Manuscript Title Authors Page Volume/Year
Tropical Storm Sarika merging in Typhoon Songda Circulation by Strong Wind and Sufficient Moisture Transportation Choi Hyo and Lee Mi Sook 1-7 Vol. 8(1) January 2015
Flexural performance of prestressed UHPC beams with HRB500 rebars Deng Zongcai, Gao Lei and Jumbe R. Daud 8-17 Vol. 8(1) January 2015
Impact of blast-induced vibration on tunnel supports - Jeon Sang-Soo 18-27 Vol. 8(1) January 2015
Possible approach for interlinking of ponds-to mitigate drought in Sivaganga villages at micro level Manikandan S., Indiramma P. and Rajesh J. 28-30 Vol. 8(1) January 2015
3D Computer Modeling of the catastrophic collapse of Fiber Reinforced Concrete structures - Horta-Rangel J., Perez-Rea L., Rojas-Gonzalez E., Lopez-Lara T., Hernandez-Zaragoza J. and Castano V.M. 31-38 Vol. 8(1) January 2015
Features and the genetic mechanism of Shuanghe giant landslide in Jiuzhai, Sichuan, China Xin Zhang, Yunsheng Wang, Xinze Li, Yusheng Li, Ge Gao and Qing Quan 39-43 Vol. 8(1) January 2015
Land use / land cover change detection analysis in Salem Chalk Hills, South India using remote sensing and GIS Thilagavathi N., Subramani T. and Suresh M. 44-52 Vol. 8(1) January 2015
Decontamination-oriented Reconstruction Policy in Fukushima Post 3.11: Real versus Administrative Boundaries - Fujimoto Noritsugu 53-58 Vol. 8(1) January 2015
A comparison on GIS-based hazard assessment of regional debris flow mapping - Cheng Weiming and Wang Nan 1-15 Vol. 8(2) February 2015
Effect of Shear Modulus Correlation on Site Response Study - Anbazhagan P., Manohar D.R., Sayed S.R. Moustafa and Nassir S. Al-Arifi 16-30 Vol. 8(2) February 2015
Ionospheric Precursor related to 03 August, 2014, Mw =6.1 China’ Yunnan Earthquake: Two- Dimensional Principal Component Analysis - Lin Jyh-Woei 31-37 Vol. 8(2) February 2015
Assessment of Sustainable Land Management and Food Security among Climatic Shocks’ exposed African Farmers - Abayomi Samuel Oyekale 38-45 Vol. 8(2) February 2015
Mean Heat Fluxes at Dok Island - Choi Yong-kyu, Choi Hyo and Lee Yong-hwa 1-7 Vol. 8(3) March 2015
Meteorological Guideline to forecast Asian Dusts in the Korean Peninsula - Moon Yun Seob 8-20 Vol. 8(3) March 2015
Microfacies analysis and depositional environment of Jahrom Formation from Do Kuhak region in Fars area, South Iran - Babazadeh Seyed Ahmad and Pazooki Ranginlou Shirin 21-28 Vol. 8(3) March 2015
The Effect of the Jet Stream on Drought-Floods Abrupt Switch during Early Summer of 2011 and on Squall Line 10 August over East China - Sun Jilin, Wu Dexing, Wang Feng and Xing Rufeng 29-34 Vol. 8(3) March 2015
Modeling and simulation of ship lock based on secondary development - Liang Gui-lan, Yu-kun E. and Feng Liang 35-40 Vol. 8(3) March 2015
Modeling North West Iran’s salt domes on Kent Model - Shiri Tarzam Ali and Rajabi Masoomeh 41-52 Vol. 8(3) March 2015
Land use land cover changes in pre- and post- earthquake affected area using Geoinformatics – Western Coast of Gujarat, India - Guru Balamurugan and Sridhara Aravind M. 1-14 Vol. 8(4) April 2015
Experimental investigations on lateral behaviour of pile groups in sand - Kesavan G. and Chandrasekaran S. S. 15-28 Vol. 8(4) April 2015
Actual Soil Erosion Risk Mapping using Modified CORINE Method - Jafari Golam Hasan, Feyzolahpour Mehdi and Noruzi Mohammad Reza 29-37 Vol. 8(4) April 2015
Investigation and assessment of a landslide case study in southwestern Taiwan - Hsiao Darn-Horng, Phan-To Anh-Vu, Kung Gordon Tung-Chin and Liao Chieh-Jui 38-52 Vol. 8(4) April 2015
What happens next? Prediction of Disastrous Links in Covert Networks - Karthika Subbaraj and Bose Sundan 53-60 Vol. 8(4) April 2015
Stability of seawalls by considering non-breaking wave forces during earthquakes - Rajesh B.G. and Choudhury Deepankar 1-15 Vol. 8(5) May 2015
Soil liquefaction and bearing capacity at a building site in Lucknow, India under earthquake conditions - Chatterjee Kaustav and Choudhury Deepankar 16-28 Vol. 8(5) May 2015
