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Title of paper Author Name Page no Volume /Year
Integrated Approach to Microzonation Mapping For Tectonic Disaster Mitigation in North-East India     Vol.6(1) January (2013)

Extension analysis-based tropical cyclone landfall incidences prediction
Feng L.H., Zhang Q. and Si D.   Vol.6(1) January (2013)

An Approach to Temperature analysis and forecasting using Empirical Mode Decomposition Method and Wavelet Neural Network 
Guo Yongcai, Shao Yanhua and Gao Chao   Vol.6(1) January (2013)

Earthquake Disaster Mitigation by using Magneto-rheo­logical dampers
Guo Ying-Qing and Xu Zhao-Dong   Vol.6(1) January (2013)
Optimization in Structural Altitude for Seismic Base Isolation at Medium Risk Earthquake Disaster Region   Islam A.B.M.S., Jameel M., Jumaat M. Z. and Rahman M. M.   Vol.6(1) January (2013)
An attempt to predict earthquake with satellite date   Yang Jie  and Guo Guangmeng   Vol.6(1) January (2013)
Application of Geospatial Technology and Information Value Technique in Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping: A Case Study of Giri Valley, Himachal Pradesh Balasubramani K. and Kumaraswamy K.   Vol.6(1) January (2013)

DPSIR and Disaster Risk Analysis
Lee Hsiang-Chieh   Vol.6(1) January (2013)

Prediction of Shallow Landslide prone regions in Undulating Terrains 
Ramachandra T. V., Bharath H. Aithal, Uttam Kumar and Joshi N. V.   Vol.6(1) January (2013)
Improving Communication and Collaboration for Drought Vulnerability Analysis in China  Wang Jinsong and Hayes Michael J.   Vol.6(1) January (2013)
Oil Spills – A Disaster to the Marine Environment
- Sivanesan S.
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)
Dynamic responses of anchored rock slope under earthquake - A numerical study
-Peng Ningbo and Yan Zhixin
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)

Cold Sea Waters Induced by Cyclogenesis in the East Sea
-Choi Hyo
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)
Bhuj Earthquake 2001 - Study of Traditional Practices for Inclusion in Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness Strategy
-Macwan Jayesh George
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)
Numerical Validation of First Passage Failure Probability about Wind-Induced Buffeting Response in Long-span bridges
-Zhao L. and Ge Y.J.
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)
Experimental study on the permeability of phyllite under unloading confining pressure and high temperature
-Meng Lubo and Li Tianbin
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)

Investigation on Behaviour Aspects of Tsunami Resistant Structures – An Experimental Study
-Palaniappan Meyyappan, Thimmayan Sekar and Chandrasekaran Sivapragasam
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)
Permo-Triassic Deposits of Shorjestan Area, Central Iran: The Palynological Report of the Greatest Phanerozoic Disaster in Iran
-Noroozpour H., Yousefi Rad M., Arian M., Solgi A. and Nezam Vafa N.
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)
Reliability and Vulnerability Analysis Methodology for Comprehensive Transportation Systems under Influence of Disasters
-Yan Xuedong and Zhao Hui
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)
Counterpart Assistance: A Systematic Approach for Post-Wenchuan Earthquake Recovery and Reconstruction
-Xu Jiuping and Lu Yi
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)

