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Title of paper Author Name Page no Volume /Year
Improvement of solar irradiance estimates based onCOMS-MI satellite images over Korea Jeongho Lee, Suyoung Seo, Minyoung Jung, Nuri Lee, Yongil Kim and Changyeol Yun 1-9 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Experimental model for Computation of Flow Energy Dissipation over Labyrinth Weirs Ghare A. D., Pote A. S. and Khode B. V. 10-16 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Improved Dual Strength Reduction Method of Slope Stability Analysis Liang Gui-lan and Wang Xin 17-22 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Computing Stress and Displacement Response of Composite plates under blast Matsagar Vasant A. 23-38 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Comparison among different scaling methods for earthquake records used for seismic nonlinear analysis of structures Magliulo G., Maddaloni G. and Petrone C. 39-49 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Developing processes of rainfall-induced flow slides in laboratory flume tests Zhiqing Zhang and Jian Zhou 50-58 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Mechanical behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete investigated by one-stage light gas gun experiment Guoping Jiang 59-63 vol. 7(1) January 2014
3D Geological modeling approach based on Cross-Section of the Space Unit Division Chen Guoliang and Cui Zhen 64-67 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Prediction of Outburst Intensity based on Support Vector Regression Machine Zhou Aitao, Wang Kai and Li Shan 68-75 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Prediction model of rock mass quality classification based on TBM boring parameters Feng Ji, Junfu Lu and Yuchuan Shi 76-83 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Stability analysis of silty clay slope in wetting-drying alternate environment Zuliang Zhong , Yiliang Tu, Xinrong Liu, Yuanxue Liu and Jingwei Liao 84-90 vol. 7(1) January 2014
Detection of 2011 Tohoku tsunami induced changes in Rikuzentakata using Normalized Wavelet Fusion and Probabilistic Neural Network Mehrotra Akansha and Singh Krishna Kant 1-8 vol. 7(2) February 2014
Wavelet based Denoising of Non-Stationary Strong Ground Motion Signals using Bayes Technique Beena Mol M., Prabavathy S. and Mohanalin J. 9-17 vol. 7(2) February 2014
Numerical Simulations of Tsunamis in the East Sea, Korea Cho Yong-Sik 18-25 vol. 7(2) February 2014
Characteristics of Landslides occurring below Warning Criteria for the Last Ten Years in Korea Lee S.W., Kim G., Yune C.Y., Choi B.K. and Shin J.H. 26-35 vol. 7(2) February 2014
Assessment of soil erosion probability in Kodaikanal, India using GIS and remote sensing Bagyaraj M., Ramkumar T., Venkatramanan S., Chung S. Y. and Gurugnanam B. 36-49 vol. 7(2) February 2014
The Prediction of Blasting Vibration Waveform and its use Chen Shihai, Zhang Wei , Zhang Zihua and Lin Congmou 50-55 vol. 7(2) February 2014
Allocation of Infrared Imaging Sensor for Fire Detection Min Cheol Jeon, Hyun Seung Song, Jae Hong Oh and Yang Dam Eo 56-63 vol. 7(2) February 2014
Response of Shallow Foundation in Rocks subjected to Underground Blast Loading using FLAC3D Kumar Ranjan, Choudhury Deepankar and Bhargava Kapilesh 64-71 vol. 7(2) February 2014
Stress Inversion and Prediction of Casing Deformation for X832 Block in Daqing Oilfield based on Genetic Algorithm Ji Youjun, Yue Jiannan and Liu Jun 72-82 vol. 7(2) February 2014
Stability analysis of left slope of Baihetan hydropower station in Jinshajiang River Guan Rong, Jun Peng, Taiqing Lin, Di Hou and Gaung Liu 83-97 vol. 7(2) February 2014
Large Scale Rainfall induced Potential Landslide Analysis and Monitoring from DInSAR– A Case Study after Heavy Rainfall Event in 2006, Central Taiwan Kuo-Lung Wang, Jun-Tin Lin, Meei-Ling Lin, Ching-Wee Lin, Hongey Chen, Tien-Chien Chen and Chih-Ming Tseng 1-6 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Migration characteristics of mixed gas after high concentration gas instantly pouring into roadway Chengwu Li , Wei Yang , Shanyang Wei, Zhen Li and Teng Li 7-17 vol. 7(3) March 2014