Ionospheric Precursor before a 547 km deep Indonesia Nebe Earthquake on 27 February 2015, Mw=7.0 using Two-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis (2DPCA) - Lin Jyh-Woei 1-15 Vol. 8(5) May 2015
Last Mile Warning: A review of Tsunami Warning Measures in Thailand - Fakhruddin S. H. M. 36-45 Vol. 8(5) May 2015
Comparison of Frequency Ratio Model and Analytic Hierarchy Process methods upon landslide susceptibility mapping using Geospatial techniques - Kartic Kumar M. and Annadurai R. 46-55 Vol. 8(5) May 2015
Social vulnerability index to natural hazards: A case study of Shanghai, China - Yongling Zhang, Lu Chen and Xiaoming Chuai 1-10 Vol. 8(6) June 2015
Grey Rainfall-Stage Model for forecasting Flash Flood Stages during Typhoons - Shien-Tsung Chen 11-19 Vol. 8(6) June 2015
Parametric study on brick masonry using finite element method - Vasanthi P., Gopalakrishnan R. and Satyanarayanan K.S. 20-32 Vol. 8(6) June 2015
Seismic Design of Pile Foundation for Oil Tank by using PLAXIS3D - Kumar Ashutosh, Choudhury Deepankar, Shukla Jaykumar and Shah D. L. 33-42 Vol. 8(6) June 2015
Daily Rainfall Forecasting Models using ANN and ELM for Development of Rainfall Threshold based Landslide Early Warning System - Renuga Devi S., Venkatesh C. and Arulmozhivarman P. 1-11 Vol. 8(7) July 2015
Geological and petrological mapping in and around Kallambalam, Trivandrum, Kerala - Aju C. D. and Raicy M. C. 12-19 Vol. 8(7) July 2015
Seismic liquefaction hazard zonation and contour maps for Mumbai city using open source GIS - Phule-Raskar Reshma and Choudhury Deepankar 20-33 Vol. 8(7) July 2015
A review on the tectonic setting and seismic activity of the Shillong plateau in the light of past studies - Baro Olympa and Kumar Abhishek 34-45 Vol. 8(7) July 2015
The 4th October 2010 flash flood event in Genoa Sestri Ponente (Liguria, Italy) - Faccini Francesco, Luino Fabio, Sacchini Alessandro and Turconi Laura 1-14 Vol. 8(8) August 2015
Dynamic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Plates subjected to Blast Load - Sindhura P.L.N. and Elavenil S. 15-21 Vol. 8(8) August 2015
Text Mining Analysis of Twitter as a Communication Medium post the Nepal Earthquake Disaster in 2015 – An Empirical Analysis - Kaila Rajesh Prabhakar 22-26 Vol. 8(8) August 2015
A Study on the Resilience of Coastal Community - Post Tsunami - Ilango Sivakumar and Sivagamasundari R. 27-32 Vol. 8(8) August 2015
The Characteristics of Tropospheric CO2 retrieved by AIRS, GOSAT and IASI in East Asia - Yun Seob Moon and Avelino F. Arellano Jr. 1-13 Vol. 8(9) September 2015
Challenges inside underground mines and their prevention techniques - Das Partha Sarathi and Maity Tanmoy 14-17 Vol. 8(9) September 2015
Methane Hydrates: A Global Environmental Concern - Shinu N. and Lasitha S. 18-25 Vol. 8(9) September 2015
Government’s Budget Constraint on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Substitution Ratio of Decontamination to Evacuation in Japan - Fujimoto Noritsugu 26-33 Vol. 8(9) September 2015
Urban growth effects for land use changes leading to natural hazards in parts of Mumbai metro city, India - Guru Balamurugan and Anubhooti 1-14 Vol. 8(10) October 2015
Seismic Design for Floating Column multi- storeyed Building - Chakravarthy P.G. Malavika, Poleswarao K., Balaji K.V.G.D. and Shashidhar K. 15-23 Vol. 8(10) October 2015
Impact Factors in monitoring of Typhoon induced Reservoir Rainfall - Li Zi-yang, Ma Fu-heng, Hu jiang and Zhang Zhan 1-7 Vol. 8(11) November 2015
Farm Households’ Perceptions on Climate Change and Willingness to subscribe for Advisory Weather Forecasts in South West Nigeria - Oyekale T.O., Oyekale A.S. and Oyedepo J.A. 8-19 Vol. 8(11) November 2015
High Amplification factor for Low Amplitude Ground Motion: Assessment for Delhi - Abhishek Kumar, Harinarayan N.H. and Olympa Baro 1-11 Vol. 8(12) December 2015
EVolution of watermasses in the upper layers of the Bay of Bengal - Anoopa Prasad C. and Hareesh Kumar P. V. 12-24 Vol. 8(12) December 2015
Ocean surface target detection for search and rescue using freely available satellite data: Malaysian Airline MH370 tragedy, a case study - Jude Emeka and Idrees Mohammed Oludare 1-7 Vol. 9(1) January 2016
