Drought and Flood -Zheng Peinan , Li Ziqiang, Bai Zhipeng, Wan Lei  and Li Xiaoting  1331-1334 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
ArcGIS Engine based Multi-Objective Decision-Making approach to Optimal Path Problem in Post-Earthquake Traffic Systems -Wang Wei, Su Jingyu, Guan Hongzhi  and Ma Donghui  1335-1340 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Model, Algorithm and Application to Scheduling Problem of Agile Earth Observing Satellites -Yao Feng and Xing Lining  1341-1345 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Mission Planning for Space-based Disaster Monitoring -Lian Zhenyu, Tan Yuejin and Xu Yifan  1346-1350 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
A Co-extraction Technology of Coal and CBM based on the Law of Gas Advanced Relieving Pressure of In-seam Coalface -Hu Guozhong, Huang Xing, Xu Jialin, Qin Wei and Wang Hongtu  1351-1356 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Hot Washing Period Determination Method and Application based on Extension Theory -Liu Jingcheng, Wang Hongtu,  Yuan Zhigang and Liu Jumei  1357-1360 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Disaster Mechanism of Hard and Soft Interbedding Slope and its Preventive Measure -Lu Haifeng, Liu Quansheng, Chen Congxin and Wu Yuexiu 1361-1366 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on rock burst proneness index based on energy evolution in rock -Gao Feng, Zhang Zhizhen and Liu Xingguang  1367-1371 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Seismic isolation effect of a tunnel covered with a buffer layer -Wang Zhengzheng, Zhu Weizhi and Zhang Zhe  1372-1376 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Model Test and Numerical Analysis about Adjacent Tunnel’s Interaction  -Guo Zihong, Liu Xinrong, Zhu Zhanyuan, Zou Zuyin, Wang Ji Ming  and Lin Zhi  1377-1384 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Experimental study on the influence factors of coal containing gas during the fracture process -Peng Shoujian, Xu Jiang and Liu Dong  1385-1389 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The study on heat exchange performance influential factors of ground heat pump  -Xiang Yong , Zheng Min  and Li Baiyi  1390-1393 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Shear Strength of a Rockfill Material from Mine Waste Dumps -Zhang Chao, Yang Chunhe and Yin Jianhua 1394-1401 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Horizontal Deformation of Vertical Borehole during Two Coal Seams Exploitation -Liu Chun, Zhou Fubao, Wang Shengcheng, Liu Yingke and Xiao Xiang 1402-1406 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Simulation of dust lifting process induced by gas explosion disaster in underground coal mine -Zhu Chuanjie, Lin Baiquan, Jiang Bingyou, Liu Qian and Hong Yidu  1407-1413 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on the Key Technology of Traffic Guidance System for Disaster Emergency Rescue based on GIS  -Xiong Junnan, Liu Shan, Wang Zegen, Li Zhenpei , Yang Yanmei  and Ma Deying  1414-1419 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Microseismic Monitoring Analysis Methods for Disaster Prevention in Underground Engineering -Zhang B.H. and Deng J.H.  1420-1424 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Assessment of ecological loss of the oil spill based on hydrodynamic numerical model – a case study in Jiaozhou Bay -Zheng Wei, Lian Zhan, Zhang Fengye and Shi Honghua  1425-1429 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Adsorption of Phenol and Microwave-assisted Regeneration on Carbon Nanotube/Carbon Fabric Composites  -Wang Jung-Pin and Yang Hsi-Chi  1430-1435 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analysis of the Heat Island Effect of Groundwater Overexploitation -Fu Zhimin, Xiang Yan, Huang Hong and Zhou Zhifang  1436-1441 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analysis of the Influence of the Repetitive Mining in Lateral Orientation upon the Mountainous Surface Movement -Zhang Yongqin, Tang Jianxin and Li Yueqin  1442-1446 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analysis of longitudinal Deformation for Shield Tunnel based on Segment Dislocation Mode  -Wang Zhiliang, Xie Jianbin, Shen Linfang and Yao Ji  1447-1451 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Red Tide Causative Species in Bohai Bay during Spring -Bai Jingfeng, Peng Shitao, Shi Honghua and Yang Xiuyan 1452-1457 