A simplified method for deformation analysis of deep excavation considering small-strain characteristics of soils Chien-Chih Wang, Chih-Wei Lu, Gordon Tung-Chin Kung, Sin-Yi Lin, Gargh S. L. and Mungray Arvind 18-27 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Experimental study on water absorption and strength degradation effect of shale at great depth He Manchao and Zhang Na 28-36 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Coastal erosion in the South of Italy Barbaro Giuseppe, Foti Giandomenico and Sicilia Carmelo Luca 37-42 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Post-hazard System Reliability Analysis of Complex Interacting Networks based on the Logical Expansion of Recursive Decomposition Algorithm Kim Youngsuk and Kang Won-Hee 43-52 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Study on the effects of compressed-air self-help system in mine fires Kun Li and Xuyang Xie 53-58 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Surface Subsidence caused by Solid Backfilling Mining Zhu Xiaojun, Guo Guangli and Zha Jianfeng 59-66 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Relative Permeability Analysis of Unsaturated Hard Rock Yongfeng Du, Jiang Guoping and Xiao Sanxia 67-71 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Provisions for Geotechnical Aspects and Soil Classification in Indian Seismic Design Code IS-1893 Anbazhagan P., Gajawada Prabhu, Moustafa Sayed S. R., Arifi Al Nassir S. and Parihar Aditya 72-89 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Quantitative study of the separation of intrinsic and scattering seismic attenuation in southeastern Korea using the Monte Carlo simulation method Chung Tae Woong 90-100 vol. 7(3) March 2014
Prediction of Landslide Hazard Area using GIS and Probability Models Park Jin-Woo and Lee Jung-Soo 1-10 vol. 7(4) April 2014
Cracking of surrounding rocks induced by excavation unloading in deep tunnels Zhang Wenju, Lu Wenbo and Yang Jianhua 11-18 vol. 7(4) April 2014
Causal Factor Analysis of Chinese Coal Mining Accident based on HFACS Frame Yunxiao Fan and Yangke Guo 19-26 vol. 7(4) April 2014
Mechanism of Intense Strata Behaviors at Working face influenced by Gob Pillars of Overlying Coal Seam Yang J.X., Liu C.Y. and Yu B. 27-35 vol. 7(4) April 2014
The effects of Different Prediction Parameters on the Mining Subsidence Forecast Result Debao Yuan 36-42 vol. 7(4) April 2014
Comparison of Fuzzy Model and Frequency Ratio Model for the analysis of Kundha Landslides in Nilgiris District Evany Nithya S., Rajesh Prasanna P. and Eswaramoorthi S. 43-51 vol. 7(4) April 2014
Evaluation of Highway Landslide Hazard based on Information Entropy and Uncertainty Measure Theory He Hujun and Qu Cuixia 52-59 vol. 7(4) April 2014
Prediction of compressive strength from microfabrics properties of banded amphibolite rocks using artificial neural networks and multivariate regression techniques Esamaldeen Ali, Guang Wu and Zhiming Zhao 60-67 vol. 7(4) April 2014
Comparative study of infrared precursors from the excavation experiments on differently inclined stratified rocks Weili Gong and Yanyan Peng 68-79 vol. 7(4) April 2014
The Distribution and Control Measures of PM2.5 in Coal Mine Workface Baisheng Nie , Hongqi Lu , Xiangchun Li , Weina Yuan , Jianhua Guo, Li Li and Fei Xue 80-86 vol. 7(4) April 2014
Flood Hazard Assessment on Cultural Heritage-Jungrimsa’s Pagoda, Buyeo, Korea Joo Jaewon and Lee Hyosang 1-11 vol. 7(5) May 2014
Calibration of Blaney–Criddle equation for estimating reference evapotranspiration in semiarid and arid regions Heydari Mohammad Mehdi and Heydari Morteza 12-24 vol. 7(5) May 2014
Quantitative assessment of landslide susceptibility on a regional scale using geotechnical databases developed from GIS-based maps Park D.W., Lee S.R., Nikhil N.V., Yoon S. and Go G.H. 25-38 vol. 7(5) May 2014
An Experimental Study on the Hydraulic Performance of Wharf Structure with Plain and Partially Perforated Walls Lee Jong-In and Shin Sungwon 39-49 vol. 7(5) May 2014
Experimental Study on Remolded Saturated Loess Liquefaction by Shear Wave Velocity Zhou Yun-dong 50-55 vol. 7(5) May 2014