A proper land-use planning through the use of historical research - Luino Fabio, Nigrelli Guido, Turconi Laura, Faccini Francesco, Agnese Claudio and Casillo Filippo 8-18 Vol. 9(1) January 2016
Urban disaster prevention and mitigation planning optimization based on disaster prevention system construction - Zheng Wang and Qi Fan Wang 19-21 Vol. 9(1) January 2016
Effect of Nanoparticles on Contaminated Cohesive Soil for geotechnical structures - Zomorodian S.M. Ali, Shabnam Moghispor and Armina Soleymani 1-7 Vol. 9(2) February 2016
Influence of crane and stack loads on berthing structure deck slab - Naidu G.T., Balaji K.V.G.D., Pavan Kumar M. and Murali K. 8-13 Vol. 9(2) February 2016
A short review on analysis, behaviour and construction of encased stone columns - Muthukumar M. and Uma Shankar M. 14-16 Vol. 9(2) February 2016
Deep Seated Gravitational Slope Deformations in a Ligurian Apennines catchment (Italy): evidences, characterizations and consequences - Sacchini Alessandro, Faccini Francesco and Luino Fabio 1-14 Vol. 9(3) March 2016
Influence of blasting on concrete lining and rock bolts at adjacent tunnels - Jeon Sang-Soo 15-27 Vol. 9(3) March 2016
A mathematical Tool to recognize Ionospheric Tsunami due to Tropical Cyclone: A case such as Typhoon Nakri on 29 May 2008 - Lin Jyh-Woei 1-8 Vol. 9(4) April 2016
3-dimensional numerical simulations of rock bolt pullout tests of Himalayan region - Hegde Amarnath and Sitharam T.G. 1-12 Vol. 9(5) May 2016
The Stiffness Behaviour of Infilled Frames on the influence of Different Infill and Interface Materials under Static Loading - Muthukumar S., Thirumurugan V. and Satyanarayanan K.S. 13-17 Vol. 9(5) May 2016
Crustal Structure of Madras Block in Southern Granulite Terrain, South India: A Receiver Function Perspective - Renu M.S. and Rajarathnam S. 1-9 Vol. 9(6) June 2016
Determination of seismic wave attenuation: A Review - Kumar Abhishek and Banerjee Soham 10-27 Vol. 9(6) June 2016
An Empirical Text Mining Analysis of Fort McMurray Wildfire Disaster Twitter Communication using Topic Model - Kaila Rajesh Prabhakar and Satish D. 1-6 Vol. 9(7) July 2016
‘Organized Rehabilitation’, Resilience and Survivability: An Empirical Analysis - Mohammed Irshad S. 7-12 Vol. 9(7) July 2016
Performance of brick masonry and RCC framed structure subjected to blast loading - Sayandip B. and Helen Santhi M. 1-5 Vol. 9(8) August 2016
The seismic response of a complex slope - Wang Yunsheng, Liu Yong, Luo Yonghong and Yang Shuancheng 6-11 Vol. 9(8) August 2016
Natural Activity Concentrations in some Vegetables, Fertilized Soils and Fertilizers from Far-North Region of Cameroon and Assessment of Radiological Hazards - Ali Zarma, Abiama Ele P., Ema’a Ema’a J.M., Ben-Bolie G.H. and Owono Ateba P. 1-7 Vol. 9(9) September 2016
Study on improving the performance of embankments and retaining walls using geo-anchors: Numerical Evaluation - Muthukumar M. 8-11 Vol. 9(9) September 2016
Study on the Prediction Method of Fusion Recognition for Characteristic Information of Coal Spontaneous Combustion - Wang Wei-feng,Hou Yuan-bin, Deng Jun, Wang Nai-guo and Ma Li 1-6 Vol. 9(10) October 2016
Occupational Health Hazards, Stress and Self-Reported Hypertension among Food Crop Farmers in South Western Nigeria - Oyekale Abayomi 7-15 Vol. 9(10) October 2016
Characteristics of Vertical and Horizontal Response Spectra using Accelerations from the Fukuoka Earthquake Series - Kim Jun Kyoung and Oh Tae Seok 1-9 Vol. 9(11) November 2016
Emergency Nursing in Mass Casualty Events: Awareness and Preparedness amongst Nurses in Kerala, India - Joseph Joice K., Nair Sylu S. and Pradeepkumar A.P. 10-16 Vol. 9(11) November 2016
Environment Impact Assessment of Leather and Tanning Industries in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu - Pradeep Kumar A. and Adil Lawrence 1-8 Vol. 9(12) December 2016
Vol. 10(1) January 2017
Vol. 10(2) February 2017
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Vol. 10(11) November 2017
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