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Safety early-warning system theory and method of dam under changing environment Xiang Yan , Fu Zhimin , Yuan Hui , Wang Zhanjun and Liu Chengdong 1458-1465 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Casing damage disaster and its control measures in Jinglou oil field of Nanyang basin,China Zhuo Shengguang, Tan Lei, Liu Jiandong and Luhe Shen  1466-1470 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Comparison of Maximum Dynamic Shear Moduli of Lab and Situ Tests for Saturated Soils Tan Huiming and Gao Zhibing 1471-1473 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Deformation monitoring and stability analysis for potential slope of high and steep open pit Yu Weijian, Gao Qian, Zhang Nong and Wang Ping  1474-1480 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Discontinuous Deformation Analysis for the Slope Stability in Jinping First Stage Hydropower Station, Southwestern China Liu Xiaoli, Wang Enzhi, Han Guofeng and Wang Shanyong 1481-1485 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Debris Flow Deposition Prediction based on Numerical Simulation: a Case study of Mozi Gully, Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, China  Liu Jinfeng, Nakatani Kana and You Yong  1486-1490 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Dynamic Response of a Circular Lining in Saturated Soils caused by SH Waves Xu Ping, Zhou Xinmin and Xia Tangdai 1491-1494 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Experimental Study on Amelioration Effects of Foam for EPBS Tunnels Yang Yuyou and Wang Guihe 1495-1500 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Evaluation and Control Study on Reservoir Bank Landslide in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region, China Li Changdong, Hu Xinli, Tang Huiming, Fan Fusong and Wang Liangqing 1501-1507 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Grouting Reinforcement Technique for Subsurface Excavation of Group Metro Tunnels Construction in Complex Environment Baofu Duan and Lei Li  1508-1512 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Informationized Observation of the Construction for the Shallow and Long-span Tunnel and Corresponding Safety Assessment  Liu Xianshan and Liu Xinrong 1513-1519 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Kinetic study on pyrolysis and combustion of cooking oil tar under different air concentrations by using Macro-TG-FTIR analysis Xie Zhengwen 1520-1524 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Present situation of seawater intrusion and Control Measures in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China Yang Guifang, Zheng Lihui, Xu Xuejie and Zhuo Shengguang 1525-1528 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on establishment and structure of guaranty funds system for safety and environment restoration and control of tailings pond Shen Louyan and Zhou Keping  1529-1533 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Stress and Strain Concentrations in Finite-Thickness Rings under Diametrically Opposite External Loads Hou Jian, Yang Zheng, Cho Chongdu and Wang Zhiqian  1534-1540 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Disaster Prevention of Site-Support Method for Bridge Construction Shiau Yan-Chyuan, Song Shu-Jen, Yang Je-Chen and Lee Gour-Chin 1541-1546 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Surface Subsidence Law caused by Underground Mining in Metal Mine and its Stoping Plan Optimization Li Kegang and Hou Kepeng  1547-1551 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
GIS-based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Infinite Slope Model for the New Site of Badong County, China  Liu Bin and Yin Kunlong  1552-1557 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on the characteristics of black strata geochemical weathering and its disaster-causing mechanism  Liao Xin, Wu Xiyong, Zhu Baolong and Feng Jun 1558-1562 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Safety Assessment of Existing Double-curved Concrete Arch Bridge using Non-destructive Methods Li Li , Wang Zhenling and Fu Jinying  1563-1566 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Form Characteristic of Gully Erosion and Soil Erosion Predictive Model Lama Channel Li Xiaoning , Zhu Baolong and Wu Xiyong  1567-1570 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Environmental Cost (EC) Variation of Coal Enterprise Zhong