Preliminary Evaluation of Limestone and Barren Stratum Layers Thicknesses using Audiomagnetotelluric Soundings in the Bi-Mintom Area, Southern East of Cameroon
-Ndougsa-Mbarga T.,  Gouet D.H.,  Njandjock-Nouck P.,  Meying A. and Manguelle-Dicoum E.
    Vol.6(2) February (2013)
Landslide Hazard Mitigation in the Nilgiris District of Western Ghats, India      Vol 6(3) March (2013)
                 - Ganapathy G.P.     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Formation Mechanism of Deep Cracks in the Left Bank Slope of Jinping-I Hydropower Station     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- Guan Rong, Jun Peng, Xiaojiang Wang, Guang Liu and Di Hou     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
On the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Flood and Drought Hazards of China     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- Jia Huicong and Pan Donghua     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Measuring System of Adverse Weather Phenomena     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- Radinović D. and Ćurić M.     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Root Sum of Squares Cumulative Velocity: An Attribute for Earthquake Early Warning     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- Bhardwaj R., Kumar A. and Sharma M.L.     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Wind induced Buffeting Reliability of Long-span Cable-stayed Bridge using Stochastic  Finite Element Method      Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- Lin Zhao and Yaojun G.E.     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Natural Disasters and Average Temperature in China     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- Chen Sha and Xiaoli Bi     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Lateral Resistance of a Single Vertical Pile installed near Geogrid-Reinforced Slope     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- Zomorodian Ali S.M. and Sadeghi H.     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Inversion analysis of initial geostress in tunnel of DaPing mountain     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- You Z.M. and Chen J.P.     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Assessment of Seismic Hazard Parameters for Guwahati Region in Northeast India     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- Maiti  Soumya Kanti , Dasadhikari Manik and Nath Sankar Kumar       Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Development of a guideline for thunderstorm reporting based on radar and lightning location data     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
- Li P.W. and Chan P.W.     Vol 6(3) March (2013)
Geospatial technology uses in post-disaster response – the power of the crowd
                 - Tuong Thuy Vu
    Vol. 6(4) April 2013
Identification of the landslide using the satellite images and the digital image correlation method      Vol. 6(4) April 2013
- Tung Shih-Heng, Shih Ming-Hsiang and Sung Wen-Pei*      Vol. 6 (4) April 2013
The estimated method of ultimately loading of pile foundation based on catastrophe theory     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
- Dong Tianwen     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
The effect of solar cycle’s activities on earthquake:      Vol. 6(4) April 2013
a conceptual idea for forecasting      Vol. 6(4) April 2013
- Nikouravan Bijan, Pirasteh Saied and Mollaee Somayeh     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
Climatological impact of solar activity      Vol. 6(4) April 2013
on geo-extreme events     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
- Bose M. and Bal Sourabh      Vol. 6(4) April 2013
Climate Change Scenario in Kashmir Valley, India, based on Seasonal and Annual Average Temperature Trends     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
- Islam Zahoor Ul and Rao Liaqat Ali Khan     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
Mitigation of Accidental Disasters in Fireworks Industries – Construction Management Approach     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
- Ramaswamy S.N.,  Nampoothiri N.V.N.  and Sekar T.     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
Approach for feature weighted support vector machine and its application in flood disaster evaluation     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
- Weiping Deng P.  and Zhou Jianzhong     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
Seismic Fragility Evaluation of Multi-Branch Piping Systems installed in Critical Low-Rise Buildings     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
- BuSeog Ju and WooYoung Jung     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
 Method for Seismic Microzonation with Geotechnical Aspects     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
- Anbazhagan P.     Vol. 6(4) April 2013
      Vol. 6(4) April 2013
            Climate change, urbanization and hydrological disasters
            - Choi Woonsup
    Vol. 6(5) May 2013
 Study on near-ground wind characteristics of a strong typhoon-wind speed, turbulence intensities,      Vol. 6(5) May 2013
gust factors and peak factors     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
- Huang Peng, Wang Xu and Gu Ming     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
A fire evacuation model for indoor buildings based on the improved Cellular Automaton     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
- Yang Rui, Jiang Qinghui and Fang Zheng      Vol. 6(5) May 2013
Creation of CO2 Geological Storage Suitability Model in Coal-accumulating Basin based on AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
- Hujun He, Xingke Yang, Huixia Chao and Wengao Zhang     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
Revelation from disastrous 6 July 2011 flood and debris flow on a gas well site, Tongjiang County,      Vol. 6(5) May 2013
Southwestern China     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
- Feng Wen-Kai, Huang Run-Qiu and Lin Ze-Jun     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
Sea Fog by Southerly Warm Air over Cool Sea Waters of the Southward North Korea Cold Current along the Korean East Coast under Cyclogenesis in the Yellow Sea      Vol. 6(5) May 2013
-Choi Hyo      Vol. 6(5) May 2013
Inclusion of Q-value in parameters used for Earthquake Early Warning Systems     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
- Bhardwaj R., Sharma M.L. and Kumar A.      Vol. 6(5) May 2013
Analytical method for estimating reservoir pressure distribution and fault stability in porous rock during fluid injection     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
- Zhou Junping, Jiang Yongdong  and Xian Xuefu      Vol. 6(5) May 2013
An economic loss assessment framework of a region after Wenchuan earthquake     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
- Liu Zhujun and Xu Jiuping     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
A new fuzzy risk assessment model of natural disaster based on fuzzy information granulation     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
#NAME?     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
- Xue Ye     Vol. 6(5) May 2013
 Resilience and Extreme Events: Example on Nursing Home Flood Evacuation in Taiwan   Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Humanity faces Potentially Significant Risks:Large Dams Built in Earthquake Belts     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Jiuping Xu and Yi Lu     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Multi-Parameter Safety Criterion for Structure subjected to Blasting Vibration      Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Chen Shi-hai, Wei Hai-xia, Du Hao and Lin Cong-mou     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Emergency Material Requirement prediction Model for Natural Disaster based on Wavelet Network      Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Yu Kun-Peng, Yang Yu and Li Fei     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Prediction of Soil Settlement caused by Double-Line Parallel Shield Tunnel Construction     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Wei Gang     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Influence of Water Pressure on Crack Propagation of Sandstone under Compression     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Rong Guan, Peng Jun and Zhou Chuangbing     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Building Damage Assessment with VHR Images and Comparative Analysis for Yushu Earthquake,China      Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Lu L., Guo H. and Corbane C.     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Fast Prediction of Typhoon Tracks based on a similarity method and GIS     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Xu Zhen, Zou Liang, Lu Xinzheng and Aizhu     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Fractal Analysis of Permeability for Unsaturated Seepage Flow in Fractured Rock Masses     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Guoping Jiang     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Evaluation of Potential Failure of Rock slope at the Left Abutment of Jinsha river Bridge along      Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Lijiang-Xamgyi’nyilha railway, China     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Zhao Zhiming, Wu Guang, Ali Esamaldeen, Wang Xihua and Kou Chuan     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Dependence between Deficit and Surplus of Precipitation and Forest Fires     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Ćurić M. and Živanović S.     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Development of Landslide-Risk Assessment Model for Mountainous Regions in Eastern Korea     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Lee S.W., Kim G., Yune C.Y. and Ryu H.J.     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
Response Time Reduction in ‘Response and Relief’ Phase of Earthquake using Dijkstra’s Algorithm     Vol. 6(6) June 2013
- Nigam Vivek and Jethoo A. S.      
Saline Joniche: A Predicted Disaster - Barbaro Giuseppe     Vol. 6(7) July 2013