Monsoon driven seasonal variations of nearshore waters of Palk Bay, Bay of Bengal, India Kathiravan K., Usha Natesan and Vishnunath R. 56-66 vol. 7(5) May 2014
A study on Rainfall Variability and its pattern in a Semi Arid Basin, Tamil Nadu, India Shimola K. and Krishnaveni M. ¬ 67-75 vol. 7(5) May 2014
Rock slope fracture process using a combined block theory and discontinuous deformation analysis approach based on the strength reduction method Wang Shuhong, Ni Yong, Viete Daniel Ricardo and Gamage Ranjith Pathegama 76-83 vol. 7(5) May 2014
Spatial distribution of scatterers in the crust of Kachchh region, Western India by inversion analysis of coda envelopes Sharma Babita and Rastogi B. K. 84-93 vol. 7(5) May 2014
Research on the relevance between flood disaster and fractal characteristics of river networks- A Case Study of Hangzhou, CHINA Zhang Shi-xia , Wang Zi-wen , Zhang Shi-min and Yi Zu-hong 94-100 vol. 7(5) May 2014
Effects of moisture on characteristics of coal-bed methane seepage Liu Zhen, Li Zenghua and Yang Yongliang 101-112 vol. 7(5) May 2014
Spectral Analysis of the Earthquake Sources around Roorkee (India) Region and its surrounding Indo-Gangetic Plains Sen Arup, Kumar Ashwani, Gupta S. C. and Kumar Arjun 1-11 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Development of Fault and Seismicity Maps for the State of Goa, India Naik Nisha and Choudhury Deepankar 12-24 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Landslide Detection from Satellite images using Spectral Indices and Digital Elevation Model Singh Krishna Kant, Mehrotra Akansha and Pal Kirat 25-32 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Early-warning approaches for landslide using rainfall indices Kung Gordon Tung-Chin, Wang Chien-Chih, Tamrakar Surendra Bahadur, Tang Yu-Geng, Hsu Shih-Tsung and Lien-Chieh Chen 33-44 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Computer Simulation of Evacuation and Escape from a Fire in an Entertainment Venue and Analysis of the Effect of Panic Psychology on Evacuees Cherng-Shing Lin, Te-Chi Chen and Meng-Yin Chen 45-53 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Single pile responses due to lateral spreading in two- and three-layered slopped ground Lu Chih-Wei, Lin San-Shyan, Lin Jia-Shin, Kung Gordon Tung-Chin, Chien Chih-Jung and Lee Hsien-Yi 54-64 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Application of catastrophic theory on stability analysis of the counter-inclined stratified rock slope Luo Hongming, Chen Shanxiong and Wang Guobin 65-69 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Study of rock burst quantitative prediction based on improved entropy coefficient and efficacy coefficient method Xu Jie, Liu Quansheng, Jiang Jingdong and Liu Bin 70-75 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Social vulnerability and sedentarisation of pastoralists in Gode Zone, Ethiopia Maputseni Clever and Ncube Alice 76-82 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Prolonged sedimentary effect from Earthquake-induced Landslides in Qionghai Lake basin, Southwest of China Wei Xueli and Chen Ningsheng 83-99 vol. 7(6) June 2014
Assessment of short term shoreline changes along Tuticorin, Southeast coast of India using Geospatial Techniques Parthasarathy Anitha and Natesan Usha 1-7 vol. 7(7) July 2014
A Method for Comprehensive Prediction of Unfavorable Geological Conditions in Tunnels Tianbin Li and Lubo Meng 8-14 vol. 7(7) July 2014
Variability in the local current pattern due to meso-scale eddies – A case study of the southwest coast of India Hareesh Kumar P.V. 15-21 vol. 7(7) July 2014
The application of seismiostratigraphy in dynamic analysis of compact alluvial layers Mostafa Yousefi Rad and Ebrahim Robatmili 22-27 vol. 7(7) July 2014
The Operation Management and Disaster Reduction Application Potential Analysis for HJ-1-C Wang Lei and Zhang Wei 28-34 vol. 7(7) July 2014
Comparison of wave prediction methods in Asaluye port Shabanlou S. and Ahmadvnd H. 35-43 vol. 7(7) July 2014