Shuheng and Wang Xin  1571-1573 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Utilization of cement for solidification/stabilization (s/s) of heavy metal contaminated soils Zha Fusheng, Liu Jingjing, Cui Kerui and Xu Long 1574-1577 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Arsenic Release from the Mine Tailings with Bio-oxidation Pretreatment Luo Ximing and Zhao Liqian  1578-1581 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Mechanical Behavior of a Nuclear Waste Storage Media Yu Hongdan, Chen Weizhong, Yuan Kekuo, Gong Zhe and Li Xiangling 1582-1586 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Risk Analysis of Seawall Vulnerability based on Catastrophe Model Zhang Wenting, Zhang Xingnan and Liu Yongzhi  1587-1590 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Cryptic Regional Inequality in China’s Economic Development: The Life Cost Sunk in Coal Mine Accidents Chen Hong  and Feng Qun  1591-1596 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on the size effect of goaf stability Chen Qingfa and Liu Yunxiang  1597-1601 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Additional Stress on Adjacent Pile Foundation caused by Double-O-Tube (DOT) Shield Tunnel Wei Xinjiang, Hong Jie, Wei Gang and Zhang Tao  1602-1608 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Application of Quantification Theory to predict Coal Methane Content Xu Ping, Li Xiaochun, Fang Zhiming and Bai Bing 1609-1614 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Research on Unsaturated Hydro-mechanical Coupling Characteristic of a Slope considering Rainfall Infiltration and Stability Assessment Liu Xianshan, Zou Liming and Song Bihong 1615-1622 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Quality Assessment of Multi-Source and Multi-Scale Images in Disaster Prevention and Relief Xue Yongan, Zhang Mingmei, Zhao Jinling, Qinghai Guo and Rui Ma 1623-1626 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Software-Framed Interface of GIS-Aided System of Decision and Management for Planning of Urban Hazard Prevention Wei Wang, Su Jingyu, Ma Donghui, Xiaodong Guo and Wang Zhitao  1627-1632 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Comparative Study of Analytical and Numerical Solutions on Starting Shaft Disaster in Shield Launching Wei Xinjiang, Hong Jie and Wei Gang  1633-1638 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Numerical Simulation of Injection Water Flow through Mudstone Interlayer in Low Permeability Oil Reservoir Development Liu Jianjun and Li Quanshu 1639-1645 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Landslide Mechanism of Makino Bamboo Forest at Watershed and Community Scales Lin Shin-Hwei, Lin Yen-Hsiu and Wu Chen-Fa  1646-1651 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Investigation of heat exchanging efficiency during the plump spraying process in deep mine with heat damage Liu Guannan, Gao Feng, Gao Tao and Zhang Zhizhen  1652-1656 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Characterization and identification of leaf-scale wheat powdery mildew using a ground-based hyperspectral imaging system  Zhao Jinling, Huang Wenjiang, Zhang Dongyan, Luo J. , Zhang Jingcheng, Huang Linsheng and Chen S.  1657-1662 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Gas Disaster Controlling based on High Pressure Water Jet Liu Jialiang and Si Hu 1663-1668 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study of the Promoting Mechanism of Rare Earth on Water Eutrophication in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River Yu Jiang, Chen Wenqing, Liu Jianquan, Song Xuemei, Zhang Fan1 and Shilin Zhao 1669-1675 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Current Environmental Condition and Evaluation of Transformation of Biomass Technology Liu Bing and Zhou Yong  1676-1679 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on the Water Burst Characteristics and Risk Aversion in Water-enriched Karst Tunnel with High Hydraulic Pressure Huang Ming, Jiang Yujing, Liu Xinrong, Guan Zhenchang and Yu Jin  1680-1685 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Comparison on Thermal Protection for Several Insulation Constructions to Concrete Roof Zheng Shukui, Zhang Jie and Xiang Yong 1686-1690 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Liquefaction Behavior of Silt and Prediction Method under Wave Disaster Shen Yang,  Xu Guojian, Yan Jun and Liu Hanlong  1691-1697 