Detection of Flooded Areas using Machine Learning Techniques: Case Study of the Ljubljana Moor Floods in 2010
-  Lamovec Peter, Mikoš Matjaž and Oštir Krištof
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013

Deformation Behavior of Reinforced Embankment Slopes under Seismic Excitation
- Lin Yu-liang
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013

Formation mechanism and stability analysis on the Hekou sugar-refinery landslide in Xinping County, Yunnan Province
- Xu Wei, Hu Ruilin and Li Tiefeng
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013

Real-time Response of Yuhuangge Landslide on the Reservoir Water Fluctuations in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area and nversion on its  Permeability Coefficient
- Zhu Dapeng, Yan Echuan, Dong Shier and Huang Lu
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013
Catastrophe Progression Method on Forecast of Rock Burst
- Jin Pei-Jian, Wang En-Yuan, Huang Ning and Wang Si-Heng
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013
The Post-Earthquake Economic Resilience on System Perspective
- Xu Jiuping and Liu Zhujun
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013
  Ionospheric Precursor Detection for the M= 7.6, Costa Rica earthquake under large Geomagnetic Storm Activity: Tw0 Dimensional Principal Component Analysis
- Jyh-Woei Lin
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013

Study on Landfill Leachate Plumes with coupled Liquid-Solid Model
- Liu Xiaoli, Hu Liming, Wang Enzhi and Xue Qiang
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013

GIS based Geosystem response modelling for landslide vulnerability mapping parts of Nilgiris, South India
- Muthukumar M.
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013

Assessment of Forest Damage caused by Ice Storm based on MODIS Data- A Case Study of Jiangxi Province, China
- Shi leilei
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013