Correlation of Strength and Stability of Large Glacial Tills in Dry-warm Valley Area of Minjiang River with respect to Saturation Feng Wen-Kai, Zeng Lin-Jie and Wu Gang 44-51 vol. 7(7) July 2014
Establishing the sequence-stratigraphic framework of a lacustrine basin during its withering period using multiple methods and technologies: A case study of the Neocene of the Huanghekou Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China Liu Hao 52-66 vol. 7(7) July 2014
Sediment transport patterns, hydrodynamic conditions and clay minerals distribution of sediments from Coleroon River Estuary, East Coast of India Venkatramanan S., Chung S.Y. and Ramkumar T. 67-76 vol. 7(7) July 2014
Earthquake Risk Perception and Communication: A Review of Empirical Research Jaime Santos-Reyes, Tatiana Gouzeva and Galdino Santos-Reyes 77-87 vol. 7(6) July 2014
Effectiveness Evaluation Model for Public Alert Systems Mulero Chaves Javier and Párraga Niebla Cristina 1-11 vol. 7(8) August 2014
An analysis of the disease spectrum of children after the Lushan earthquake in China Shike Hou, Haojun Fan, Lv Qi, Ziquan Liu, Yongzhong Zhang and Hui Ding 12-15 vol. 7(8) August 2014
Research on the Tectonic Activation of Anninghe Rift Liu Junqi and Li Yusheng 16-25 vol. 7(8) August 2014
Mitigating drought impacts on agricutural productivity through efficient irrigation technology using GIS based parametric evaluation approach in Namakkal district, Tamilnadu Saranya P. and Krishnaveni M. 26-34 vol. 7(8) August 2014
Evaluation of incompatible hazard for TBPO mixed with inorganic acid or base by thermal analysis technology Yihong Chang, Yunting Tsai, Yongda Pu, Weipin Pan and Chimin Shu 35-39 vol. 7(8) August 2014
Measurement and Assessment of Full-Scale Fire Experiment in Wind Generator Compartment using Water Mist System Yi-Liang Shu and Chen-Wei Chiu 40-45 vol. 7(8) August 2014
Analyses of 3D animation fire scene reconstruction in a nightclub Yi-Hong Chang, Chen-Wei Chiu and Chi-Jan Huang 46-51 vol. 7(8) August 2014
New Insights into the cause of Regional Geohazards in Central Taiwan Cheng-Yu Ku, Yung-Hsien Tsai, Chiu-Hua Jhong and Huang-Cheng Yang 52-57 vol. 7(8) August 2014
Paralyzing Terrorist Network: Removing Pivot Actors and Predicting Second Leaders to curb Future Disaster Karthika Subbaraj and Bose Sundan 58-69 vol. 7(8) August 2014
Experimental Investigation for Wave Run-up and Run-down on Tetrapod-armored Rubble-mound Structure Lee Jong-In, Bae Ilro and Shin Sungwon 70-81 vol. 7(8) August 2014
A simple Wireless Real-time Environment Monitoring system for Safety of Underground Miners Dohare Y. S., Maity T., Das P. S. and Paul P. S. 82-88 vol. 7(8) August 2014
A Novel Wavelet based Relative Displacement Analysis of Structure subjected to Seismic Base Excitation Beena Mol M., Prabavathy S. and Mohanalin J. 1-11 vol. 7(9) September 2014
Lessons on post-disater reconstruction and geohazard prevention from the Wenchuan earthquanke Wang Yunsheng, Hu Qinlong, Zhi Jingzi and Deng Xi 12-18 vol. 7(9) September 2014
Characteristics of the horizontal response spectrum using ground motions observed in and around Korean peninsula Jun Kyoung Kim and Tae Seok Oh 19-27 vol. 7(9) September 2014
Earthquake Source Parameters and their Scaling for the Uttarakhand region of North-West Himalaya Kumar Arjun, Kumar Ashwani, Gupta S. C., Mittal Himanshu and Sen Arup 28-41 vol. 7(9) September 2014
Field-observed buildings behavior during the 2013 Lushan Mw 6.6 earthquake in China Liu Yufa and Huang Runqiu 42-58 vol. 7(9) September 2014
A Simulation of Extraction Effect of Upper Protecting Seam Basing on UDEC Gao Bao-bin, Liu Yun-peng and Yuan Dong-sheng 59-65 vol. 7(9) September 2014
Preventing man-made disaster in the European Union:The ‘Shamrock’ Transportation Security Assessment Scheme Zamparini Luca and Reniers Genserik 66-72 vol. 7(9) September 2014
A 3-D Numerical Model for assessing Rockfall Hazard Cheng-Yu Ku 73-77 vol. 7(9) September 2014
An investigation into the disaster management lessons learnt out of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster Deepa Ramachandran and Karthikeyan P. 78-82 vol. 7(9) September 2014