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study of model test on mechanism of bolt in deep tunnel with high geo-stress Chen Hao, Ren Weizhong, Li Dan and Xia Binwei  1698-1702 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Optimization Calculation of Luminance in Highway Tunnel Entrance Bai Han, Liu Haoxue, Ye Fei and Wang Lihua 1703-1708 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Mining Machinery System Remote Monitoring­-Early Warning and Fault Diagnosis  Zhang Qiang and Wang Haijian  1709-1712 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Reservoir-Geomechanical Analysis for Caprock Integrity Evaluation during Oilsand Development Xiong Jun, Deisman Nathan, Rick Chalaturnyk and Huang Xiaolan  1713-1717 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Classification simulating Population Distribution and Disaster Emergency Management considering the Disparity between City and Rural Area taking SiChuan as an example Xiong Junnan, Wei Fangqiang, Jiang Yuhong and Su Pengcheng 1718-1723 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Earthquake Damage Assessment on Jen-Yi-Tan Earth Dam in Taiwan Chen Shong-loong, Lin Chun-fu and Ni Chi-kuan  1724-1728 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Landslide Mechanism of Lincoln Community Disaster in Taipei Chen Shong-loong, Lin Lee-kuo and Lin Chun-fu 1729-1733 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Mathematical Model and Lattice Boltzmann Solution of Gas Flow through Coal Seam under the Effect of Geo-electric Field Zhao Zhigang, Gan Didi, Tan Yunliang and Teng Guirong 1734-1737 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Realization and Application of China's Rainfall Erosivity Computing System combined with GIS Technology Liu Feng, Liu Suhong and Guo Wei 1738-1743 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Impact of Double-O-Tube Shield Tunnel Construction on Adjacent Buildings Wei Xinjiang, Hong Jie  and Wei Gang  1744-1748 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Study on Building Fire Control System Shiau Yan-Chyuan, Yeh Meng-Chia and Chang Chong-Teng 1749-1755 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Classification of environmental disaster in Hunan Province Zhang Yong, Xiang Yunbo, Yu Guanghui, Yuan Kaiguo, Wang Xin and Mo Hongwei  1756-1759 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Temporal and Spatial Variability of Flood/Drought in China during the last 530 years Han Yu, Wang Shixin, Zhou Yi, Wang Feng, Liu Wenliang and Hou Yanfang  1760-1765 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Optimized Back-Analysis of Regional Tectonic Stress based on Genetic Algorithms Yang Chengxiang, Zhu Yifei, Wu Yonghong, Xu Shuai, Jin Changyu and Li Yuanhui 1766-1770 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Leaching toxicity in the MSWI Fly Ash treated by Enhanced Electrokinetic Removal Technology Li Dongwei, Fan Meng, Luo Jian and Yang Ke  1771-1775 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Characterization Parameters in the Ethylic Acid enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation Experiment for Heavy Metal Removal from the Fly Ash Yang Ke, Li Dongwei and Fan Meng  1776-1779 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
The Impact of Financial Tsunami in 2008 on Temporary Labour Market - A Reflection on Higher Education Sung Lee Ching and Wei Chao Chen  1780-1782 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Accumulation landslide stability analysis based on FLAC numerical simulation Ding Mingtao, Cai Changfa and Qin Huazhong  1783-1790 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Long-term deformation characteristics of the soil around the subway tunnel induced by the vibration loading Cui Zhen-Dong and Ren Shi-Xi  1791-1797 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Analysis methodology and countermeasure for waste dumps slope Wang Haibin, Li Xiaochun, Mi Zijun, Teng Xiaoyan and Wang Shaoquan  1798-1805 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Simulation Analysis on Saturated Debris Flow Dynamic Process with the consideration of Pore Fluid Pressure and its Dissipation Fan Yunyun, Liang Li, Wang Enzhi and Wu Fengyuan 1806-1811 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)
Hazards of Heavy Metals in Coal Jiao Binquan, Xu Guojing, Li Dongwei, Luo Jian and Yang Ke 1812-1818 Vol. 5(4) October (2012)

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