Analysis of Seepage Field in Multistage Tailing Dams Area based on Drainage System
- Lu Ruili , Wei Wei and Sun Dongpo
    Vol. 6(7) July 2013
 Tourism activities and natural hazards 
- Comanescu Laura
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013

The models of sequence stratigraphy and depositional architecture of the rift lacutrine basin in response to the background of extension and strike-slip tectonic mechanisms
- Zhao Chunchen, Liu Hao and Zhou Xinhuai
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013

Numerical Analysis of DOT Shield 45° crossing the Masonry Structure Buildings
- Wei Gang
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013

Spatial and Temporal Distribution Characteristics of Microseismic Events in Deep Mining
- Wang Chun-lai
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013

Research on Web-Based Dynamic Thematic Mapping Services Technologies
- Guo Lixia and YanYunxuan  
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013

Research on Connectivity of Deep Ore-lodes of Borehole based on Digital Borehole Camera
- Zengqiang Han, Chuanying Wang, Shaobo Liu and Hengyin Zhu
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013

Disaster Avoidance in Industries through Weld Flaw detection from Radiographic Weld Images using Radon Transform and Improved Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
- Vaithiyanathan V.,  Anishin Raj M.M. and Venkatraman B.
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013

Numerical Simulation of Tectonic Stress Field in Longmenshan Tectonic Belts
- He Hujun, Su Shengrui, Zhang Ying and Li Peng
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013

On the Characteristics of the Hourly Precipitation Intensity Variation according to Climate Change in the Korean Peninsula
- Park Jong-Kil, Seong Ihn-Cheol, Kim Baik-Jo, Jung Woo-Shik and Lu Riyu
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013
A Method for Building Block Model 0f Layered Geologic Object from Geological Cross-Section Data
- Chen Guoliang and Liu Xiuguo
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013
  Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Earthquakes Disasters in China’s Northwest Region