Seismic behavior of RC columns strengthened with prestressed high strength steel wire mesh Deng Zongcai, Guo Jianping and Jumbe R. Daud 83-91 vol. 7(9) September 2014
The impacts of climate change and land subsidence on inundation potential Chen Ching-Nuo, Tfwala Samkele S. and Wang Yu Min 1-14 vol. 7(10) October 2014
Remote Sensing and GIS based Approach for Identification of Artificial Recharge Sites in Vaniyar Sub-Basin, Ponnaiar River, Tamil Nadu, India Kalphana K. R., Velkennedy R. and Senthil Velmurugan J. 15-31 vol. 7(10) October 2014
An integrated approach to understand the lake water-groundwater interaction in coastal part of Arani - Koratalaiyar River basin, Tamil Nadu, India Raicy Mani Christy and Elango Lakshmanan 32-38 vol. 7(10) October 2014
Provisions of cross drainages in Ghat road alignment to prevent slope instability - A study in Palamalai Hills, South India using GIS Arulmozhi R. and Subramani T. 39-46 vol. 7(10) October 2014
Landslide hazard assessment based on geographic factors in the Thompson River Valley, British Columbia, Canada Weiming Cheng and Min Zhao 47-59 vol. 7(10) October 2014
Zonkizizwe Extension Six Settlers’ dolomite sinkhole risk awareness Belle Johanes A. and Sikhakhane Mzwandile Mabutho 60-68 vol. 7(10) October 2014
Earthquake catalogue for estimating seismic hazard at Greater Mumbai, India Desai Sarika S. and Choudhury Deepankar 69-78 vol. 7(10) October 2014
Liquefaction hazard assessment and building foundation safety for Chennai city, India Rajarathnam S., Renu M. S., Santhakumar A. R. and Premalatha K. 1-13 vol. 7(11) November 2014
The Case of the Mw 8.8 Mega Earthquake of Central Chile: Analysis applying an Accident Investigation Model Alvarado-Corona1 R., Mota-Hernández C., Félix-Hernández J. L. and Santos-Reyes J. 14-23 vol. 7(11) November 2014
Morphometric investigations in Kattery Watershed, South India using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques Kasiviswanathan S. P., Subramani T., Suresh M. and Karunanidhi D. 24-33 vol. 7(11) November 2014
Ramification of flood disaster in Uttrakhand Cresenta Shakila Motha L., Alamelu R., Sivasundaram Anushan S.C. and Badrinath V. 34-43 vol. 7(11) November 2014
Ionospheric Situation from Huge Gas Explosion in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan on 31 July 2014 Jyh-Woei Lin 44-48 vol. 7(11) November 2014
Evaluation of seismic stability for mud houses based on various existing and proposed layouts Mohamad Shahrukh S., Majumder Deepnath, Ramanathan Abhishek, Tangudu Sweeya and Bhattacharya S. P. 49-56 vol. 7(11) November 2014
Seismotectonics of the Lithospheric Subduction in the Eastern Indian Ocean Lasitha S. 57-68 vol. 7(11) November 2014
Disaster rapid mapping of burnt area using relative radiometric correction from multi-temporal Satellite images BoYeol Yoon and JongMin Yeom 69-72 vol. 7(11) November 2014
Monitoring and forecasting of winter wheat freeze injury and yield from Multi-temporal remotely-sensed data Wang Hui-fang, Guo wei, Wang Ji-hua, Huang Wen-jiang, Gu Xiao-he, Dong Ying-ying and Xu Xin-gang 1-6 vol. 7(12) December 2014
Choice of different numbers of forecasting factors for Medium and Long-term Runoff Forecasting You Hailin, Xu Ligang and Wu Yongming 7-12 vol. 7(12) December 2014
Research on the representation of granular vertical size grading and numerical simulation method with the typical waste rock site Wang Guang-jin, Kong Xiang-yun, Yang Chun-he and Xu Yun-hong 13-20 vol. 7(12) December 2014
Reinforcement of Longtan Bridge with Stickup Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sun Hongling, Zhang Aiping and Cao Jiangtao 21-25 vol. 7(12) December 2014
Managing Natural Hazards in India Mishra Ashutosh 26-31 vol. 7(12) December 2014
Satellite-based Detection of Compounding Column of Ozone and Thermal Infrared Precursor Behavior to Earthquake Occurrence Pirasteh S. and Li Jonathan 32-40 vol. 7(12) December 2014
Regional groundwater flow modeling in Lower Bhavani River basin, Tamil Nadu, India Anandakumar S. and Subramani T. 41-52 vol. 7(12) December 2014
Numerical analyses of smoke control in a 12-inch wafer clean room Chen-Wei Chiu 53-59 vol. 7(12) December 2014

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