- Ying Wang and Juan Li 
    Vol. 6(8) August 2013
Integrated approaches to explosive volcanic eruptions
- Doronzo Domenico M.
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
Assessment of LID-BMPs for Urban Runoff Control in Newly Developing Zones: the Case of Yanming Lake Residential District, China
- Min Liu, Chuanbin Zhou and Rusong Wang
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
Laboratory study of unloading rate effects on rockburst
- He Manchao and Zhao Fei
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
Numerical studies on seismic interference of two nearby embedded shallow footings  
- Ghosh Priyanka
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
Computer simulation of dynamic influence of outburst gas flow on mine ventilation network
- Wang Kai, Zhou Aitao and Li Shan
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
IM-based hazard assessment on debris flows in the upper reaches of Min River
- Ding Mingtao
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
Energy Dissipation and Release during Rock Burst
- Chen Xuguang and Wang Yuan
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
The psychology and well-being of adult survivors after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake 
- Yuan He and Jiuping Xu
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
Tension Measurements for Xinbei Cable-Stayed Bridge with Ambient Vibrations and
an EM Tension Sensor
- Chih Kun Chu, Che-Way Chang, Min-Jian Huang, Qi-Wei Zhang and Chen-Hua Lin
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
Sediment Characteristics and Hydrodynamic Setting of Kanyakumari, South India
- Natesan Usha, Om Prakash  M. and Deepthi K.
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
A Dynamic Design Method for Highway Sub-grade to Prevent Disaster due to
Long-Term Traffic Loads
- Lu Zheng and Yao Hailin
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
Application of new nonlinear elasticity and nonlinear dynamics tools in real time monitoring of large engineering constructions (case of high arc Enguri dam)
- Chelidze T., Matcharashvili T. and Abashidze V.
    Vol. 6(9) September 2013
Studies of the past as the key to the future? Geological and historical reconstructions  provide valuable support for future trend prediction of natural disasters
   - Habil. Sebastian Lüning
    1-3 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Stability Analysis of Hsien-du-shan Rock Slope during the Earthquakes
 - Lin Hung-Ming, Wu Jian-Hong  and Sunarya Erik
  4-10 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Impact of Climate Change on Flood Risk in the Muar River Basin of Malaysia
 - Ching Yun Chen, Baharudin Y., Mohd Ekhwan T., Lee Yook Heng, Maimon A.  and Salmijah S.
  11-17 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Leakage Analysis considering Unsaturated Seepage of the Ground Water on Mengxi River
 - Ji Youjun, Zhang Linzhi and Lai Yangchuan
  18-23 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Research on the Propagation Characteristics of Shock Waves and Gas Flow during Coal and Gas Outbursts in Cross Roadway
 - Wang Kai and Zhou Aitao
  24-30 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Anchorage behavior of mechanically under-reamed anchors in silty sand
 - Hsu Shih-Tsung  and Tang Yu-Geng
  31-44 vol. 6(10) October 2013
GIS-based Landslide Susceptibility analyses and Cross-Validation using a Probabilistic Model on Two Test Areas in Korea
 - Kim Jinsoo, Choi Chuluong and Park Soyoung
  45-54 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Seismic liquefaction and related damage to structures during the 2013 Lushan Mw6.6 earthquake in China
 - Liu Yufa and Huang Runqiu
  55-64 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Cloudburst and Landslides in Uttarakhand: Nature’s Fury?
- Mishra Ashutosh
  65-69 vol. 6(10) October 2013
A Case Study of the Perceived Socio-Environmental Problems caused By Illegal Gold Mining in Gwanda District, Zimbabwe
 - Bhebhe D., Kunguma O., Jordaan A. and Majonga H.
  70-76 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Study on Numerical Simulation of Wind Field around Buildings over Complex Terrain
- Li Lei, Chan Pak-Wai, Yang Lin and Zhang Lijie
  77-81 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Material parameters of D-P yield criterion in 3D stress space based on non-associative flow rule
 - Tianwen Dong
  82-89 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Wave Forces on Upright Breakwater, Evaluation and Case Study
 - Giuseppe Barbaro, Giandomenico Foti and Carmelo Luca Sicilia
  90-95 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Tensile strength and suction of naturally available saturated clays with modified tensile testing apparatus and their relationships with unconfined compressive strength
 - Tamrakar S. B., Mitachi T. and Kung G. T. C.
  96-109 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Multiclass Support Vector Classification to estimate Typhoon Rainfall Distribution
- Shien-Tsung Chen
  110-121 vol. 6(10) October 2013
Debris Flow Monitoring – A Case Study of Shenmu Area in Taiwan
- Huang Y.M., Chen W.C., Fang Y.M., Lee B.J., Chou T.Y. and Yin H.Y.
  1-9 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Numerical Simulations of Water-inrush induced by Fault Activation during Deep Coal Mining based on Fluid-Solid Coupling Interaction
- Cheng Jiu-long, Sun Xiao-Yun, Zheng Gong, Gao Feng, Kong Xiang-Ru  and  Zhou Jian
  10-14 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Optimization of borehole spacing of gas extraction based on the method of structure curvature
 - Chen Wenxue, Ni Xiaoming and Jia Bing
  15-21 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Changes in Haucha Village in Taiwan due to Natural Calamity 
 - Huang C. K. and Lu C.W.
  22-37 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Experimental Study for Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Shale using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar
 - Jianjun Liu and Huijuan Zhang
  38-42 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Influence of water incursion on the pore characteristics of coal from Eastern China at different temperatures
 - Ni Guanhua, Lin Baiquan and Zhaicheng
  43-54 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Research on Experiment and Mechanism of Foam Ceramics suppressing Gas Explosion
- Baisheng Nie, Hongqi Lu, Xiangchun Li, Fei Xue, Ruming Zhang and Yang Chen
  55-60 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Large scale numerical investigation on methane explosion and propagation process in complicated laneway
- Wang Cheng, Han Wenhu, Ning Jianguo and Song Qingguan
  61-65 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Interactive behaviors of anchor groups in sand
 - Hsu Shih-Tsung
  66-76 vol. 6(11) November 2013
A New Statistical Model to estimate Eroded Caves behind a Concrete-faced Dyke along the Tsengwen River in South Taiwan
- Lee Der-Her, Lai Sin-Long, Lin Pin-Jun and Lin Hung-Ming
  77-88 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Analyzing the slope stability of Jinping I hydropower station with the zone safety factor
 - Mengmeng Fu
  89-100 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Trapping Effect of a Calm Zone by Lee Side-Internal Gravity Waves and Cyclonic Winds on Sudden High Concentrations of Particulate Matters combined with the Yellow Dusts from Gobi Desert in the Korean Eastern Coast
 - Choi Hyo
  101-111 vol. 6(11) November 2013
A Preliminary Study on the relationship between cloud to Ground Lightning and Precipitation
 -Yang Yanrong
  112-119 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Identification and classification of flood prone areas using AHP, GIS and GPS
- Bhagat Madhuri, Ghare Aniruddha and Ralegaonkar Rahul
  120-131 vol. 6(11) November 2013
A Study on Generation of Digital Terrain Model considering Elevated Road of Urban Environment from Airborne LiDAR Data
- Yongmin Kim, Anjin Chang and Yongil Kim
  132-138 vol. 6(11) November 2013
Future-oriented activities as a concept for improved disaster risk management Aubrecht Christoph, Özceylan Aubrecht Dilek, Klerx Joachim and Freire Sérgio 1-10 vol. 6(12) December 2013
An experimental study on carbon dioxide displacing coal bed methane under supercritical conditions Ni Xiaoming, Chen Wenxue, Liu Quanzhong and Wang Yanbin 11-16 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Mechanism and Experiment of Acoustic Wave influencing Gas Adsorption in Coal Xiangchun Li, Baisheng Nie, Fangbin Liu, Chunli Yang and Shoutao Hu 17-22 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Detection of Lack of Penetration Weld defect from Radiographic Weld Images for Avoiding Disaster using Advanced Median Filter and Modified Hough Transform Vaithiyanathan V., Anishin Raj M.M.,  Venkatraman B., Radha Krishnan V.,  Priyadharsini C.
    and Bhuvaneshwari K.
23-29 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Avoiding occupational accidents and man-made disasters: A semi-qualitative study in 27 companies investigating factors influencing safety stall points  Reniers Genserik L.L. 30-43 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Numerical computing of heat safety of TNT in cook-off test   Wang Cheng, Cao Xiangfei, Ning Jianguo and Zhao Haitao 44-50 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Gas Diffusion Model through Coal Particles and Parameters Calculation Baisheng Nie, Tao Yang, Hongqi Lu, Xiangchun Li and Longlong Yang 51-56 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Effects of coal-rock strength on mechanical behavior  and failure mechanism of samples composed of coal and rock Liu Jie and Wang En-Yuan 57-68 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Shaking Table Modeling of Embankment Slope Response to Earthquake Loading Lin Yu-liang 69-77 ol. 6(12) December 2013
A Coupled Model for predicting the Effect of the Three Gorges Reservoir on Downstream
River-Connected Lakes
Dai L. Q., Dai H. C., Mao J. Q. and Zhang P. P. 78-83 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Seismic behavior of shallow foundations during major earthquakes and artificial symmetrical shakes based on a three-dimensional effective stress analysis Lu Chih Wei , Lee Hsien Yi , Wu Po Kai , Kung Gordon Tung-Chin, Chang Bin Yang, Pachori Kanti, Chaturvedi Shobha and Gargh Shankar 84-100 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Identification and early warning method for rock mass instability Wang Chunlai  101-105 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Triggering mechanism of a rainfall-induced landslide –a case study Meen-Wah Gui 106-116 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Accuracy Assessment of Landuse Classification from Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery fused with LiDAR Data Sun Woong Kim, Hien Phu La and Yang Dam Eo 117-126 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Effect of Strength Anisotropy on Basal Heave of Deep Excavations Shi-Fon Su 127-133 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Impacts  of  climate change under IPCC RCP scenarios on streamflow and water quality in the Youngsan Basin, South Korea
Choi Jisun, Choi Chuluong and Kim Jinsoo 134-141 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Investigating the Rainfall-Induced Groundwater Variation and Movement of Highway Slope Lee Der-Her, Chen Po-Ying, Wu Jian-Hong, Chang Yu-Cheng and Chang Keng-Feng 142-153 vol. 6(12) December 2013
Study on Seepage Character of Loess Vertical Joint Luo Yang, Wang Tie-hang and Liu Xiao-jun 154-160 vol. 6(12) December 2013

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